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AlmostFreeToAll, Inc. (AFTA) formed to revitalize Auburn’s historic Carnegie Library. AlmostFreeToAll is transforming the Carnegie Library into a fully functional facility that will not only contribute to the cultural vibrancy of Auburn but also act as an economic stimulator for the city under the program name "Branches at the Carnegie."

The ripple effect of a revitalized Carnegie providing cultural and economic space extends to residents, businesses, and organizations throughout the Auburn area, fostering a thriving environment that benefits the entire community. Your support in this endeavor ensures that the Carnegie Library - soon to be known as Branches at the Carnegie - becomes a hub for creativity, collaboration, and economic growth in the heart of Auburn.

The Auburn Carnegie Library stands as a unique opportunity to foster Auburn's artistic, cultural, and business pursuits. By revitalizing this historic asset, we not only reclaim a piece of history for the City of Auburn but also create a dynamic and affordable rental space that caters to the diverse needs of our community. The revitalized Carnegie Library will serve as an affordable venue for community groups, artists, businesses, local non-profit organizations, micro-businesses, and entrepreneurs to showcase their services, talents, presentations, and trainings, while also providing space for boutique musical, cultural, and social events.


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Our intention is to create a gracious center for the arts, culture, education and community events in the heart of Auburn, CA where adults and youth can experience art exhibits of all ages, enjoy a variety of music in an intimate venue, listen to fascinating presentations and join in multi-generational events. We offer very affordable space in the historic building built by Andrew Carnegie in 1909 that has now transformed into a center of celebration and exploration for the whole community.


Accessibility for all is critical to Carnegie and the Community. Our initial effort focuses upon creating accessible features like building accessibility, a mobility accessible bathroom, and abatement plans.

The City of Auburn provided $150,000 in American Recover Plan Act funds to support that effort, but there are so many other needs. These are few of the items and estimated costs.

Every dollar supports the revitalization effort and helps bring Branches at the Carnegie closer to being fully operational. These include but are not limited to:

* Regulation handrails - $500

* Vinyl flooring - $500

* Replace staircase hand rails - $500

* Signage and rekeying the doors - $200

* Replacing/repairing flooring downstairs - $2,500

* Art tables downstairs - $750

* Garden area bistro tables and chairs - $1,500

* Sound system - $2,500

* Chairs (64) - $2,600

* Barn door room divider downstairs - $1000

* Replace flooring upstairs - $10,000

* Lift from first floor to second - $60,000

* Commercial kitchen - $100,000

Equity Statement

It is difficult for individuals, groups, and small businesses in our community to find affordable space for meetings, rehearsals, lessons, etc. The primary mission of Branches at the Carnegie is to provide space at the most affordable rate possible to all who want to create, perform, teach, discuss, plan and gather to enrich our community.

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AlmostFreeToAll, Inc.

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Branches at the Carnegie

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Community Improvement, Capacity Building

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