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Allegiant Giving was founded in 2010 as a way to give back to the greater Sacramento/Placer County region. Allegiant Giving was formed to focus on two major areas - today's heroes and tomorrow's leaders.

In 2022, the Allegiant Giving board decided to focus entirely on veteran and military spouse training and employment initiatives.  In this vein, Allegiant Giving has partnered with nonprofit and corporate partners to administer our programs. Allegiant Giving has a goal to train 2,500 military and veterans and also place 300 military and veterans in employment in 2023.

Allegiant Giving’s number one priority is the success of the military professional after having completed their service to the United States of America. A veteran-run organization, we have witnessed great success, ultimate failure, and everything in between when it comes to transitioning from military service into the civilian world. We have learned from our collective experiences that the greatest contributors to success are finding a way to rediscover two things we had in the service: COMMUNITY and PURPOSE. Leaving the military means leaving a massive team of individuals focused on a single mission. Allegiant’s mission is to bring together millions of veterans as they discover their individual purpose.

Allegiant Giving is devoted to streamlining the transition process of United States military service members from military occupations into careers in the civilian workforce by providing them with the training and guidance they need to take control of their future. Allegiant’s goals are accomplished by cultivating a community of driven veterans who understand the importance of lifelong learning, family, physical and mental wellness, hard work, and financial freedom. Allegiant is led by veterans who have spent the last decade experiencing transition firsthand, witnessing the overwhelming frustration and isolation that often comes during this uncertain phase of life. Having successfully navigated the transition process, we have created a non-profit organization dedicated to providing millions of transitioning service members, veterans, and their families a clear track to success as well as a community to keep them motivated and hold them accountable. 

Since World War II the standard path for transition has been using the G.I. Bill to obtain a college degree. While a degree is required for many professions, it is not necessary for a large proportion of the modern workforce and does not guarantee that the graduate will possess any job-related skills. The average time for completion of a four-year degree is just shy of six years, with a completion rate around 66%. Considering that the average individual separates from the military in their late 20’s, it will take them well into their 30’s before they can expect to graduate and earn a comfortable salary. This is unacceptable for professionals with families and other responsibilities accumulated during a career in the military. Allegiant Giving knows that there are more efficient ways to educate oneself and learn job-specific skills that enable individuals to be competitive in the workforce. In the time it takes to complete one semester of college, Allegiant can provide the skills to jumpstart a career. 

The modern job market prioritizes specific job-related skills, leadership, commitment, and resilience over traditional credentials. That is why our programs focus on building a specific skill set, for a specific industry or job field, cutting out the "general education" and focusing on the primary material required for mastery. Our programs reflect the labor demands of American corporations over the next decade, to ensure our participants have skills and opportunities that stand the test of time. 

As important as education and training are, they are only a means to an end, with the end being gainful employment. Allegiant Giving's Business Development team is dedicated to building relationships with the nation's leading companies, while the AG Staffing team works directly with students to find a position and company that matches them best. 

Throughout the duration of the program, participants have opportunities to interact with hiring partners in a variety of scenarios allowing them to network and develop relationships. This relationship ensures a proper fit between the participant and the companies that choose to pursue and ultimately hire them. Allegiant's highest priority is to ensure that each participant has a paid position in their new field within 180 days of completing the program.

Professional development milestones such as resume completion, mock interviews, learning to leverage online assets such as LinkedIn, and portfolio construction are completed by all students prior to program completion.

Allegiant Giving is a veteran SUCCESS organization building a community committed to helping veterans and their families integrate more effectively.


Allegiant Giving is a veteran success organization serving veterans and their families through training and employment.


$5,000 to sponsor ten-member veteran/military spouse cohort to obtain cybersecurity certification leading to improved employment opportunities and earning potential.

$1,000 to sponsor two veterans/military spouses to obtain cybersecurity certifications leading to improved employment opportunities and earning potential.

$500 to be used to help fund a veteran/military spouse through a Coursera training module.

$100 to be used to help a veteran/military spouse prepare a resume and obtain interviewing skill training.

$25 to be used to off-set expenses associated with veteran/military spouse resume preparation and interview travel expense.

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Allegiant Giving is a veteran SUCCESS Organization serving U.S. military and veterans while honoring their diverse mix of minds, backgrounds and experiences.

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