Alliance for Education Solutions, Inc.

AES is governed by a Board of Directors which, according to the Bylaws, consists of an equal number of youth and adult directors. Consistent with our mission and values, the Board, along with our programs and initiatives, is cross-cultural and cross-generational.

Youth, through many forums, have clearly identified the issues they are facing. These include the struggle for survival that comes with homelessness, hunger, violence, drugs and alcohol, family problems, and mental health issues (The Recommendations to Increase Opportunity and Decrease Poverty in America at Young people's opportunities for success are directly impacted by school culture and climate within the Education System and by the Criminal Justice System.

Just as youth have identified their issues, they have also identified solutions to address them. Our role is to support and work with them in becoming problem-solvers and change agents. We get youth to the decision-making tables to be a part of cross-generational, cross-cultural conversations to solve problems, address specific issues and work towards systemic change.

AES has worked with youth, parents, communities, organizations and educational institutions for close to 30 years. During this time, we have provided a range of services and programs, including cultural competency training for adults/staff, working with parents and community groups around specific issues, training students to empower their voice around youth issues, and developing mentoring programs. We remain flexible and able to pursue new, sometimes innovative, opportunities that align with our mission. While our programs and initiatives have, to date, been primarily targeted in the Sacramento and Chico areas, they are intended to be replicable and affect change on both the state and national level.


Alliance for Education Solutions, Inc. (AES) is committed to improving the life chances of vulnerable youth by empowering their voice and fostering collaborative, cross-cultural, cross-generational relationships for systemic change.


We have secured a smaller office, which is strategically located in downtown Sacramento, within a couple of blocks of the state capitol and easily accessible from public transportation. Over the next three years, our focus will be on development of our infrastructure, including obtaining a larger physical space in which young people can gather to work with us and together to create positive change, our programs can be facilitated, and community gatherings and forums may be held.

AES provides programs/projects and the space for young people to grow and explore their voice and power and to create the opportunity for cross-cultural and cross-generational experiences to happen. Both the Sacramento Youth Alliance-Community Action Team (SYA-CAT) and the Davitto Leadership Academy (DLA) are supported by grant funding that expire within the next year. At the same time, these programs have expanded and engaged more young people across the Sacramento-area. Funding is needed to sustain and continue to grow both programs.

AES has an annual fund that supports program areas and administrative costs of the organization.

Davitto Leadership Academy adult mentors have the opportunity to contribute their expertise to the DLA and make a direct impact in young lives as they mentor and coach them through creation and execution of a passion project to improve their schools or communities. We are looking for enthusiastic professionals who want to make a difference in the lives of young people. More information about this volunteer position may be found at

AES is always looking for individuals to join our Volunteer Family! Volunteers can participate on our Fundraising Committee or Events Committee. More information about our Volunteer Program may be found at

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