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Since 2011, 916 Ink has led the effort to empower children and youth in Sacramento through a unique creative writing program that increases literacy rates, self-confidence, academic engagement, empathy, and communication skills. Participants in our workshops learn to love the written word and are transformed into published authors in the process.

In early 2021, we reached a milestone of 200 books published, serving nearly 4,500 students in the Sacramento region.

2020 brought numerous challenges, as it did for us all, but we successfully transformed our programs for a virtual environment, helping to improve literacy and social-emotional skills for hundreds of youth across the region. Data shows that a 916 Ink workshop increases self-confidence, heals trauma, and teaches empathy, listening, and literacy skills. Our safe environment provides youth a place for expression and teaches them to "take the yes," a motto created to help youth silence their inner critics.

916 Ink's curriculum asks students to reflect upon their own "hero's journey," which is a mode of storytelling meant to explore how one individual can play different roles in life. By encouraging students to write about their own journey, students begin to see the different facets of their identity and can create a story that positions them as the hero of their own lives.

916 Ink wants to create readers by fostering a love of language, oral and written. By its nature, writing is a curious act that involves human connection and empathy. Instilling a curiosity in the power of stories in a young person can lead them to take charge of their life and change their narrative by becoming the heroes in their own stories. We don't just make students better readers and writers. We make them more open and honest communicators. To further expand on our mission, in 2020 we added a reading tutoring pilot program, with Read On! Early results are proving positive, and we have decided to continue and expand this program.


To empower children and youth through creative writing.


Read On! Summer Program:

We launched Read On! in fall 2020 in response to a gap in reading tutoring in Sacramento and high community need. Delivered fully online and in the year-round school setting, Read On! is showing early success at reducing the literacy gap for participants. However, looking ahead to the summer months, we know that students are facing extra challenges during this pandemic, and summer tutoring is scarce. With additional funding, we would like to expand our year-round program to offer supplementary summer tutoring for the highest-need students in Sacramento.

Author's Lab:

Author's Lab is an after-school creative writing workshop geared towards youth in grades 6-12 that want to refine their creative writing skills. We would like to enrich the program for youth by offering additional books and materials, bringing in guest artists for special topics, and taking youth on relevant field trips. Giving these youth as many opportunities as possible will help them gain valuable skills as writers and build their confidence.

South Sacramento Programming:

Some of our longest-standing partnerships have been with schools in South Sacramento, an area where the need for our creative writing workshops is high. We want to keep these programs going as long as we can, but there is limited funding to continue at these schools.

Capacity Building:

Believe it or not, we publish hundreds of children each year with a staff of only six people and out of one small office in a formerly shuttered elementary school. We are stretched thin and capacity building dollars allow us to explore new possibilities and develop new and innovative ways to accomplish our mission and reach more kids.

General Program Gap Funding:

Funding of programs where part of the funding has been found through grants and other sources, but 100% of the program cost has not yet been funded.

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Organization name

916 Ink

Tax id (EIN)


Mission Category

Youth Development

Operating Budget

$500,001-$1 million

Organization Need

Funding: Program, Funding: Unrestricted


3301 37th Ave. Room 14
Sacramento, CA 95824



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