Oak Park Rotary House

Rotary House is a single family two bedroom, one bath, wheelchair accessible residence for families whose child is being treated at UCD Medical Center or approved local hospital. The goal is to serve families that require long-term stays lasting several months or more. It was built by Rotarians, community volunteers, and private businesses who donated hundreds of hours or labor, thousands of dollars' worth of materials, and monetary contributions.

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Address: 500 Calvados
Sacramento, CA 95815
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Leslie Arnal
Contact Email: LAndersen@lawTML.com
Primary Phone: 916-600-9753
Website: http://www.oakparkrotaryhouse.com
Seven Rotary Clubs in the Sacramento area came together to build a house for families whose child is being treated as UCD Medical center or other approved local hospital. With much sweat equity, dedicated Rotarians, friends, and volunteers, the home was built. It was started as a centennial project honoring 100 years of rotary founded by Paul Harris. The Oak Park Rotary House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The Foundation owns, manages, and maintains Rotary House. The seven Sacramento area partner Rotary clubs continue to support Oak Pak Rotary House with financial contributions, time, and labor.
The organization needs funds to maintain the cost of home (utilities, insurance, and taxes) on an annual basis of approximately $4100. Volunteers to maintain the yard and structure (repairs as needed), and materials and monetary contributions for the repair and maintenance of the property and furnishing as they are needed.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - Funds to support cost of maintaining the home.
  2. In-Kind Donations - Materials to maintain the home (such as nails, support joints and wood to build shed).
  3. Volunteers - Maintain yard work.
  4. Furniture - Replace furniture as it wears out (such as sofa, bed, microwave, etc.).
  5. Technology - Assistance maintaining website, Facebook, and Twitter.
Families from all over Northern California have stayed at Rotary House --- some for a year or more --- while their child was undergoing extended treatment for cancer, leukemia, or life-threatening complications from premature birth. When a child is seriously ill or injured, the cost of medical care may be covered, but often, travel and hotel accommodations are not. The expense of staying at a nearby hotel and traveling back and forth can impose an oppressive financial and psychological burden on the family, creating even more stress in an already overwhelming situation. Oak Park Rotary House provides a "home away from home" for a family member who requires longer term temporary accommodations, lasting four or more months. Providing longer-term temporary housing means one less thing for these families to worry about. The parent or guardian of a child may stay at Oak Park Rotary House for the entire course of long term treatment -- for free. Oak Park Rotary House is a gift of peace of mind -- for both the worried family members and an anxious child. Sincerely, Leslie Arnal, President