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Cat's Kickin' Fundraiser for 350 Sacramento
by Catherine Xia
I'll be honest with you - it took me a long time to get past the heat and pollen of Sacramento, but I love it here now. What I don't love is the new smoke seasons that seem to be increasing in frequency, length, and intensity (I also still don't like the heat and pollen, but I can deal with that just fine). In between the fear of flood or fire, it concerns me that we are still so set on burning fossil fuels, which creep around our peripheral vision, exacerbating these immediate dangers.

I've been volunteering with 350 Sacramento for almost as long as I've been in this city (I think it really was the heat that inspired me to action), and I know we've been worked hard, made lots of leaps and gains, but still have a long way to go. Fighting climate change is the most important issue to me. Period. If we don't have a livable planet, then what's the point? So that's where I place the majority of my resources and I hope you can join me with a financial gift to support the work 350 Sacramento does. We do a lot of very un-sexy work, like pushing policymakers to make and actually implement better policies for the planet. We also do a lot of fun stuff, like teaching middle and high school students about why fighting for the environment is important.

So I am once again asking you to give a gift today to 350 Sacramento, and thus to the planet and future generations. I encourage you to give whatever is within your means to give. Sustainable gifts are also great if you'd like to sign up to become a monthly donor at 350sacramento.org! I really appreciate it, 350 Sacramento appreciates it, and future generations will appreciate it. Thanks so much for all that you do.
Goal: $1,000.00
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Moiz's Fundraiser for 350 Sacramento
by Moiz Mir
I work full time as 350 Sacramento's Program Coordinator. 350 Sacramento is a grassroots community organization dedicated to environmental and climate justice advocacy and building the local movement.

As the first ever and only staff member at 350 Sacramento, I manage our operations as an organization to: (1) support the advocacy, campaigns, and event planning of our volunteer teams, (2) recruit, onboard, coach, and coordinate new volunteers, (3) expand our advocacy by developing and operating new programs like our Student Environmental Activist Training*, and (4) develop relationships with our local partners in the intersectional fight across various movements for social change.

There's so much work to be done, so much I want to do, and only so much I can do alone! While I still haven't finished my initial year of working at 350 Sacramento, I'm honored to have already been awarded the Environmentalist Of The Year Award** by the Environmental Council of Sacramento for what we've been able to accomplish so far. Imagine what 350 Sacramento can accomplish if we could hire on another part time staff member!

Help expand my and 350 Sacramento's capacity, sustain our work, and help us grow by donating today. With your help we can continue to make even more positive change in our community and fight the crisis of climate change. Your donation and support today will help us bring on more staff and even create internship opportunities!

* https://350sacramento.org/seat
** https://www.ecosacramento.net/2021/03/announcing-the-2021-environmentalists-of-the-year/
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Go Big for 350 Sac
by Alexander Aruj
Hi! I'm Alex, a volunteer helping drive awareness about the causes and impacts of climate change. It's important to realize we are only a few years away from unmitigated disaster if we don't focus on adapting and solving these issues in local and corporate circles.

Help 350 Sacramento continue to advocate for regional leadership in electrification, waste reduction, community inclusion and elimination of fossil fuels. Why 350? Globally we must reduce CO2 in our atmosphere down from >420ppm to below 350ppm and any donation would be a great help.
Goal: $1,000.00
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Megan's Fundraiser for 350Sac
by megan Elsea
I've been volunteering for 350Sacramento for about 10 years. When we were stuck inside because of the smoke last summer and we couldn't go anywhere because of Covid, it made me really want to do more this year on the climate crisis. The climate has and will cause more damage than Covid, and according to the International Panel on Climate Change, the next 10 years are crucial to minimize warming.
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Mister Waverly's Fundraiser for 350 Sacramento
by Waverly Hampton III
Climate change is real and affects communities of color and impoverished individuals the most. It is unfair, yet, it is reality. How do we address this indecency?-- By coming together. 350 Sacramento is an organization made up of all volunteers and one staff member. This fundraiser is to provide their organization with the means to hire on additional staff, so that they may grow to continue their fight for legislative bills that align with the Green New Deal, continue their activism for more pedestrian and bike friendly streets to make traveling cleaner. I believe in 350 Sacramento's mission to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions so that we can all breathe easier. Join me.
Goal: $1,000.00
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Chase's 350 Sacramento Fundraising Extravaganza
by Chase Novak
Over the past 5 years or so, whiling working and attending college, my interest (and concern) for our planet slowing began. Back then, I wasn't able to dedicate the time and energy to this issue that I wanted to, but that didn't stop me from learning what I could.

I learned that the climate crisis our planet is facing is difficult to express. I learned that it's not a crisis that you can look out your window and see. I learned that it's not a crisis you can actively do something about and see an immediate result. Its abstruse; almost abstract.

This makes it challenging to show others why the climate crisis is the most important and terrifying crisis this planet and our species (and many others) has gone through.

I learned that, although you cannot look out your window and see the climate crisis happening, you can undoubtedly look out and see the effects:
- Rising sea levels leading to more frequent flooding, especially in coastal habitats
- More frequent and intense wildfires (looking at you Cali)
- More frequent and intense storms and droughts
- Destruction of animal species and their habitats (as well as our own) due to all of the above
- And so many more…

These words on your screen don't even begin to explain the complexity and essential nature of the effects of climate change.

So, a few months ago, when I sought out 350 Sacramento, I was desperate to discover what they were actively doing to help fight this crisis. I was overjoyed to learn that this volunteer driven organization was doing WORK in the Sacramento region:
- Their legislature team advocating for California state bills that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
- Their Student Environmental Activist Training program - a free, 10 week virtual after-school program open to middle and high school students in the Sacramento region that empowers young people to get involved, organize, and grow the climate and environmental movements in their schools and communities all across Sacramento.
- Their Carbon-Zero team making efforts to speed up the transition to a carbon-free Sacramento region.
- The Labor/Green New Deal program focusing on ensuring a just transition for workers and labor unions as we move away from fossil fuels.
- And many more programs and events!

I was thrilled when they asked me to lead their Big Day of Giving fundraiser because I wanted to do whatever I could to ensure this organization could continuing doing what they do in the fight against climate change.

So, I ask you: Help me help 350 Sacramento. Help them continue to make a real difference in sustainability and climate change in the Sacramento region and beyond. But most importantly, help this one perfect planet we live on continue to thrive, for generations to come.
Goal: $1,000.00
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Laurie LOVES 350 Sac
by Laurie Litman
I love 350 Sacramento!! This scrappy, grassroots, almost all-volunteer organization is working to ensure a safe, equitable, and caring future for all. This is the local branch of a global effort to create a world where people live in harmony with one another and the natural world. It's a huge goal and yet necessary if we are to have a livable future and avoid runaway climate change. There are fewer than 10 years left to make SIGNIFICANT progress in cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

We are the ones who will determine the future of humankind and most species on earth. It's both a huge responsibility and a huge honor to be present at this time, when our actions can make such a big difference.

I can go on and on about the awesome people at 350 Sac, the great accomplishments we've had, the many teams and committees working on various aspects of climate justice, and our long-term goals. Or you can go to the website, 350sacramento.org, to learn more. But suffice it to say that this is an amazing organization and deserves your support. Please be as generous as you can be.

For more information about 350 Sacramento, feel free to contact me at lslitman@gmail.com or 916-284-1627.
Goal: $1,350.00
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Ya Big Boys Big Day of Giving Big Funraising Fundraiser
by Joseph Kowalski
I've always loved the planet because... well, we live on it what kind of jerk doesn't appreciate Mother Earth.

I have been part of local grassroots environmental group 350 Sacramento, as I believe the struggle for climate change needs to have a local focus. They're fighting to make Sacramento a more sustainable, environmental justice oriented city. They have been very very grassroots for years but are trying to build up their capacity as they look to influence public policy more in the effort for sustainability.

Help out however you can!
Goal: $1,000.00
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Ilonka's 350 page!
by ilonka zlatar
350 Sacramento is a group of kick ass people who care a lot about our planet and our people. We are volunteers who hold our elected officials and local decision-makers accountable to move faster towards a just and sustainable future.

We need your help so that we can continue to grow our movement and keep pushing for a better future and the continued existence of our species and others!

Climate action is my anti-depressant. The depth of this crisis affects me deeply; maybe it affects you too. I have found 350 Sacramento to be a place of refuge, a place where I've found people who care about this as much as I do, and are willing to spend their free hours reading dense documents, writing comments, and yelling at decision-makers. This is the real work that makes change. It's not sexy, but its needed. Join us and feel like you are making a difference. You can learn more about our organization and how to get involved at 350sacramento.org
Goal: $1,000.00
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Kristi's 350 Sacramento Fundraising
by Kristi Perry
350 Sacramento is a grassroots community organization dedicated to environmental and climate justice advocacy and building the local movement. I have been involved with 350 Sacramento since we began 10 years ago. My kids were just 6 and 8 at the time, and getting involved with 350 Sacramento helped me feel that I could be part of the solutions to climate change.

350 Sacramento has grown tremendously in the past 10 years, and is now a mighty organization in our region. We are the only environmental organization invited to sit on the Mayors' Commission on Climate Change (lgc.org/climatecommission), and our teams are working on a variety of projects from transportation to electrification to Climate Action Plans to state legislation - and much more. We have much to be proud of but time is short and we need to step it up. We have put in the hard work to grow 350 Sacramento both institutionally and programmatically, and are now poised to go to the next level. We added our first full time staff member in mid-2020, and the consistency and reliability that this brought us was amazing! We are ready to add 2 more paid positions and up the ante even more, but we need your help.

We have proven ourselves to be a lively and vital organization that can get things done, engage the community, and garner the respect of decision-makers and the public. We have carefully planned the steps necessary to bring more staff on board, and are now looking for help to make that leap. Increasing our paid staff will be a huge increase in our budget, which comes primarily from small donors. We hope you will help us take this major step forward and provide seed money and support for our move to the next level.
Goal: $5,000.00
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Goli's FUNdraiser for saving our planet!
by Glayol sahba
Scientists say that we have less than 10 years to stabilize our climate to make a livable future for children and other species. I say by joining an awesome group of activists who are sweet and creative and fun,
I know that it can be done. I absolutely love the redwoods and have so many great memories of camping there with my two kids and want to preserve them and other special places all over the world for future generations to enjoy. Also please check out this rap/video that I made last year in our Pandemic Poetry group all about how 350 Sacramento and collective action. Then please join us with your financial support, time, energy and or creativity because we need you so that we can keep working and advancing in our fight against Global climate change! As a physician I plan to retire this year and commit the majority of my time in this cause.
Thanks so much for your support!
Goal: $999.00
35% Funded

Justin's Fundraiser Page
by Justin Tweet
For decades, humans have not only delayed action on climate change, but significantly increased emissions. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Chante (IPCC) tells us that we need to make far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society over the next decade to avoid severe disruptions to organized civilization. In fact, if you take away the IPCC's irresponsible negative emissions assumptions and factor in equity, renowned climate scientist Kevin Anderson determined that developed countries need to achieve zero emissions by 2035 to meet their Paris commitment of keeping global average temperature increases below 2 degrees Celsius. This is much faster than President Biden's recent commitment of cutting emissions by approximately half by 2030.

350 Sacramento (more info here: https://350sacramento.org/about/) has been ramping up our effort in recent years in order to speed up our local response. Some of our recent accomplishments include:
• influencing our local utility (SMUD) to cut a decade off its goal of net zero carbon electricity
• helping the Mayors' Climate Commission (City of Sacramento and West Sacramento) approve some of the more aggressive commitments of any cities in the country
• pressuring the County of Sacramento begin work on their long-overdue Climate Action Plan
• advocating successfully for stronger state legislation
• hiring our first staff person to help us work more efficiently and bring additional youth into the movement

While these accomplishments are significant, our region is not yet acting like we are in a climate emergency. Efforts are underway by various interest groups to water down the Mayors' Commission commitments. Sacramento County's draft Climate Action Plan does not address sprawl or contain any specific measures outlining how it will reduce emissions.

Being alive at this moment, where our actions will determine what the future is like for many generations to come, represents a unique moment in history. 350 Sacramento wants to expand its power with your help. I encourage you to give whatever is within your means. Sustainable gifts are also appreciated if you'd like to sign up to become a monthly donor at 350sacramento.org. Thanks so much for everything you do.

For more information, feel free to contact me at justin.tweet@350sacramento.org or 916-823-2739.
Goal: $500.00
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DJ Waldow's 916 Ink Fundraiser
I'm proud to serve as President of the 916 Ink Board of Dreamers.

Here's why: Storytelling is the thread that connects generations. It's a great equalizer. No matter your age, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, or background, everyone has a story.

916 Ink helps young people learn how to put their stories into words.

This Big Day of Giving, will you join me in helping Sacramento's youth thrive?
Goal: $5,000.00
43% Funded

Dr. Beatrice Tetteh's 916 Ink Fundraiser
As a pediatrician, I address matters of infant, child, and adolescent health. Creativity is a key aspect of childhood. The child brain is wired to explore and test the world around them. Activities that assist in developing children's minds as well as fostering their creativity are important. This is one reason I have been a donor to 916 Ink and joined their Board of Dreamers.

916 Ink takes the students' writing talents and "transforms them into confident writers and published authors."

Support 916 Ink's story. Empower our youth writers. Further 916 Ink's mission. Make a donation!
Goal: $916.00
101% Funded

Shelley Blanton-Stroud's 916 Ink Fundraiser
I'm proud to serve on the 916 Ink Board of Dreamers.

Here's why: To be healthy and happy, kids need to play in the dirt. They may even need to eat a little of it. Creative work isn't always pretty. It's never perfect. But it does a person a world of good. Go ahead and get your hands dirty -- give to 916 Ink.

When kids create, it does ALL of us good.

This Big Day of Giving, will you join me in helping Sacramento's youth thrive?
Goal: $1,500.00
110% Funded