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Winters Education Foundation
To raise sufficient funds to ensure continued educational excellence and equal educational opportunities for every child in a Winters public school classroom.

Winters Friends of The Library
The Winters Friends of the Library is an all volunteer organization. We promote library involvement, increase literacy, foster a love of reading, and enhance community culture. We serve our community by providing unique and innovative literacy and cultural programs, creating opportunities for lifelong learning, and collaborating to strengthen our library services for the entire community.

Winters Museum
The Winters Museum and the Historical Society of Winters are dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich history of Winters and the Winters area through educational events, research, oral histories, and photo and artifact exhibits.

Winters Farm to School
Our mission has three interrelated emphases: - To raise funds to provide fresh, local produce, fruits and nuts for our children's school food program - To educate children about the positive, long-term health benefits of healthy eating habits - To reconnect children to the rich, deeply rooted agricultural heritage in the community

Center for Land-Based Learning
Our mission is to inspire, educate, and cultivate future generations of farmers, agricultural leaders, and natural resource stewards. By providing high school students and new farmers with the training, resources, and hands-on experience to succeed in their chosen field, the Center for Land-Based Learning is securing the state's agricultural industry for decades to come. This is our mission, our passion, and our commitment to California's heritage and economic future.

Make it Happen for Yolo County
Make it Happen for Yolo County provides resources and support for underresourced and at-risk transitional aged youth (TAY) ages 16-24 moving into independent living situations. We receive referrals from Yolo County government agencies and other groups that work with this population. MIH meets directly with the youth and/or their social workers to contribute household furnishings, goods, and gift cards. No other groups exist in Yolo County that provide these resources.

Putah Creek Council
Putah Creek Council protects and enhances Putah Creek, its watershed and tributaries through advocacy, education, and community-based stewardship.

Short Term Emergency Aid Committee (STEAC)
The mission of the Short Term Emergency Aid Committee (STEAC) is to provide immediate short-term assistance with basic necessities to Yolo County families and individuals with incomes below the poverty level. Assistance may include help with rent, utilities, clothing, food, education, job readiness, and other basic necessities. STEAC is committed to enlarging the social awareness of the community and to providing opportunities for local community members to help others in need.