New Hope Community Development Corporation

"Bringing People Home"
We bring hope, stability, and education for better self-sufficiency and new lives, as well as an affordable place to live for Yolo's most vulnerable, including our youth, former foster youth, working families, seniors, veterans, farmworkers, the homeless and disabled.

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Address: 147 W Main St.
Woodland, CA 95695
County or Parish: Yolo County
Executive Director: Lisa Baker
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 530-662-5428
Fax: 530-662-5429
New Hope Community Development (NHCDC) is dedicated to improving the quality of life to underserved communities through affordable housing, educational enrichment, and economic empowerment throughout the County of Yolo. Housing is provided by NHCDC and its partners in Woodland, West Sacramento, Davis, Winters, Esparto, Yolo, Knight's Landing, Dunnigan, Madison, and Dixon. By providing year-round housing and family self-sufficiency programs, New Hope CDC, and its partners have a proven track record of supporting our "invisible Americans," - those who are hardworking, but who still struggle to maintain decent, affordable housing and enough income to help their families thrive. We believe that offering a roof over someone's head is a starting point - but not enough.

As they say "teaching a man to fish" or offering programs, which lead a path to self-sufficiency, is a balanced approach to promoting empowerment and creating a plan for the future. Though vital, our self-sufficiency program's funding has unfortunately been drastically cut over the years, leading us to scramble to maintain programming in its basic form. With your help, we aim to revitalize funding for this very effective program, to maximize support for our struggling families. We invite all who share in the passion of our mission to become a part of our community safety-net by participating in our programs through volunteerism, services, monetary donations, or by serving as partners with us in the development and implementation of our programs.
NHCDC is in need of monetary support to expand youth education & enrichment programs, activities & family self-sufficiency programs at each of our housing sites, to over 500 families & their children. Our focus in 2017/2018 was to re-open and maintain the Computer Learning Centers at 3 of 5 locations after budget cuts closed the centers 5 years ago and to upgrade the centers with reading nooks, new chairs, books and computer supplies. Our 2019 focus is to re-open the remaining centers, obtain Coordinators, support staff/volunteers, continue with center upgrades and implement new programs such as hands-on science projects and a possible pilot financial literacy program for second to eighth graders. Our youth benefit from educational, arts & sports activities, which promote literacy (3rd grade reading levels by 8 years of age), stability & empowerment. These programs offer safe activities after school, during the holidays & the summer months. Youth Services offered are Co-Ed Summer Soccer, Computer Learning Centers (homework clubs, internet access, reading and educational development), Summer Meals, a community based Art Center operated by the Chicano/a Studies Dept. at UC Davis, Girls Club and 4-H Clubs/Gardens. Adults/seniors benefit from access to 1) workforce planning such as computers for job search, job training, computer & English literacy/education, 2) health/wellness such as health & dental screenings, exercise & nutrition 3) family stability such as crisis management, socialization & family/neighborhood activities; 4) volunteerism such as community awareness & safety teams 5) basic needs such as meals to seniors, food drives, community potlucks. All served benefit from counseling & support services & specialized groups for families, girls, teens, parenting & drug/alcohol issues. Our top needs: 1. Funding: Other - Funds for Computer Learning Centers for staff, books, software, supplies and new programs such as hands-on science projects and a possible pilot financial literacy program for second to eighth graders. 2. Volunteers - Volunteers to assist at Computer Learning Centers with homework, reading, computer help. 3. Funding: Unrestricted - Funds to support other enrichment activities in all communities. 4. Technology - Computers, Printers, education software & programs, headphones. 5. Furniture - Office tables, desks, chairs, shelves.
While my father's early life was marked by unstable housing, hunger, and family instability, I was raised with the gift of housing, dedicated parents, and school programs in my low income community designed to help me succeed. And so I took it for granted. When I left home, I learned how hard it is to get and keep stable affordable housing. And I became homeless, not once, but twice. I was lucky and had friends and family to help me over the rough patches. But, as you know, we are not all so lucky.

New Hope Community Development Corporation (New Hope CDC) is part of "Welcome Home, Yolo," a partnership between Yolo Housing and New Hope CDC. We are dedicated to improving housing stability while bringing opportunity for education and a better life to our residents. Yolo is a multicultural, predominantly agricultural county that takes great pride in the crops it produces, the education it provides through the University of California, Davis and through transportation hub and port activities. Yolo is a great place to live. However, our families struggle just to find housing they can afford. Their children struggle in school when housing is not something you can count on. Our seniors have a hard time finding a place to live where they can also get transportation and services. Our homeless struggle with life's daily challenges and slip further away from their communities. Every day, the staff and dedicated volunteers of "Welcome Home, Yolo," work to create and maintain affordable apartments, provide a safe place to sleep or do laundry, feed the hungry, offer after-school assistance to our children, help seniors learn to use the internet, operate clubs, soccer, and 4-H activities, provide case management and drug treatment. Our staff and volunteers are a dedicated group united in mission and quality customer care. I am proud to serve them. Housing, and the stability it brings to life, is a sacred thing. Please help us meet the mission and fulfill the promise to welcome our people home.
-- Lisa A. Baker Executive Director