Kids Helping Kids Sacramento

Kids Helping Kids is an entirely student run non-profit organization that works to aid children both locally and globally. We are empowered students making a difference from the classroom to the community by investing in the lives of children in need. We believe that learning is best by doing and doing is best by serving others.

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Address: 4925 Dewey Drive
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Michael Gordon
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-952-1220
Since its founding in 2012, Kids Helping Kids Sacramento has always looked to make the biggest impact possible both in the lives of children in need and in the lives of the high school students who run our organization. When we first started, we wanted to help a young girl at our school who was homeless. She needed the financial and emotional support of her peers to live her life securely like we believe all kids deserve. Since then, Kids Helping Kids has raised over $500,000 and impacted the lives of over 2,000 children and students.

We have done all of this through tutoring, mentoring, providing creative outlets and real application learning, and giving specific individuals the means to succeed when they have large obstacles to overcome. As well as our outreach work, the things that the high school students who run the organization experience lead them to go off and do great things in the future. We now have many members who have devoted their time and energy towards bettering the lives of others after their involvement with KHK such as our former CEO, who traveled to Africa and to provide the people there with clean water and education for their children. As an organization we are making a huge impact and are always looking to grow and have an even greater effect on the community we serve.
As a student-run nonprofit organization, donations are crucial. Not only are we working toward changing the lives of children in need, but improving ourselves and our skills as well. In our KHK class, there are several areas of a functioning nonprofit that students get to explore and work through. The branches of our business include: outreach, marketing, productions, event services, operations, finances, and corporate advancement. Each of these departments have separate needs of their own, whether it be monetary donations or in-kind contributions. We are a unique business, but what we do can't be done without generous donors. From the corporate world to independent businesses, any donation to improve our business is greatly needed and appreciated. Undoubtedly, all contributions go to a worthy cause. Join us in changing the lives of children that need it the most!

Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Unrestricted - Finances: This is arguably the most critical need. We have many big ideas that we hope to implement into the community, but to be able to do this, we need to have the money available to put our ideas into action.
  2. In-Kind Donations - School Supplies: Every year we provide backpacks filled with school supplies for hundreds of students at underfunded schools in the Sacramento Region. This type of outreach is the "heart" of Kids Helping Kids.
  3. Technology - Office Supplies/Technology: Marketing is vital to getting our name out into the community (and getting more donors). As a result, we are always appreciative of printing deals and professional cameras.
  4. Funding: Other - Leadership/Professional Training: Due to the fact that we are run by high school students, the senior leadership team graduates at the end of every year. We appreciate any sort of training or guidance from professionals in the business world.
  5. Funding: Program - Our Global Outreach Cause: We maintain a safe house in Managua, Nicaragua for impoverished children where they are provided with education and supplies. Pulling them out of burning trash dumps, we are providing these children with a safe space to learn and grow. In conjunction with the safe house, we are funding the construction of a school with grades K-12 in the city.
"Kids Helping Kids Sacramento is truly a unique and amazing program. The amount of confidence and help that we give the young students we help is amazing and has shown to have a great effect on their performance in school. However, it is really the extreme growth and knowledge that the high schoolers who run this organization gain that seems to lead to the greatest impact overall. It is true that our program really does make a difference in the Sacramento region, but the things that the members of Kids Helping Kids go off and do with what they have learned here is making an impact on the world. We have had members of our organization become youth pastors, go to Africa to help children in need, and become great leaders in the business world, among other things. This program really does help all those that it touches, and as we go into the future, we will surely see many very successful people with their roots going back to involvement with Kids Helping Kids." Sincerely, Michael Gordon, Executive Director