Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary

"Helping Those Who Cannot Help Themselves" - Sacramento's Volunteer, No-Kill, Cage-Free, Pet Sanctuary

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Address: 6001 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95819
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Sarah Farias
Contact Email: purrball@happytails.org
Primary Phone: 916-556-1155
Website: http://www.happytails.org/
Founded in 1993, Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary is a non-profit animal rescue group dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of homeless and abused animals throughout the Sacramento area. Needy animals are rescued, nurtured, and provided shelter and medical care (including spaying and neutering) before being placed in safe, loving, permanent homes. After adoption, Happy Tails animals may be returned at any time.

Adult cats (one year and older) are up for adoption at the Happy Tails "Patricia L. Holmes Adoption Center" located at 6001 Folsom Blvd. in East Sacramento. Cats, kittens, and often dogs are also cared for in our foster homes, and put up for adoption on the weekends at PetSmart at 1738 Watt Ave. Happy Tails is run by close to 200 dedicated volunteers. Assistance programs help the pets of elderly, homeless, and low-income individuals.

Through our extensive feral cat program, Happy Tails maintains several altered, healthy, feral cat colonies. This effort is one more step in helping to solve the Sacramento area's serious pet overpopulation problem. Funding includes monetary donations from our dedicated and generous benefactors, as well as grants, bequests, fundraising events, and adoption fees. Federal and state tax authorities recognize Happy Tails as a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation.
Medical and Food & Litter costs associated with caring for abandoned cats and dogs, older cats that require an increasing array of medical procedures and treatments and ongoing expenses for our Zoe McCrea Feral cat sanctuary can easily exceed $200,000 per year. Our top needs: 1. Funding: Other - $40,000: Hospice care for aging cats. We have rescued or had returned after several years of ownership, cats that due to age now have increased medical care requirements. Dental work to alleviate suffering is the largest current expense, followed by diabetes and special dietary requirements. 2. Funding: Program - $45,000: Ongoing care and feeding for cats housed in our feral cat sanctuary. 3. Technology - $3,000: Happy Tails is in many ways still a very manual operation. We have made great strides with the modernization of our website, cat and dog management software and our mobile payment platform. As we continue to evolve, funds for the programming/development of additional website functionality and an expanded social media platform is always appreciated and needed. Not as glamorous as some needs, but still a critical part of our mission. 4. Space: Office or Other - $5,000: Happy Tails has reached the limit of our current building footprint. We are actively looking for additional space to hold volunteer training meetings, foster clinics and other activities that would free up the additional area in our main center for more cats and/or a more efficient layout. 5. Funding: Unrestricted - $10,000: Unrestricted donations provide Happy Tails with the flexibility of deploying these funds to wherever the greatest need may be at that time; feral cat sanctuary, medical for foster dogs, food, medical supplies, necessary repairs to our various cat enclosures, etc. Although unrestricted, this money is NOT used for administrative salaries or compensation.
"Happy Tails is a light-filled place with compassionate volunteers, who provide care and help to animals facing hardship. Our number one goal is to provide safe sanctuary for homeless cats and dogs. Our community responds to our work by financially supporting us. As Board Chair, I am thankful to be a part of Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary. The rewards for this work are tremendous, as we see rescued animals grow from the support and hope we provide.

The Happy Tails Pet: Happy Tails cats are rescued from the city streets, dumpsters, and from abusive homes. Some are found discarded at feral colonies maintained by Happy Tails. Others are saved from local animal control agencies and the Sacramento SPCA. Happy Tails cats also come from the sick and the elderly who are no longer able to care for their companion. These animals only ask for a chance to have a loving home. Although cats make up the great majority of our adoptions, we also have a small dog foster program. Dogs are kept in foster care until adoption.

Happy Tails takes pride in the health and well-being of the animals under our care. Every cat or kitten rescued by us is: Examined by a veterinarian, spayed or neutered, tested for common diseases, including feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV, if 6 months old or older), vaccinated, treated for fleas, and microchipped for identification if lost. All Happy Tails dogs and puppies are spayed or neutered, tested for heart worm (adults), vaccinated, treated for fleas, and microchipped for identification.

A Happy Tails animal can be returned to us at any time. In fact, our adoption contract requires that an adopter must return an unwanted animal in order to protect our animals from agencies or facilities where an animal may be euthanized. We limit our adoptions to animal lovers in the Sacramento Area only. This enables us to contact our adopters periodically after adoption."

Sarah Farias
Board Chair
Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary
-- Sarah Farias, Board Chair