Golden Rule Services

The mission of Golden Rule Services is to resolve health, education, employment and criminal justice disparities within People of Color communities through the provision of culturally competent programs and resources.

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Address: 4433 Florin Road Ste 860
Sacramento, CA 95823
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Clarmundo Sullivan
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-427-4653
Golden Rule Services (GRS) was founded in January 2000 by Clarmundo Sullivan in response to a gap in local culturally competent services provided to People of Color communities in Sacramento County. In addition, Mr. Sullivan wanted to address the five determinants of health (poverty, unequal access to health care, lack of education, stigma, and racism) that contributed to a person's state of health. Mr. Sullivan felt compelled to address the social, educational, and economic barriers that prevented People of Color communities from gaining access to accessible, affordable, and comprehensive services. GRS's original programmatic focus was local high risk youth. GRS successfully secured multiple contracts with Sacramento Youth Peer Court, Sacramento County Probation, and Sacramento City Unified School District to provide life skills classes, anger management classes, mentoring and counseling services to high risk youth. In August 2000, the Board of Directors of GRS expanded the agency's programmatic focus to health disparities by piloting a MSM HIV education and prevention project. Since then GRS has evolved from a small HIV prevention pilot to one of the most respected, successful and award-winning HIV prevention service providers in Sacramento County. GRS now provides a variety of free HIV, STD, and Hepatitis C education and prevention services. GRS is celebrating its 18-year anniversary of providing a variety of free award-winning, high impact HIV/AIDS education and prevention services in Sacramento County.
In 2015, Sacramento County reported The National HIV/AIDS Strategy 2020, the California Department of Public Health State Office of AIDS, and the Sacramento HIV Health Services Planning Council reports have identified gay men of color and high risk heterosexual African American women as priority target populations for HIV and STD. By the end of 2015, there were a cumulative total of 1,762 HIV infected persons who had not yet progressed to Stage 3 (AIDS). There were a cumulative total of 4,283 HIV-infected person who had already progressed to AIDS. In 2015, there were 151 newly diagnosed HIV cases and 33 newly diagnosed AIDS cases reported. One out of every 360 County residents was infected with HIV by the end of 2015. The number of new HIV infections among Hispanics more than doubled compared to 2006. African Americans had the highest rates of both. In 2015, African Americans had the highest rates of both newly diagnosed HIV and AIDS cases followed by Hispanics/Latinos. Young adults and adolescents accounted for 27.8% of new HIV infections and 24.2% of new AIDS cases. GRS is located in the 95823 zip code, which had nearly 300 people living with HIV. This zip codes is also an area with Sacramento's highest concentrations of African Americans. HIV-positive individuals with STIs are more infectious and are three to five times more likely than individuals without STIs to transmit HIV during sexual activities.

The number of chlamydia cases increased 11.2% from 7,678 to 8,535 in 2016, ranking it the eighth highest among all California counties. Gonorrhea cases increased 30.5% from 2,198 in 2007 to 2,868 in 2016, ranking it the sixth highest among all California counties. Primary and secondary syphilis cases increased 265% from 63 cases in 2007 to 230 in 2016. In areas with a high prevalence of STI infections even individuals with apparently seemingly moderate or lower risk behaviors can actually be at relatively high risk for STI infection. Of particular concern is that undiagnosed or untreated STI's may increase the risk of both acquiring and transmitting HIV. Not addressing Sacramento's alarming STI rates will result in infertility, preterm delivery of babies, inflammation in reproductive organs, life threatening spread of infections to blood and joints, and increased rates of HIV infection.

GRS is proud to join the California Department of Public Health State Office of AIDS in its "Getting to Zero" plan. Getting to Zero means getting to a time when there are zero new HIV Infections, zero AIDS-Related Deaths and zero stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV. The strategies encouraged to achieve the "Getting to Zero" goals include improved pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), increased and improved HIV testing, enrolling HIV positive clients into care, integrate HIV and STD screenings, increase and improve HIV prevention support services, and increase general HIV education and awareness programs. GRS has provided these services but still need additional funding to increase and expand service provision.

Our top needs:
  1. Board Members - Golden Rule Services' welcomes individuals with professional backgrounds to join their Board of Directors? We encourage those with backgrounds in, or currently working in the fields of, law enforcement, education, employment development, social work, fund development and marketing.
  2. Volunteers - Golden Rule Services' welcomes and relies on volunteer support to leverage limited resources and provide a diverse range of services to benefit vulnerable community members in our area.
  3. Funding: Program - Golden Rule Services needs funding to support overall HIV/AIDS services and operations of the organization. Funds will primarily be used to provide direct services to our high risk HIV-negative and HIV-positive clients. These services include rapid HIV antibody testing, STD screening, HCV testing, multi-session group-level prevention interventions, HIV prevention case management services, health benefit counseling, patient navigation services, PrEP education counseling, online and community health outreach, HIV-positive support groups, condoms, and harm reduction materials distribution. Lastly, funds will be used to pay for necessary operating expenses to ensure that the agency continues to service clients.
  4. In-Kind Donations - Golden Rule Services relies heavily on in-kind donations to leverage limited organization resources. GRS welcomes and appreciates a variety of in-kind donations including computers, printers, gift cards, transportation passes, clothes, food, office supplies, hygiene kits, harm reduction supplies, latex condoms and lubricants, health promoting brochures, printing and office furniture.
  5. Funding: Other - Golden Rule Services is seeking funding for its Emergency Fund. The Emergency Fund is used to provide clients with limited funds to cover basic needs they can not afford or not available from other local providers. The non-restricted funds do not cover including temporary housing, transportation home, bus passes, utility bill assistance, I.D fees, limited co-pays and doctor visit assistance, eye glasses and prescriptions, dental assistance, and groceries. Clients are informed the fund is a "payee of last resort" and must present invoices, bills and other verification to document their need. Once documented, GRS makes a payment on behalf of the client.
Golden Rule Service is a nonprofit organization that has been providing a variety of award-winning, evidence-based, and culturally competent programs and resources to the most vulnerable target population in Sacramento County for 18 years. To many, GRS has been a leader, trailblazer, advocate and gatekeeper for some of the most underserved target populations in Sacramento County. Clients appreciate receiving peer-based, accessible, affordable and client-centered services. Many of our clients refuse to obtain services from other local service providers that provide similar services. Our clients also refer their peers, make financial donations and volunteer to show their support and appreciation. The California State Assembly has presented GRS with several resolutions acknowledging its support and recognition of the services it provides. As the Founder and CEO, it is a mandate and honor to practice the "Golden Rule" in everything aspect of service provision. - Stephanie Edwards-Norfleet, PhD, President, Golden Rule Services