Elk Grove HART

Elk Grove HART's mission is to assist those experiencing homelessness in Elk Grove toward self-sufficiency and greater independence..

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Address: P. O. Box 1343
Elk Grove, CA 95759
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Chuck McClelland
Contact Email: admin@elkgrovehart.org
Primary Phone: 916-623-5858
Website: http://www.elkgrovehart.org
Elk Grove HART was formed in 2010 to provide services to the growing number of homeless in the Elk Grove area. The intention was to assist the homeless in becoming independent and self-sustaining through a one-on-one mentoring program.

In 2013, the Grace House opened to provide transitional housing for 5 homeless people and a housing monitor. A six-month stay gives each person an opportunity to seek employment and find housing with the help of their mentor and a caseworker.

In 2015, the Meadow House for families opened for the increasing number of families experiencing homelessness in the Elk Grove area. Three families can stay in the house for up to 9 months, through an entire school year. Goals are set and worked on during that time to stabilize the families and help them to move out of homelessness. While we have successfully helped many families to stabilize during their stay in the Meadow House, the most dramatic and beautiful difference is in the children.

HART's Winter Sanctuary started in 2013 and has given those that are on the streets a warm and safe place to sleep for 12 weeks during the winter. Homeless guests are provided shelter at hosting churches with a hot meal at night and breakfast in the morning. During that time, social workers and other support staff work with the homeless to help them better their situations, often finding housing options for them. Hundreds of volunteers are involved in making this happen.

HART also helps with other various needs of the homeless: bus tickets home, a summer cooling station, car registrations, smog checks and other necessities that can help the homeless move forward to a better life.

HART strongly believes in partnering with supportive agencies, the Elk Grove Unified School District and the city of Elk Grove to fully utilize all available resources. The Elk Grove HART model has been so successful that it has been duplicated in other local communities including Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights, Folsom and Carmichael.
There is a growing need for assistance for the homeless in Elk Grove. Our local (Elk Grove) food bank serves approximately 3100 people per month. Of these, the Food Bank provides food and services to about 300 homeless individuals. Families with children in Elk Grove are losing jobs and homes. They are the most rapidly growing population of the homeless in Elk Grove. There are more than 450 homeless children within the Elk Grove Unified School District. Elk Grove H.A.R.T. works with a broad collaborative of city, county and school district agencies to assist the homeless in Elk Grove. In order to achieve our goals, we need monetary donations to support our transitional homes and our annual Winter Sanctuary. In addition, we need volunteers to serve as mentors to the residents of our transitional homes. Furniture, household furnishings, donated professional services and employment opportunities are also areas of need. Our top needs: 1. Funding: Program - Funding is needed to support two transitional homes in Elk Grove. In cooperation with the City of Elk Grove and Sacramento Self-Help Housing, we obtained our first transitional house in the old town area. Through the hard work and generous donations of so many, we were able to transform a neglected, run-down house into a shining star of the neighborhood. This 5 bedroom, 3 bath house provides a stable environment to mentor the clients as they become solid productive members of society. Meadows House is our second transition home. Meadows House is designed for families. This spacious 7 bedroom house is home to 3 families plus a house monitor. The unique configuration of the home is perfectly setup for each family to have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Our goal is to help these families get out of homelessness and back on their feet. To accomplish this, we need continued monetary support. 2. Funding: Program - Funding is needed to support our annual twelve-week Winter Shelter (EG WINS). EG WINS is a joint effort with local churches to offer temporary, emergency shelter for homeless people in Elk Grove. This program of Elk Grove HART is based on the successful model used in Davis, CA since 2007, and is supported by Sacramento Self Help Housing, Elk Grove Food Bank Services and the City of Elk Grove. EG WINS begins in mid-December and runs for 12 weeks ending in early March. Local churches provide accommodations for up to 20 adult men, women, and families with a warm, dry place to sleep, a hot meal, and friendly companionship. 3. Volunteers - Volunteers are needed to support our twelve-week Winter Sanctuary (EG WINS) which runs from mid-December through early March each year. We are looking for individuals who have a compassionate heart for others and are willing to donate one day a week (varied duties between 5:30 and 8:00 P.M.) for the 12 week program. 4. Volunteers - Volunteers are needed to serve as mentors for guests residing in our two transitional houses. 5. Furniture - As new housing options are provided by the City of Elk Grove, furniture and household items to furnish these homes are needed. When each house opens, there are immediate needs for twin bed frames, chests of drawers, twin-sized linens and assorted kitchen supplies and small appliances.
At Elk Grove HART, we offer the homeless a hand up, not simply a hand out. Most homeless individuals feel invisible when they contact us. Our volunteer-run group offers each person hope - through emergency shelter, transitional homes for individuals and for families, mentoring, and most importantly, through friendship.

Elk Grove HART succeeds because of partnerships. We work closely with local government, the police department, other non-profits, and individuals like you. Each partner brings hope to the difficult issue of homelessness through unique strengths.

This year 1000 people will volunteer their time to make the 12-week Elk Grove HART Winter Sanctuary program possible. This is just one tangible way we offer hope to homeless individuals. Others give financially. Different people - different gifts - each one matters.

I bet you can remember when someone encouraged you to succeed. Was it someone's time, talent, or treasure that made your life better? I invite you to become part of our team and make a difference in the life of a homeless individual in our community.

Fred Bremerman
Elk Grove HART

-- Fred Bremerman Elk Grove HART