Davis Musical Theatre Company

The mission of DMTC is to conserve the Classic American Musical art form. DMTC will endeavor to produce quality, affordable, family-oriented theatrical musicals open to all people. With both a Main Stage and a Young Performers Theater, DMTC will strive to involve a multitude of people and families seeking to make a contribution toward the preservation of the musical theater art form.

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Address:607 Pena Drive #10
Davis, CA 95618
County or Parish:Yolo County
Primary NTEE:Arts,Culture & Humanities 
Sub NTEE:Theater 
Executive Director:Steve Isaacson
Contact Email:steve@dmtc.org
Primary Phone:530-756-3682
DMTC was started in 1984 as a group where community members and families could come together and produce quality musical theater. DMTC is an all-volunteer community theatre which serves as a training ground for children and adults with an interest in performing arts. Our Main Stage produces 6 musicals per season in which children, teens and adults come together to work as performers, artists, technicians, musicians and support staff on an all-volunteer basis. Our Young Performers' Theater is a training ground for students ages 7-17 to perform, work as technicians and orchestra members in four shows during the regular season as well as a summer workshop and show. Family involvement is a built-in part of our YPT structure - with 'parent-hours' and lots of opportunities for families to help out. It is common, in our Main Stage, to have multiple generations of family performing, playing in the orchestra and working as technicians on shows.
DMTC's greatest need is for on-going grants and underwriting as well as individual donations to support our ability to produce quality, affordable shows and maintain and improve our facility. We are currently focused on making several improvements to our facility that will greatly benefit our patrons - we have plans to improve the acoustics and lighting of our performance space, as well as install a hearing assistance system. We keep our overhead costs as low as possible by being all volunteer from the Board down (except for our pianists who get a small stipend). Everyone - directors, designers, choreographers, performers, musicians, technical staff - all volunteer their time. Our greatest per-show costs that need to be covered are royalties, set costs and costumes - these can average between $5,000 to $10,000 per show.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - Main Stage and Youth productions
  2. Funding: Unrestricted - General operating budget
  3. In-Kind Donations - constructions materials, costumes, concessions, etc
  4. Technology - laptops, and sound and light equipment
  5. Volunteers - construction volunteers and general help
DMTC's organizational structure is very collaborative. Our Board of Directors has four officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) and 10-12 members-at-large. The Board is advised by an Artistic Committee who oversees the Artistic aspects of the shows that are produced, as well as our YPT Committee, which manages and oversees the Young Performers' Theatre. There is cross-over between these groups to aid communication. There are several other committees, also made of both Board members and non-Board members that advise and assist the Board - including a Marketing, Fundraising, Hospitality, Cleaning and Maintenance and a Technical Committee.