Disciples Truck Driving Academy

The mission is to foster self-sufficiency, personal development, and wellness while emphasizing the preservation of family. Through training and development Disciples Truck Driving Academy demonstrates the commitment to foster the well being of needy, unemployed individuals while impacting and sustaining the lives of families.

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Address: 4874 Wind Creek Drive
Sacramento, CA 95838
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Karlos Daniels
Contact Email: kdaniels_02@yahoo.com
Primary Phone: 916-504-7833
Website: http://www.dtdacademy.org
The Disciples Truck Driving Academy was formally established in 2010 as an out reach organization committed to family and development by Karlos Daniels. Since being established, Disciples Truck Driving Academy has become a lighthouse and a pillar of support within the community of Sacramento.
This is a request for the purposes of expanding the programs and activities of Disciples Truck Driving Academy. Additionally the organization will enhanced supported services programs as a means for helping families achieve and maintain self-sufficiency via housing services, life skills, counseling, and providing supportive services as food, clothing,, shelter resources and emergency assistance. Specifically, the funding request will be used to construct a multi- purpose facility including a training center and complex and family life center with in the Sacramento, California Community. The facilities will allow Disciples Truck Academy to implement new programs as well as sustain existing programs and services with the emphasis on enhancing the Training & Development Project in the Sacramento, California Community.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - Scholorships
  2. Funding: Other - Office supplies
  3. Other - Please Describe - Text Books
  4. Other - Please Describe - Printing Services, Advertising material
  5. Volunteers - Assistance
"At Disciples Truck Driving Academy, we pay personal attention to each of our students and make sure that our students are fully satisfied. We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive instructors available combined with an unmatched level of personalized attention." Karlos Daniels President Disciples Truck Driving Academy