Central Downtown Food Basket

CDFB reliably provides healthy and fresh groceries with "Dignity and Respect" to the food insecure at mobile sites throughout Sacramento.

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Address:1701 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
County or Parish:Sacramento
Primary NTEE:Food, Agriculture & Nutrition 
Sub NTEE:Food Banks, Food Pantries 
Executive Director:Timothy Baumbach
Contact Email:timothy@cdfb.org
Primary Phone:916-761-5624
The Central Downtown Food Closet started in 1983 by the collaboration of four Sacramento area congregations: St. John's Lutheran Church, Fremont Presbyterian Church, Westminster Presbyterian Church and Congregation B'nai Israel. CDFC was located at 1214 17th Street and was one of many agencies that belonged to and received food from the Interfaith Service Bureau. In 1987, CDFC went out on its own with the support of thirteen area congregations and began picking up their food from the Senior Gleaners. On April 26, 1995 Mr. Bill Jones, then The Secretary of State, granted The Central Downtown Food Closet the request to change its name to The Central Downtown Food Basket. In 2003, the State of California took over the property at 1214 17th Street and the rest of the block to build the Department of General Services and Education. CDFB then chose to become a mobile food distribution and has been so for the past 13 years. This has been very successful for CDFB, with six locations currently and looking to expand in 2017-18. CDFB has also increased its food education and fresh produce programs as well as reaching out to schools that need help with food insecurity. We are currently running a successful pop-up pantry program at CSUS (Sacramento State University) with those students having a hard time obtaining food due to high student loans. CDFB has been working to feed those in need with "Dignity and Respect" for over 33 years and looks to continue its mission in reaching and helping the food insecure for years to come.
The Central Downtown Food Basket feeds over 1700 households a month. For every $1 donated, CDFB can obtain $20 in food. In 2016, CDFB received a donation of an 18' boxed trailer and along with our 10' open trailer it will help increase the amount of fresh and wholesome food to our mobile sites. But with that being said, we are in need of a second tow vehicle (truck) to haul the new trailer. We are looking to raise $10,000 - $15,000 to help us with this task.
Our top needs:
  1. Other - Please Describe - Pick up truck able to haul 18' trailer
  2. Volunteers - Second manager/driver
  3. Funding: Unrestricted - Equipment for distribution i.e. pallet jack, tire chocks, ramps, etc.
  4. Funding: Other - Maintenance for trucks and trailers
  5. Board Members - Marketing/PR and fundraising experts
'Food education is a must have tool in order to provide better service to those that are food insecure. This will help them make better and healthier choices when it comes to choosing and preparing foods. Processed food today is filled with high sodium, sugar and saturated fats and is also more expensive to buy. We are demonstrating healthier ways by handing out foods less in sodium, sugar, and fat and by showing them different ways in preparing fresh fruits and vegetables. Households can reduce their food budget by a third if they cut out the processed and convenient foods and replace them with healthier and more nutritious options.'

Timothy Baumbach, Executive Director, CDFB