Carmichael Parks Foundation

To benefit neighborhoods and existing parks in the Carmichael Recreation and Park District, Carmichael, California, by generating funds for the acquisition, construction, development, and maintenance of public recreation facilities, programs, special events, park lands, and open space.

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Address: 5750 Grant Avenue
Carmichael, CA 95608
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Sharon Ruffner
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-717-1731
Founded in 2009, the Carmichael Recreation and Park District Foundation (CRPDF), was formed as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, Fed ID # 26-4274059 to generate funds for Carmichael parks youth scholarships & beautification projects. With the support of community leaders and the CRPD Advisory Board the CRPD Foundation helps the Park District with the acquisition, construction, erecting, and maintaining of Public recreation facilities, programs, special events, park land development, and open space for the benefit of neighborhoods in the Carmichael Recreation and Park District, Carmichael, California.
Each year the Parks District must turn away dozens of youth whose families are not able to cover registration fees. Park District scholarships will cover up to 50% of the costs of child participation in recreation programs. Our youth programs include dance and gymnastics, tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball, flag football and a wide range of activities for summer day camps etc. The Park District also provides reading enrichment programs, after school day care and youth Spanish classes. Our mission includes generating funds that will support youth scholarships each year giving the residents of Carmichael more opportunities to partake in the activities offered.

Additionally, the Carmichael Park Foundation generates funds for park beautification and renovation projects. As the gem of the Carmichael Recreation and Park District, Carmichael Park is in need of improvements to make it more attractive, safer and welcoming community center. With the county efforts to improve the intersection of Fair Oaks and Grant, funds can be focused on renovations that complement the county efforts.

Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - Donations to support our Youth Scholarship program and park beautification
  2. Funding: Unrestricted - Any donations made to the Carmichael Parks Foundation that will support future fundraising events, or specific needs as they arise all in an effort to support youth and park beautification.
  3. In-Kind Donations - Donations of goods or services to support our programs. Needs such as gift cards, gift baskets, or specific products or experiences that can be used in raffles at events to generate additional funds. Products that can be used for fundraising events such as food, beverages, or other similar products.
  4. Board Members - Additional members of the board are volunteers that reside in Carmichael, CA and can support our mission and help in requesting sponsorships and putting together fundraising events or offer a new service to the foundation's leadership.
  5. Volunteers - Volunteers to help with fundraising events to include service during dinner events, drivers to shuttle guests, musicians, or general help to facilitate events.
The foundation serves the community of Carmichael and inspires others to make a difference in the offerings of our parks for the enjoyment of all. Michael Koerner, Past President