North State Building Industry Foundation

The North State Building Industry Foundation (NSBIF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide workforce development, community service, and meaningful industry research to youth and adults in support of and partnership with the homebuilding industry.

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Address: 1536 Eureka Road
Roseville, CA 95661
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Rick Larkey
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-751-2755
The North State Building Industry Foundation (NSBIF) was formed in 2008 as a closely held charitable arm of the North State Building Industry Association (BIA) to address the workforce needs of the homebuilding industry and to provide job placement services to those individuals who found themselves out of work during the economic downturn.

Over the past ten years, NSBIF has worked with construction industry employers and training organizations to:
- Provide internship and career exploration opportunities to youth and young adults aged 16-24
- Promote construction careers and employment opportunities to students, parents, educators, and people seeking meaningful well paid work and career opportunities
- Develop programs, curriculum, and certifications to increase the number of qualified entry level applicants
- Match employers and qualified applicants and interns through a job placement portal, sponsoring/attending job fairs, and hosting matching events
- Provide work skills training services to special populations including but not limited to at-risk and other youth ages 16-24, low income individuals, veterans, ex-offenders, refugees, and unemployed people
The primary zip codes that NSBIF serves have an unemployment rate almost double the average for Sacramento County (Per EDD, the average monthly unemployment rate in 2016 for Sacramento County was 5.4%). In many of these areas, 20% of the population is below poverty (according to US Census information). In 2016, there were nearly 300 homeless youth between the ages of 18-­24 in Sacramento County, which is more than double the amount recorded in 2013 (most recent data from Sacramento Steps Forward). At the age of 18-­24, these youth are considered adults; however, many of them are not equipped with the skills they need to thrive in the world of adults. For example, the vast majority of the youth that NSBIF works with in that age range have below an 8th grade math and reading level. Many of them have not had positive role models. Most have been told that they are failures, and they believe it. In all the workshops, mentoring, and services provided by NSBIF, staff strives to remind youth of their positive potential, no matter their background.

In our experience, youth need love, care, stability, adventure, career exploration, and a positive sense of self-worth. They need practical methods for how to live a meaningful life, including becoming economically self-sufficient, holding down a job, being able to build wealth and avoid unnecessary debt, being able to practice healthy habits, and having caring friends and family. Young adults also often need to learn the value of being a contributing citizen and member of the community. Unfortunately, many of the youth served by this program have grown up in unhealthy environments that are not stable; where instead of love there is hate, anger, and violence. Additionally, some of the youth we serve do not have a home or family to care for them.

NSBIF provide wraparound youth services including individual assessment (interests and aptitudes), tutoring and school completion services, weekly career readiness and leadership workshops, paid first-time internships, skill development programs, apprenticeship opportunities, leadership development, and other supportive services (like child care, transportation, school supplies, housing, and mentoring).

In addition to serving the 18-24-year-old population, NSBIF recognizes the need to facilitate and provide meaningful work-based learning experiences (internships, job shadowing, etc.) to youth ages 16-17 to expose them to lucrative career pathways. NSBIF has found that careers within the homebuilding and skilled trades industries are excellent career options, particularly for the disadvantaged populations that we serve who may not be a fit for a traditional degree or career path. An education in the trades versus a traditional bachelor's degree takes on average only two years, and is a fraction of the cost ($33,000 vs $127,000 in the US, respectively according to the Department of Labor, 2016). In addition, according to a study completed in 2016 by New Economics & Advisory, wages in the homebuilding industry in our region are 10-12% higher than the overall average wage in the Capitol Region.

NSBIF connects youth attending high schools, continuation schools, community schools, independent study, adult education, or Foster Youth programs with internship and other work-based learning opportunities through industry advocacy, the operation of its annual Skilled Trades Job Fair and partnerships with local homebuilders, trade contractors, and educational organizations.

With these services, NSBIF's goal is to reduce the number of Sacramento youth who are homeless, youth who are trapped in a cycle of poverty and or violence, and to help them take their first steps toward a successful and meaningful career in a livable wage job by providing educating them about lucrative career opportunities and providing them with the skills and learning opportunities that they need to succeed.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - NSBIF is seeking donations to assist with program funding. Our Skilled Trades Internships, Out-of-School Youth Program, and the Skilled Trades Job Fair programs are unique in nature, supporting and assisting local youth and job-seekers to find meaningful employment in the construction and skilled trades industry. Your donations would help staff continue to provide wraparound support services for the youth we serve, connect with local schools to create work-based learning opportunities for students, conduct industry advocacy, and create partnerships with local homebuilders, trade contractors, and educational organizations to grow Sacramento's skilled trades workforce.
  2. Volunteers - Individuals, groups of individuals, who want to partner with NSBIF to support our mission statement - provide workforce development, community service, and meaningful industry research to youth and adults in support of and partnership with the homebuilding industry. NSBIF has many volunteer positions available- from representing the industry with us at career fairs, speaking to youth in our programs or in school, becoming a mentor, or hosting a job skills workshop are just a few of the ways volunteers can help.
  3. Other - Please Describe - NSBIF seeks Community-Based Organizations who are interested in partnering with us to serve 16 to 24 year-olds through career exploration, job readiness training, and work-based learning opportunities. Through these partnerships, we hope to expose bright young people to lucrative career pathways. Having partners in the region helps us to make sure that the individuals we connect with are able to connect with whatever services they need - whether it be housing, mental health services, mentoring, transportation, financial assistance, or anything else they might need.
  4. In-Kind Donations - Examples of in-kind donations we seek include assistance with marketing, health, and hygiene items to distribute to program participants, work necessities such as work boots, tools, food, gas cards, transportation of interns to and from worksite, used cars or larger transportation vehicles. Donating your time to after school hands-on skilled-trades workshops, "lunch and learns", life skills and work-readiness seminars, becoming a mentor for youth. Technology, including new PC's and laptops to enable staff to work remotely, video and photo editing software to assist in the production of in-house multimedia.
  5. Technology - Our office is in need of an update. Since we moved into the building almost ten years ago, we have used the same MAC desktops and laptops. These are increasingly less compatible with today's technologies, and we are continuously having to repair, upgrade, and refurbish our equipment. Additionally, we require funding to support our case management software, laptops for staff and interns to enable them to work remotely while in the field working with participants and partners, and video and photography editing software to assist with promotions, marketing, and in-house production of multimedia.
"As the Executive Director for North State Building Industry Foundation, I am proud to be able to say that we have been providing services to high-risk, low-income individuals for more than 10 years. Our array of programs provide opportunities to young adults, aged 16-24, throughout the greater Sacramento region to help them learn valuable life skills and find lucrative careers within the construction and homebuilding industry. With your generous support, we're able to expand our programs and provide complete wraparound services that help youth cover everything from transportation, food, and housing, to education, work experience, and more." Rick Larkey Executive Director North State Building Industry Foundation