Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode

- To provide community services for animals in need through low cost spay, neuter, and vaccine services to help eliminate pet overpopulation and euthanasia of adoptable animals.
- To provide a safe and caring haven for our feline shelter animals until adopted.
- To promote, through education and training, responsible pet ownership.
- To promote a fiscally responsible organization so that the funding that is available benefits as many animals as possible.

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Address: P.O. Box 480
Diamond Springs, CA 95619
County or Parish: El Dorado County
Executive Director: David Bailey
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 530-642-2287
Fax: 530-642-0753
Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode is a non-profit employee/volunteer operated organization dedicated to providing our community with services and programs that help eliminate pet overpopulation and reduce the euthanasia of adoptable animals.

Established in 1992, Animal Outreach services over 10,000 cats and dogs each year via our low cost spay/neuter/vaccination clinic, free community cats (feral) spay and neuter days, our TNR program and through cat adoptions. In addition, we also manage programs for foster families, barn cats and special needs/senior cats. Animal Outreach is the only organization to offer a free monthly community cat spay/neuter/vaccinate day to El Dorado County residents.

In 2018, (through November 2018) we have accomplished the following:
981 - Canine spay/neuter
5058 - Feline spay/neuter
1129 - Feline intake
1098- Feline adoptions
221 - Feline TNR (trapped/neuter/release)
370 - Free monthly community cat spay/neuter/vaccinate day
Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode, as indicated above, provides not only a safe haven for cats but also provides low cost/spay/neuter and vaccination services to cats and dog owners in northern California. Specific to El Dorado County, we offer a free monthly spay/neuter/vaccination day for community cats.

We are financially supported by the services we provide, grants and public donations. Animal Outreach operates both a shelter facility and a surgical suite.

We have three full time employees and 12 part time employees. We operate as lean as possible supported by a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors, a volunteer bookkeeper and a volunteer Executive Director along with over 100 dedicated volunteers, many of whom foster kittens during kitten season. We have a number of volunteers who have supported Animal Outreach for over ten years and several who are nearing 20 years.

Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode welcomes donations to support our operations and our programs so that we can continue to improve the lives of shelter cats until they are adopted, assist pet owners in providing low cost/spay/neuter/vaccination services to assure that owned cats are healthy and continue our efforts to stabilize the community cat population. It is our mission!

Below, please find the specific needs we have and consider helping us improve the lives of shelter cats and work toward reducing the euthanasia of cats and dogs through spay and neuter.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - Community Cat Spay/Neuter Program: - Animal Outreach is committed to providing our community with a proactive solution to stabilizing the community cat population in El Dorado County by offering our residents a free monthly spay/neuter day. - El Dorado County is rural in nature and our mild California winters are opportune for breeding community cats. Community cats and their colonies consist of feral cats, semi-feral cats, and lost or abandoned pet cats. - Spay and neuter of community cats is the only humane and effective method of stabilizing their population. Community cats serve a purpose in that they assist in controlling the rodent population but can be viewed by some as a nuisance. - Business owners and residents with acreage have found that abandoned cats on their property can multiply in staggering numbers. People who care for community cats, feeding them and providing them shelter during adverse weather, may not have the resources to spay and neuter these cats and kittens. - Our free monthly community cat spay/neuter day was instituted to assist residents in concert with reducing the euthanasia rate of community cats. We currently spend in excess of $25,000 on this service, including the veterinary surgical team's time, vaccines, suture material, syringes, and other surgery related products. - Donations supporting this program will assist Animal Outreach in our pursuit of stabilizing the community cat population, slowing the spread of disease and reducing the euthanasia rate of community cats.
  2. Funding: Program - Senior/Special Needs Program: - Animal Outreach has a soft spot for special needs and senior kitties. At any point in time, we can be sheltering 10-15 of these sweet and loving but hard to adopt cats. Their age or medical conditions require special loving family who is willing to adopt these cats and can financially afford to provide them with a loving forever home. Let me introduce you to some of our senior/special needs cats we currently or previously cared for: - Buddy is a 5-6 month old black /grey striped tabby who is blind. His foster family says he is a love, he just wants to cuddle! Buddy gets along with their senior Aussie shepherd and their 2 other cats. He is teaching his foster family what its like to be blind and how well he can adapt to his foster home. Buddy should be available for adoption in early 2019. - Sparkles is an adorable black and white long hair who requires a special diet. Sparkle is a loving girl but prefers to be the queen of the house - therefore she needs a home without other pets. - Cloe Cloudy is a 7 year old medium hair Calico. Sweet but sassy, Cloe has been at the shelter for 7 months enjoying laps to sit on. She requires a special diet due to crystals that can develop in her urine. She would love a home of her own with a sunny window to lay by. Her adoption fee has been sponsored. - Billie is a 5 year old male with short white hair. Billie was born deaf . He was adopted by a family but returned to the shelter as they had to move. He would love to have a refrigerator of his own to lay on top of. Caring for these cats, which may otherwise be euthanized due to their age or medical condition can be expensive - but we believe worth it. Animal Outreach is always looking for foster families who are willing to foster a senior or special needs cat until he or she can be adopted. These cats usually do much better in a family home than a shelter and the TLC a foster family provides helps greatly in finding a forever home for these very special cats. Animal Outreach always appreciates monetary donations targeted for the care of these very special and lovable cats.
  3. In-Kind Donations - Animal Outreach cares for over 1,000 cats and kittens every year. On a monthly basis, we utilize the following: 1. 450lbs of Chicken Soup for the Soul adult dry food 2. 450-600lbs of Chicken Soup for the Soul kitten food 3. 150lbs of Royal Canin SO for urinary tract 4. 45 cans of Purina EN formula 5. 18 bags of Purina EN dry food (3-6 month supply) 6. 24 cans (12 oz) KMR during kitten season 7. 2,100-3,000lbs of Scamp litter In addition, the following donations are also appreciated: - Surgery scrubs for staff and volunteers - Surgery sight drapes - Wraps for instrument sterilization - Warm wraps for surgery recovery - Mid Mark Auto Clave for instrument sterilization - Reception room seating furniture - Lunch area table and chairs - Transport hydraulic lift for large dogs - Secretarial type new office chairs - New flooring in public bathroom - HVAC for cattery and sick bay, plus drop ceiling - Laundry soap, bleach, dish soap, toilet tissue, Kleenex, paper towels - Copy paper - Stamps
  4. Volunteers - Animal Outreach, like all charitable organizations cannot survive without the time and dedication of volunteers. Whether you have an hour, a day, or a couple days, there are a number of areas volunteers can help Animal Outreach. Volunteers must be over 18 or accompanied by an adult. Please contact the shelter at 530-642-2287 if you can volunteer. 1. Fostering a special needs adult cat 2. Fostering kittens during kitten season 3. Office help - answering the phone, data entry, filing 4. Helping with giving food/water to cats in the intake or cattery areas 5. Helping with laundry 6. Handyman skills (electrical, plumbing, carpentry) to help Animal Outreach when repairs are needed 7. Visiting and socializing with the shelter cats - they love new faces! 8. Helping our bookkeeper for those with bookkeeping skills 9. Public Relation expertise - assisting with promotion of Animal Outreach 10. Fundraising - helping us during the planning and on the night of the event 11. Helping out on our free monthly community spay/neuter Saturday in the office or for those with veterinary skills, in the prep room 12. Helping out at our adoptions sites, PetSmart Folsom (Saturday and Sunday), PetSmart Citrus Heights (Saturday and Sunday) and at Animal Outreach in Diamond Springs
  5. Board Members - Animal Outreach has a volunteer Board of Directors that meets quarterly on Sunday morning at Animal Outreach. We are always looking toward the future and would welcome resumes of those interested and possessing business or operations skills as well as a love of animals and an interest in bettering our community. We meet quarterly on Sundays.
Too often we think of leadership being vested in individuals when in actuality it is rooted in the common goals, skills and resources of multiple individuals with common goals. When a good group comes together with these abilities and goals, it is almost like a great choir singing in harmony. In volunteer organizations like Animal Outreach, this approach is a necessity. A rescue group that began over 25 years ago with two people and an idea, has grown to be one of the most important and successful rescue groups offering low cost spay/neuter organizations in Northern California. It is not enough to be called no kill facilities; other services to the community should also be known including our medical team who in 2018 administered over 14,000 vaccines, performed over 6,000 spay/neuters and serviced over 150 vaccine clinic clients per month. Animal Outreach has rescued and placed in foster homes over 2,200 cats per year and shelters an average of 41 cats at any one time for special care or requiring medical assistance. In addition, we are the only low cost dental facility in the counties we serve. With the support and guidance of management and the volunteer Board of Directors of Animal Outreach, we instituted a free community cat spay/neuter day for residents of El Dorado County. This program focuses on feral, semi-feral, and abandoned cats that are so prevalent in the rural counties. This speaks directly to our mission of reducing the unwanted pet population and stabilizing the population of community cats without government funding. We realize no single program can achieve our goals but being a successful no kill facility is only one of our goals and requires that we use every tool at our command. We are using our leadership as one of the tools to influence, educate, and recruit everyone we come into on a daily basis. To continue to be fiscally responsible, we have developed our own data program over the last ten years that surpasses most commercially available programs. Our system tracks important data points of both rescued and public animals visiting our facility. Harnessing this information, we can make important health decisions quickly. Our Board of Directors is made up of new members who possess the energy, talent, and knowledge on how to make Animal Outreach a fiscally responsible organization that can continue to meet our goals and continue to offer low cost services to the surrounding community. We are committed to our goals of education, providing a safe haven for our shelter and foster animals until adopted and assisting new and existing pet owners on responsible pert ownership. We are making and will continue to make a significant contribution to the responsible treatment of animals and reduction of unwanted and mistreated pets in our society. Why not join us? We have high expectations for our organization and could use your help to guarantee that those expectations are always met. David Bailey Executive Director Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode
-- David Bailey, Executive Director