Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation

Our mission is to provide assistance for life-saving diagnostic testing, patient advocacy, prevention education and compassionate support to local individuals facing or fighting breast cancer.

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Address: 1851 Heritage Lane, Suite 299
Sacramento, CA 95815
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Cindy Love
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-927-1592
Fax: 916-927-1508
Albie Aware, Inc. (also known as the Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation and promoted through its "I'll be Aware" mantra) was founded in memory of Albie Carson who died of breast cancer in July, 2002. Despite Albie's vigilance with post treatment follow-up, she was not referred to additional available screening modalities which would have indicated if cancer had spread to her bones. In April of 2002, she received the "all clear" at her regular doctor visit, however, when she experienced the swelling of her eye in May, she visited her ophthalmologist. After testing, it was found that her breast cancer had metastasized to her bones and brain. Though immediate treatment was sought, sadly Albie passed away within six weeks. Albie's husband, Doug Carson, created the foundation to hopefully save the lives of other women by assisting with education and testing, things he felt were missing in Albie's treatment. Because Albie was a realtor in the Sacramento area, the original intent was to serve others in the real estate profession. As time passed, Doug, and those who supported the organization, soon realized that the services were needed by the general community, and so the mission was expanded. A board of directors was formed and Albie Aware, Inc. was granted 501(c) 3-tax exempt status in December of 2005. In order to fulfill its mission, Albie Aware does a variety of things. Diagnostic testing, such as a mammogram or biopsy, is provided for those lacking insurance or those that are under-insured. Breast health education classes are held throughout the area. In addition, in order to save more lives, Albie Aware advocates for PET (Positron Emission Tomography) Scans to assist physicians prior to surgery so that the exact location of the cancer can be identified, when in question, and then again as a follow-up to determine if all of the cancer treatment has been successful. Because not all insurance companies will cover these tests, Albie Aware will pay for them or assist with the patient's copay. Another vital part of the mission is support. Having someone to listen, to head the person in the right direction, to even go along to a doctor's visit....all of these are part of what patients experience with Albie Aware. The goal is to empower people. "I'll be Aware" so that cancer can be diagnosed early and handled in a proactive and positive manner and lives can be saved.
The five most pressing needs: Funds to pay for testing for the underserved and under-insured in our 9 county area. (Mammograms, Biopsies, MRIs, PET Scans and Ultrasounds) and Funds to assist with co-pay assistance and client advocacy. Volunteers to be trained to conduct Breast Health Classes and community liaison training. Volunteers to assist with fundraising activities. Gifts to be donated for raffle and silent auction. Companies to sponsor events and programs.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Unrestricted - Funding to pay for testing (mammogrrams, biospies, MRIs, Ultrasounds, PET Scans)
  2. Funding: Program - Funding to pay for co-pay assistance and client advocacy
  3. Volunteers - Volunteers to be trained to conduct breast health classes
  4. Space: Office or Other - Additional office space for growing staff
  5. In-Kind Donations - Donations of computers, office furniture
Albie Aware does something no other organization does. By assisting low-income and under-insured men and women in our community to pay for needed tests, Albie Aware can meet a need that exists but is covered by no other organization. Simply put, standard tests may not detect breast cancer and prescribing more thorough, expensive diagnostic tests is often not medical protocol, not covered by insurance and can be cost-prohibitive to many patients, putting far too many at risk for recurrence. Whether it's a 3-D mammogram screening or a test that aids physicians in identifying tumors, Albie Aware will pay for the full amount or the co-pay for those who are insured but cannot afford the cost. The organization looks at each financial situation individually and does its best to get patients the proper life-saving care. In addition, Albie Aware is an advocate and opens the door to resources for people diagnosed with breast cancer. Sometimes people who have just been diagnosed are overwhelmed and need someone to listen, someone to review options with them and, at times, someone to go to appointments and be that extra set of ears to hear about the road ahead. Albie Aware is there to do just that. Sincerely, Cindy Love Executive Diredtor Albie Aware, Inc.