A Day in the Life Project, Inc.

The mission of A Day in the Life Project, Inc. is to empower, highlight, and encourage youth, teens, and communities that are underserved and at-risk through the art of photography. This is accomplished by bringing youth, teens, volunteers, supporters, student photographers, and professional photographers from outside of an area together with a community that is in need of shattering stereotypes and would not typically receive recognition.

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Address: 93 Booth Way c/o Maria Dickerson
Elk Grove, CA 95758
County or Parish: Sacramento
Primary NTEE: Youth Development 
Sub NTEE: Youth Development Programs 
Executive Director: Maria Dickerson
Contact Email: maria@adayinthelifeproject.org
Primary Phone: 916-705-7106
Website: http://www.adayinthelifeproject.org
A Day in the Life Project was first photographed in 2004. We brought together over 100 photography students from area elementary and high schools, community college and state university photography departments, and members of the community to photographically document the economic, educational and cultural transformation occurring in Sacramento's oldest suburb - the currently challenged Oak Park neighborhood. The diversity and richness was captured in more than 10,000 images, with nearly seventy of the best images being edited by a team of photographers from Sacramento's main newspaper, the Sacramento Bee, and were then displayed for an art gallery exhibition at current Mayor of Sacramento and former NBA player, Kevin Johnson's 40 Acres Art Gallery. We have since gained quite a momentum for A Day in the Life Project. We have planned larger, annual A Day in the Life Projects that have experienced up to 1,000 participants photographing selected neighborhoods in need, on one chosen day, to include taking it out of California - to Detroit. We are also a listed arts experience selection for Mayor Kevin Johnson's citywide arts initiative, For Arts Sake - Any Given Child. Through Any Given Child offered by the Kennedy Center, we are offered in four school districts of the Sacramento Area for single day, shorter events. We are also working in two after-school programs in economically challenged communities and go in on a weekly basis to work with students through the literacy through the art of photography. A Day in the Life Project also has a Give a Kid a Camera division, that specifically works with seriously ill youth, their siblings, and other family members to photographically document their treatment and hopeful recovery through literacy and photography on a long-term basis. This division has recently taken place in partnership with Ronald McDonald House and has documented the stay of a set of 11 year old twins and their mother while one twin undergoes a bone marrow transplant for Leukemia while the other twin tells their story of the 4 month stay as residents of the Ronald McDonald House and beyond.

Our top needs:
  1. In-Kind Donations - Exhibiting materials and Expenses (measurement software)
  2. Technology - Digital camera's, accessories and lighting equipment New Laptop Computers and software (including an IPads) GoPros and Video Equipment and accessories and software
  3. Volunteers - Volunteers
Art is known to boost self-confidence, and express creativity while causing critical thinking and processing to come to a desired outcome. A Day in the Life Project encourages and utilizes this vein through the art of photography while incorporating literacy. In addition to being able to creatively process ideas and thoughts, individuals are empowered to exercise creative problem solving and "thinking outside of the box" to come up with original ideas, products and solutions that will be advantageous in higher learning as well as advanced employment opportunities. Today's children live in an economy where a high school diploma is absolutely necessary and a college degree advantageous for successful adaptation to our technological economy. It is imperative to address the needs of at-risk and under-served youth while encouraging opportunities for advancement because it is critical for them to compete with their peers. A Day in the Life Project recognizes that many youth are challenged and thus attempts to work youth regardless of their household economics - giving all an equal opportunity for advancement and success.Use of advanced technology tuning into the interests of many youth of today - digital photography, videography. A Day in the Life Project feels strongly about practicing and enforcing our adopted mission for our large community projects. We also work with youth in four Sacramento school districts and their regular academic schedule through current Sacramento Mayor, Kevin Johnson's, For Arts Sake Initiative under The Kennedy Center's Any Given Child program. We serve as an offering of an Art's experience to thousands of youth. The A Day in the Life Project - Give a Kid a Camera Division works with youth, siblings, and families affected by life-threatening health situations. While currently partnering with Ronald McDonald House, this division allows youth to photographically document long-term experiences documenting treatment and recovery while at the hospital, residing at Ronald McDonald House's, and post-recovery. A Day in the Life Project proudly gives youth a voice and a way to express themselves through the art of photography and literacy.