Shakti Rising

Shakti Rising is a social change organization transforming the lives of women, girls, and community. We cultivate health and leadership of women and girls to use personal transformation as a catalyst for positive change in families and communities. We promote community well-being by creating woman and child friendly societies that are safe, healthy, vibrant, diverse, sustainable, and culturally alive. Our mission is to empower women to uncover, rediscover, and reclaim their whole selves.

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Address: PO Box 5655
San Diego, CA 92165
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Shannon Thompson
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 619-795-2673
"Surrender to the home you've found; light the fire, feel the ground…" -- Lyrics from Queen of Wands, written by Apprentices of Shakti Rising's Transformational Recovery Program

Shakti Rising informally began in 1997, when the Founder and Visionary Director, Shannon Thompson, began providing mentoring and informal individual and group counseling to young women with histories of addiction, abuse, depression, and self-destructive behaviors. From having worked in traditional recovery settings, Shannon saw that these women were being misrepresented and underserved through conventional programs. She went on to develop Shakti Rising's woman-centered model to fill this gap in treatment by creating a recovery program that addresses the complex layers of problems that result from childhood abuse, trauma, and dysfunctional family structures. Shakti Rising received its non-profit status in 1999 and now has five formal regions across the country transforming communities through its recovery, education, and leadership development services.

In 2013, Shakti Rising began offering services and classes in Sacramento, leading us in April 2018 to open the first Shakti Rising Leadership House, named Casa Luna y Lobos in Midtown. Casa Luna offers the full range of Shakti classes, a women's housing cooperative, and is home to a residential leadership immersion program. This was followed later that year by the opening of the first Northern California Transformational Recovery home, which now houses nine apprentices.

What started as a personal siren song from the ancients has become a worldwide contemporary movement. Since its inception, Shakti Rising has supported, mentored, and fostered thousands of women, girls and women-led organizations with feminine practices, approaches and systems, alchemical transformation, and leadership development.
Shakti Rising has transformed the lives of women and girls and the community since 1997. In 2009, we expanded services from our San Diego home base, into Northern California, bringing our unique and highly successful programs first into the Bay Area, and then into the Sacramento region. We have built capacity, trained teachers and grown community in Sacramento/Davis for the past five years, and in 2018 opened the Shakti Rising Leadership House, followed soon after by the opening of a second home for the Transformational Recover program. These roots, well nurtured, are bringing forth the full bloom of our vision for the Sacramento region as the leadership development hub of the organization, serving women through our whole-person leadership education model. We are thrilled and grateful for you to join us in cultivating this vision. Our top needs: 1. Funding: Unrestricted - In 2018, in part due to the support of Big Day of Giving Donors, we were able to greatly expand all of our programs to better serve vulnerable women and girls in this region. Unrestricted funding will allow us to be nimble in how we serve the larger community as needs arise, hire much needed program staff, and serve a more diverse population. 2. Funding: Program - Shakti Rising is fostering social change by offering innovative education and leadership programs through Shakti Feminine University (SFU). SFU classes and workshops are built on an educational foundation that cultivates self-aware and socially conscious women leaders who wholeheartedly accept the responsibility and power of being agents of transformation. Ultimately, the goal of SFU is to create 21st Century leaders who can foster healthy, vibrant, interdependent communities that are sustainable and adaptable, creatively and effectively engaging the resources present in our communities and in society at large. Donations to this program will go to support upgrades in our essential technology; outreach capacity; teacher stipends and training; and making this work accessible through free community services and scholarships. 3. Funding: Program - A crucial ingredient in the kind of society Shakti Rising is working to build, and the social change we are enacting, is the leadership of women. Through our Alchemical Leadership program, we steward individualized and community leadership through multiple avenues, including a residential leadership immersion, leadership coaching, and a robust volunteer training program. Donations to this program will go to support upgrades in our essential technology; outreach capacity; volunteer training; and making this work accessible through free community services and scholarships. 4. Volunteers - Volunteers are the seeds that grow this work of transformation in the many communities in which Shakti Rising is planted. Volunteers receive signature leadership training, and their specific gifts are cultivated for the mutual benefit of the volunteers and the organization. 5. In-Kind Donations - Shakti Rising is growing! We see the garden as an essential component to a thriving community, and as a central piece of our therapeutic model. Our vision includes expanding the ways our gardens serve as points of learning, community, and healing. Over the next year we will expand our existing permacutlure gardens into a robust food forest, a community garden that is accessible to the public, adding a medicinal herb garden, and a meditation garden. In-kind donations of garden tools, plants, compost, mulch, and other garden supplies will support this growth.
"Imagine, for a moment, this world:
Every woman is viewed as whole and possessing the inherent capacity to lead.
Leadership cultivation begins with empowering women to lead their own lives by living authentically.
A multitude of safe, supportive environments exist for women to practice and share leadership learning.
Because it is strengths based, all women know they have unique contributions and simply do it.
Women's leadership is known as necessary to the health of communal life, and is everywhere.
Imagine that this vision is possible, desirable and, in other words, the new norm.

In Shakti we believe, and know to be true, that every person who walks through our doors whether they are in our transformational recovery program, a student, volunteer, donor, etc. is a leader. We are committed to cultivating 21st century leaders that are heart centered, passionate, creative, intuitive, understand that we all have capacity to contribute, and that we need one another -- in other words -- community to do the big work. Our approach to leadership is focused on unleashing the inherent leadership potential; building capacity, knowledge and skills through direct experience of the Shakti model, approach, and curriculum. We do this by focusing on empowering women to lead from the feminine in all aspects of their lives.

You have to be prepared for the revolution that will take place inside of yourself when you commit to being the leader you were always meant to be. We all can have and be a part of this radical change if we are willing. The greatest challenge, and greatest honor is being called a leader. To be a leader not because you've taken a role, an assigned position, but because you have inspired other people to lead and lead people into something that they can't even conceive of yet, but believe they can achieve it. It is a great legacy."

In Gratitude and Connection,
Shannon Thompson
Founder, Visionary Director
Shakti Rising
-- Shannon Thompson, Founder, Visionary Director