Sacramento Valley Chorus

To INSPIRE women of all ages to experience the joy of singing four part A cappella harmony
To EXCITE audiences with high energy, entertaining performances
To EDUCATE the membership and the community about barbershop singing as an art form

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Address: PO Box 601912
Sacramento California, CA 95860
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Dede Nibler
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 925-212-5061
Sacramento Valley Chorus has a history and reputation for continuous improvement that produces a quality arts program for members and the community year after year. In order to stay committed to singing and performing at the highest level possible, we compete each year in a regional contest. SVC has medaled (top three) twenty-four times in the past thirty-eight years. The chorus has qualified for Sweet Adelines International (SAI) Competition In 1989, 2015 and 2017. In 2017, we placed fourteenth out of thirty-four international competitors placing SVC in the Top Fifteen SAI choruses worldwide (out of over 600 choruses). Our goal is to top our last performance by qualifying to compete in the finals in 2019.
It's an ongoing challenge to develop a revenue stream other than member dues. Operating costs continue to rise, as do expenses for artistic personnel, rehearsal space, performances and community programs.

Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Unrestricted - Good musical arrangements are an important part of the barbershop art form. Costs have tripled in this area due to changes in copyright requirements. The average cost for one song is $300.
  2. Funding: Unrestricted - In order to compete at the International level, SVC needs to hire international level coaches, meet travel related expenses, and costuming needs. Coaching fees run at an estimated $7,500 per year.
  3. Funding: Program - Young Women in Harmony is a philanthropic youth outreach program we support in the Sacramento Area. Donations and sponsorships help defray costs for providing services to young singers in our region. This includes providing scholarships for young women to attend Mountain Harmony Camp.
  4. Funding: Program - Angel Fund: This fund is available to help chorus members who are having financial difficulties.
  5. Funding: Other - Expanded Donor Base: We need help finding and keeping donors willing to support the arts by donating to Sacramento Valley Chorus. Increased donations will aid us in keeping membership dues affordable, and will support the educational programs offered to members and the community.
Do you love music? Well then I have some great news for you! You can become a Patron of the Arts, and help preserve a uniquely American art form, barbershop singing! The Sacramento Valley Chorus (SVC) is a chapter of Sweet Adelines International (SAI), a non-profit educational organization. SAI members extend over five continents and belong to more than 600 choruses and 1,200 quartets. All of the choruses are arranged in regional groups and compete in regional competitions with the goal of being invited to compete at the international level. SVC is part of SAI Pacific Shores Region Twelve, which includes Southern Oregon, Northern California and Nevada. SAI choruses and quartets sing exciting a cappella, four-part harmony music, barbershop style. Our music includes special arrangements of today's ballads, classic songs, popular show tunes and mainstream music. SVC is an award-winning chorus composed of a diverse group of women who provide the community with exciting, quality entertainment. We pride ourselves on changing the lives of women of all ages and walks of life by providing the opportunity for personal growth, education, and fellowship while continuing to strive for musical excellence, in our uniquely American musical art form. SVC also supports Young Women in Harmony (YWIH) for young women ages 13-24. Each fall, SVC provides scholarships for local girls to attend Region Twelve's Mountain Harmony Camp. We have recently begun a partnership with local Girl Scouts to help Scouts earn the "Harmony Badge" developed by SAI and Girl Scouts of America. It is a wonderful opportunity for young women to sing some great music, and learn more about good vocal production, teamwork, and showmanship. We would like to extend our thanks for your interest in Sacramento Valley Chorus. With your help we can pass this great art form on to the next generation. In harmony, Maxine Verma Management Team Coordinator
-- Maxine Verma-Team Coordinator