Neighborhood Wellness Foundation

The Neighborhood Wellness Foundation's mission is to empower neighborhood residents to manage their socioeconomic challenges and build self-efficacy through health and wellness programs that promote access and education.

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Address: 3490 Astoria Street
Sacramento, CA 95838-4049
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Gina Warren
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-335-8818
The Neighborhood Wellness Foundation (NWF) was founded in 2015 with the purpose of promoting health and wellness in North Sacramento's urban Del Paso Heights and surrounding neighborhoods. Although it has only been three years, the depth of NWF core work is based on decades of experience. NWF is grassroots work. We focus directly and purposefully on the neighborhood residents to ensure our pragmatic approach with programs and services address the root causes of our socioeconomic challenges. We review Sacramento County Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) reports and we listen to the community narrative. The CHNA reports offer the quantitative insight into the persisting inequities of our neighborhood which are characterized by low educational attainment, high unemployment, high poverty, and poor access to health care.

When we listen to the real life stories of the children, the teenager, the mother, the father, and the entire family, we feel the enormity of their daily life struggles, their resilience to survive and their desire to flourish amidst their monumental socioeconomic inequities. In listening, we learn of the neighborhood history and the generational triumphs and tribulations. We learn of the multitude of resources needed, including the intangible self-esteem, self-efficacy, work and school readiness, conflict resolution and hope none of which are captured in quantitative data. Most importantly, we are reminded how critical it is to bring awareness and resources to address the unspoken and deeply rooted complexities of unresolved childhood and adult trauma that continuously impacts our community's spirit, hope, growth and development.
NWF leadership works voluntarily and we pride ourselves on the authenticity and proficiency of our work to ensure all resources reach the needs of our neighborhood residents. They deserve to grow up and live in a healthy environment-socially, emotionally, physically, scholastically, and economically. We partner and collaborate with all who share our mission. This includes small businesses in our community as well as outside businesses, neighborhood community-based organizations, and other non-profits who serve our residents. We provide resource stipends to men and women from the community to bring a grassroots perspective and an unmatched approach to effective outreach for our initiatives and our services. We empower these community ambassadors and they in turn create a wider safety net for the broader community. We ensure all NWF donations significantly contribute to the health and wellness of our neighborhood residents.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - $25,000: Help provide support for our SISTER TO SISTER MENTORING PROGRAM $7,680: We need funds to offer lunches to the 60-70 girls participating at our weekly mentoring session. $6,300: We are requesting donations for outdoor educational filed trips to a movie or to a museum three times per year. $420/month or $5,040/year: For our adult mentoring program we provide lunch or dinner for approximately 50-60 women at our monthly discussions. $2,800/year: On special occasions, Christmas and Valentines, we would like to provide them with a gift of $20 per girl. $1,180: Funds are needed to purchase feminine products and basic hygiene necessities the girls need but cannot afford. $2,000: For program materials and incidentals.
  2. Funding: Program - $69,000: BROTHER TO BROTHER is an important neighborhood at risk and high risk mentoring program. Help us support small stipends to ex-offenders and former gang members who are actively engaged in restorative community service through civic engagement and is an effective crisis response team dedicated to curbing gun violence in our neighborhood. Funds are needed to assist them in career development, job readiness, trauma healing classes and educational field trips. We would like to expand the program to include mentoring of high risk youth. $48,000: For stipends. $7,600: For Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and adult trauma healing activities including fitness, art and music. $6,000: For youth program expansion and engagement. $5,000: For career development and job readiness, $200 per person for 25 participants. $2,400/year: To develop and document on all civic engagement services.
  3. In-Kind Donations - Prom Dress Promise requests donations of prom dresses, shoes, gift cards to nail shop, gift cards for volunteers, gift cards or lunch for the participants and volunteers.
  4. In-Kind Donations - Christmas with Neighbors donations of new or gently used clothes, toys, home goods, blankets, sleeping bags, breakfast foods: pancake mix, syrup, eggs and sausages, table decorations, Christmas candy, stockings, breakfast paper products, electric griddles (one time donation).
  5. Funding: Unrestricted - $4,000: Neighborhood Wellness Foundation often receives various requests for basic necessities from our neighborhood residents; help us meet unexpected family needs. Support us in developing in resource materials for residents, transportation to educational/developmental events, gift certificates to guest speakers, and food for volunteers at events.
"I believe all lives are worth saving. I encourage us to recognize the correlation of unspoken and unaddressed generational Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and Trauma with social and emotional inequities in our neighborhoods. NWF is guided by the voices of our community, the real life stories and supported by the community health needs assessment data. We will direct resources and build partnerships to address the root causes of the social determinants impacting the overall health of our 95838 community and surrounding neighborhoods. We will connect resources to address low educational attainment, low skill development, unemployment, and poor quality health care awareness and knowledge. Last and most defining, we will connect services to address adverse childhood experiences and trauma. We will be the catalyst for connection to necessary services in our community because access to resources strengthens and empowers. Any community that is equipped with invaluable resources that address all social determinants of health has the ability to self-manage and thrive. We want to eliminate the constant crisis management in the lives of our 95838 community and surrounding neighborhoods. We need and deserve the best of life. Our Foundation will be effective when all willing participants stay focused and determined to work tirelessly together and witness our neighborhoods become emotionally and socioeconomically strong and healthy." Dr. Gina Warren Executive Director Neighborhood Wellness Foundation