INALLIANCE believes that people with developmental disabilities have an absolute right and responsibility to participate fully and equally in society and to maximize their own quality of life.

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Address: 6950 21st Ave
Sacramento, CA 95820
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Andrea Croom
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-381-1300
In 1952 a group of parents seeking to enrich the lives of their children with developmental disabilities founded a day program. By 1980 a sheltered workshop was established that offered sub-minimum wage and piece rate, in-house jobs. Within two years the need for employment placements grew from 70 individuals to 200 and counting. The leadership asked participants how INALLIANCE could better serve their needs and the response was overwhelming; they wanted to be supported in community-based jobs. By 1984 over 200 participants were transitioned to integrated employment opportunities. INALLIANCE has continued to grow its programs and service area based on the needs and desired of its participants and families. We have offices in Sacramento, Placerville and Wheatland, offering supported living, supported employment and community training services to adults with disabilities.
INALLIANCE supports adults with developmental disabilities to live and work as independently as possible in the community. Our community-based programs are in high demand, but we need ongoing support to continue providing the quality of support INALLIANCE is known for. Your support helps to facilitate person-centered supports to over five hundred adults with developmental disabilities to take their rightful place in the community as contributing members of society. Our top needs: 1. Board Members - The Board Development Committee of INALLIANCE is more committed than ever to recruiting new Board members. We're looking for candidates with strong ties to housing and employment- our participants' greatest need. 2. Other - Please Describe - INALLIANCE is always looking to build more community partners. Curious employers and community organizations please don't hesitate to ask how you can get involved! Contact us at 3. Technology - To meet the new federal standards, we will need improved technological abilities. 4. Furniture - Thinking about moving? Donations of gently used furniture make a house a home. 5. Funding: Unrestricted - As a reputable non-profit the majority of our income goes directly to services supports, in the form of direct support staff wages, but with the minimum wage increases hitting our budgets hard- funding for other areas will be pinched for years to come. We are in need of improvements to our facilities, transportation alternatives for staff and participants, on-going staff development, and adaptive supports for successful outcomes!
As INALLIANCE begins its 67th year of service to Northern California, I pause to reflect on the contributions of the many families, participants, community businesses, our dedicated staff, and volunteer Board members who have shared a vision for full community inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. The early "sheltered" workshop, started by volunteer families in 1952, acknowledged the capacity and need for their sons and daughters to perform productive work. In retrospect, it was a segregated place. In reality, in the year 1952, this community work center was an innovative approach, and for many participants, it was the first time they were acknowledged as adults who could do real work and earn a real paycheck. The door was opened. These early participants were the true visionaries who let us know that they wanted more access to adult rights and privileges, in the communities where their brothers, sisters and friends lived and worked.

And so INALLIANCE began its thirty-year development of those community-based services that eventually closed our segregated sites. Our influence has been the crafting of supports that enable these contributing community members to live, work and volunteer in their rightful place. We remain grateful to our families, participants, community businesses, staff and Board to whom we promise to always listen to those we serve and to remain focused on their vision of full inclusion in our community.

-- Andrea Croom, MPA, Executive Director