Future Sacramento

Future Sacramento provides volunteer mentoring and scholarship funding to local financially qualified students in support of their college education.

Future Sacramento helps low-income 10th grade students from at-risk schools/homes gain admission to college and become first-generation college graduates.

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Address: 425 University Ave, #210
Sacramento, CA 95825
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Elizabeth Marlow
Contact Email: info@futurefoundationsacramento.org
Primary Phone: 916-241-9876
Website: http://www.futuresacramento.org
Beyond a one-time gift for the first year of college - Future Sacramento is a robust five-year resource backed scholarship that creates a long-term connection with each scholarship recipient. We empower our students with necessary resources of long-term mentoring, customized awards, renewable funding, and financial aid advocacy. Our resource filled approach makes the Future Sacramento scholarship more effective.

The simple fear of not knowing how to pay for college could discourage any student, halting them from continuing on a track to college admission. We accept students early in high school to remove the fear of how to pay for college and instill confidence to continue towards the goal of a college degree.

First-generation college students have more than the financial burden of college. The numerous obstacles they face could derail them from achieving college success even begin their first day of class. Their challenges can include obligations to support their family, limited advanced academic opportunities in high school, absence of college-graduate role models, and lacking cultural awareness of what is required to access college.

Future Sacramento seeks students who are the "diamonds in the rough," recognizing both exceptional potential and disadvantaged challenges in students who are committed to achieve but do not have the necessary money or guidance to get to college.
Since 2012, Future Sacramento has received over 1,000 applications from Sacramento-area students who met criteria for academic achievement, low-income, and first-generation college student status. Our top needs: 1. Funding: Program - Local students need access to scholarships. Our first priority is funding for college scholarships. 2. Funding: Unrestricted - Funding for college mentoring and financial aid advocacy services. 3. Volunteers - Volunteers needed for student mentoring and program support. 4. Space: Office or Other - We welcome donated space for our student meetings and events. 5. Board Members - Contact us if you are interested in being involved on our board or a committee.
"First-generation college students blaze a new path, charging forward without role models in their family who can guide them. Future Sacramento scholars are achieving their college dreams because of program support and their tenacity to overcome obstacles. We are inspired by their exceptional perseverance and celebrate the successes they achieve on their journey."
Elizabeth Marlow
Future Sacramento Executive Director

"One of the most rewarding aspects of this program is seeing our students succeed through their own maturation process from high school through college graduation. We meet our candidates as 10th grade students during an in-person interview. We receive confirmation of the benefits of our mentoring and scholarship when we hear our students present about their college experiences at our annual Grant Napear 'Fairway to the Future' golf tournament and other special meetings. It is remarkable to support these students for seven years, watching them become more effective communicators and achieve their degrees."
Michael Anderson
Future Sacramento Board President
-- Elizabeth Marlow, Future Sacramento Executive Director and Michael Anderson, Future Sacramento Board President