Front Street Animal Shelter

Our purpose is to assist the Front Street Animal Shelter in achieving their mission of saving the lives of all stray, abandoned and abused animals that come through their doors. We do this by raising private resources to support the many needs, programs and activities required to care for and find loving forever homes for the animals and getting owned animals back home where they belong.

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Address: PO Box 22214
Sacramento, CA 95822
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Kirsten Dubray
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-808-8333
Organized in 2001, the Friends of Front Street Shelter is a 501c3 organization dedicated to saving animal lives in Sacramento. We are proud to work in partnership with the Front Street Animal Shelter and assist them in their mission to save lives. Donation dollars provide advanced medical care for sick or injured animals, sustain the foster and rescue program while supporting programs and events that increase adoptions.
Each year thousands of animals enter the sheltering system, in need of new homes or help being reunited with their families. Friends of Front Street Shelter works directly with the Front Street Shelter to support this mission. Donations provide advanced medical care for injured or sick animals; sustain and support the foster/rescue program to save at-risk animals and underage animals; increase adoptions and help animals find permanent loving homes; provide support for the community cat program; support everything about the Front Street Shelter that ensures the animals in their care are healthy and provided with enrichment during their stay. Our top needs: 1. Funding: Program - Medical Care: This category can range from basic vaccines and spay/neuter service to advanced medical care such as orthopedic surgery. Many of the animals entering a municipal shelter are sick and injured. An open intake facility cannot turn away animals, thus we often see those in dire need, often in deplorable condition. Additionally, Front Street also cares for investigation cases in which an animal is severely abused, neglected or injured. These animals deserve our help even more so. In order to increase life saving results, donations are critical. The shelter's General Fund does not afford advanced veterinary care. Through our work and community donations, far more animals are able to receive necessary care before finding new homes. 2. Funding: Program - Foster and Rescue program: Annually, the Front Street Animal Shelter places 4500 animals in foster homes. Typically, all animals under the age of 8 weeks are immediately moved to foster care. This program covers all associated costs for food, supplies, medical care and occasional behavior support. We rely heavily on community volunteers to help us care for the under age, sick and timid animals to prepare them for adoption. 3. Funding: Program - Adoptions: A vibrant adoption program is critical to increasing lifesaving. The Front Street Animal Shelter adopts out nearly 5000 companion animals annually. Preparing an animal for adoption includes a variety of needs with significant associated costs. In addition to vetting the animals, Friends supports approximately 150 offsite community and adoption events each year. Our primary goal is the get pets back home to their families where they belong, but when that is not possible or appropriate, adoptions into new homes is a priority. 4. Funding: Program - Behavior and Enrichment: By providing rehabilitative care to animals that may be timid, suffering from extreme fear, lack of socialization, we are able to place animals that previously was not possible. Investing in those animals to give them the best chance possible is the foundation of supporting behavior and enrichment. 5. Funding: Program - Animal Marketing and Community Outreach: A very small portion of our fundraising efforts are invested in paid marketing, but only when absolutely necessary. We utilize as many free platforms as possible to spread the message about shelter pets. The Front Street Shelter has a powerful social media reach and we are committed to utilizing our fundraising dollars for things that directly support the animals in our care. Additionally, we have a vibrant volunteer program that supports our shelter while engaging with a multitude of community members. Donations assist us in maintaining both efforts.
The Friends of Front Street Shelter is an organization staffed by volunteers with the sole purpose of improving the lives of animals at the City of Sacramento's Front Street Animal Shelter. Through outreach and fundraising we have helped guide our local municipal shelter to become a regional leader in life saving. With over 10,000 animals entering the shelter annually, we provide financial support to assist with medical care (sterilization, amputations, disease control) behavioral modification and community outreach. As Board President, I am thankful to be a part of The Friends of Front Street Shelter's mission. Together as a community we will continue to make progress and save more animals than ever.
Kirsten DuBray
Board President, The Friends of Front Street Shelter

-- Kirsten Dubray - Board President, The Friends of Front Street Shelter