Chicks in Crisis

Chicks in Crisis reaches out to teens, young women, and current and emancipated foster youth who are pregnant, parenting, or at-risk, helping them to become responsible parents and leaders in our community. We create a foster-free future by helping them make positive choices in a non-judgmental environment. We help to keep these girls and their children off of the streets and out of sex trafficking, and break the cycle of hopelessness and neglect.

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Address: 9455 East Stockton Blvd
Elk Grove, CA 95624
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Inez Whitlow
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-441-1243
Chicks in Crisis was established 20 years ago with a simple mission: to reduce the number of infants and children in the Sacramento region facing abandonment, foster care, abuse, or even death, by helping them to grow up in a home with family and love to every child. Today, working with more than 315 clients each month, primarily in South Sacramento and Elk Grove, Chicks in Crisis:
- Ensures that pregnant women and babies get the pre- and post-natal care that they need, including driving them to doctor appointments and assisting them to sign up for Medi-Cal and access other healthcare.
- Increases the number of parenting teens, foster youth, and other at-risk students graduating high school. Last spring, we celebrated 15 young women who have continued to college!
- Helps to keep girls out of sexual exploitation by offering alternatives, positive relationships, baby supplies, and most of all hope.
- Provides counseling to dozens of clients who suffer from traumatic pasts, conducted by a licensed trauma psychologist and graduate student interns.
- Teaches good health and nutrition and gives fresh produce to young parents and other teens, including workshops on healthy food shopping and cooking family meals.
- Maintains family size through education that emphasizes the importance of taking care of the first child before having another.
- Offers workshops for pregnant and parenting youth in nine high schools, the Core Medical Clinic, and with Planned Parenthood's Teen Success program.
- Gives away tens of thousands of diapers, wipes, formula, and other infant/child items each year to young parents, meaning that parents do not have to leave school in order to afford them.
- Builds nurturing relationships with young women and men who often lack family support.
When you give to Chicks in Crisis:
$25 will buy a tank of gas to transport a pregnant young woman to prenatal doctor appointments and a nutritional meal.
$40 will purchase a case of diapers and wipes for a new parent in need.
$50 will provide needed gardening supplies that will give local foster youth the chance to learn about farming and nature at The Ranch.
$100 will buy school supplies for a young mom who is in high school or starting college classes to make a better life for herself and her child.
$250 pays for a Teen Parenting class at a local high school, covering topics such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, nutrition, life skills and more.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - Health care and support for at-risk pregnant teens and young women.
  2. Funding: Program - Workshops teaching parenting, pregnancy, nutrition, child development, and life skills to pregnant and parenting teens on campus at area high schools and the Ranch.
  3. Funding: Program - Trauma counseling for women and girls in crisis.
  4. Volunteers - Assistance with tending our Healing Garden, large vegetable garden, the clothes closet and maintenance at The Ranch.
  5. In-Kind Donations - Diapers, wipes, and formula - a lifeline for young parents, alleviating pressure to leave school to earn money.
"While their young mother busily selects school supplies and clean clothes and places them into several new backpacks, three excited children run across the barnyard and sample freshly picked vegetables from the lush garden nearby. Afterward, the mom tells helpful volunteer nurses that she hasn't seen her kids laugh and smile like this in months. The family has been living in a motel and eating fast food since they lost their home. This is just one of the stories that have happened just since The Chicks in Crisis Ranch opened with a community celebration in June 2015. The Ranch - a former working farm in the midst of suburban Elk Grove - has quickly become an urban oasis and safe haven for girls and young women in crisis, many of whom are low-income, pregnant, and parenting, in the foster care system, homeless, sex trafficking victims, and/or recovering from recent addictions and abusive relationships. At the same time, the larger community has embraced it as a treasured resource, providing thousands of hours of volunteer work and hundreds of thousands of dollars in donated materials to turn The Ranch from a dilapidated, overrun property into a colorful and abundant place of healing. Chicks in Crisis has become widely known throughout the Greater Sacramento area as a leading organization to contact for girls and young women in crisis. We work closely with Child Protective Services, hospitals, and foster care social workers to meet their clients' needs. Ours is the most distributed number of Sacramento 2-1-1 callers looking for baby supplies in the area. Client referrals come from many local doctors' offices and other community service providers. We work closely with many agencies and mutually refer with others, including Wind Youth Services, the Coalition Against Sexual Harm, and Courage Worldwide, to cross-refer and ensure that homeless youth and victims of sex trafficking receive the services that they need. We were recently selected by the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office to become a partner in the Sacramento Regional Family Justice Center, enabling us to offer pro-bono legal services at The Ranch. CiC also works with the County's Alternative Sentencing program, in which the court appoints community service hours instead of fines or jail time to traffic offenders. During 2017, Chicks in Crisis: - Served more than 3,800 households - an average of 317 each month! 1,892 were children. - Distributed more than 28,651 diapers; 51,568 wipes; 32,109 items of clothing; and 303 cans of formula to parents in need - more than double the numbers from last year. - Taught more than 24 cooking classes for teen parents on how to cook healthy food for their families using their WIC Vouchers, including giving them their very own crockpots and other kitchen items to get them started and motivated to begin their own cooking journey! - Offered workshops for pregnant and parenting youth in nine high schools and other sites. - Worked with the Sacramento Police Department, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office, the Sacramento County District Attorney, Community Against Sexual Harm, and City of Refuge to keep girls out of the sex trade or prostitution by offering alternatives, positive relationships, baby supplies, and most of all hope. - Supported families in need from all around Sacramento County, plus West Sacramento and Stockton" Inez Whitlow Executive Director Chicks in Crisis