California Homebuilding Foundation

The California Homebuilding Foundation (CHF) is the industry's catalyst for producing scholarships, funding pertinent research studies, and supporting educational programs. Our mission is to provide students in homebuilding the opportunity to explore their potential and recognize the industry leaders who have already reached theirs. (CHF) is a 501(c)3 organization.

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Address: 1215 K St., Suite 1200
Sacramento, CA 95814
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Terri Brunson
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-340-3340 x1
Fax: 866-202-6185
The Foundation, its staff, board of trustees, benefactors, and affiliates all work to fulfill our vision of creating a vibrant, thriving homebuilding industry in California.
The Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA) program is 4-year high school construction trades program provided by the California Homebuilding Foundation (CHF). BITA is an inclusive program for students of all ethnicity, genders, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses, the BITA curriculum offers students a comprehensive education to excel in the various professions made available by the homebuilding industry. The BITA program actively operates in twenty-seven campuses in California with several new sites slated to launch in 2019. The BITA program provides graduating students the work-ready skills and direct pathway to obtain employment in the construction trades and / or academic credits that can be applied to higher education. BITA encourages students who learn best by working with their hands, constructing projects that require teamwork and precision. In this type of environment, the relevancy of traditional academic subjects, like math and science, become apparent, and attitudes toward learning vastly improve. CHF needs help to expand and sustain this vital program in California. The expansion of BITA will prepare a projected 270,000 students (anticipated over a five-year period) for careers in the trades, lower the California high school dropout rate, and give hope to students and their futures. BITA is supported 100% by donations and grants. Donations are used exclusively to fund BITA and secure the guaranteed continuation of BITA for future years. Our top needs: 1. Funding: Program - BITA's mission is to provide a trained workforce to meet industry demand, offset worker retirement, and avoid labor shortages, in addition to enhancing the public perception of the building industry, its diverse career opportunities, and hardworking employees. 2. Funding: Unrestricted - Non-restrictive giving supporting our mission is in fact Directed Giving, and reinforces the BITA Program and allows it to be successful. Your gift supporting BITA joins a family of funds, allowing your donation to produce results, along with supporters of similar values, by investing in our mission and accomplishments. 3. In-Kind Donations - In-kind donations are used by BITA students for various projects and competitions, including construction tools and materials, safety equipment and transportation to name a few. Donated goods can be either second hand or otherwise surplus materials. In-kind donations provide a means of doing social good with things that would otherwise be thrown away. 4. Volunteers - Guest speakers expose students to potential careers and helps build occupational knowledge. When guest speakers visit a classroom, students listen to a presentation to learn about the speaker's career, business and industry. These presentations provide specific knowledge and realistic picture of the workplace and motivate students to actively participate in the classroom by asking questions to consider whether they might like to pursue a career path in the industry. Not only are guest speakers a great learning opportunity for students, it also provide an efficient way for your organization to engage with potential employees and the local community. 5. Volunteers - Work-based learning experiences are one of the best ways for young adults to become familiar with the skilled trades. The BITA program is in great need of on-site project visits, internship/mentorship opportunities, and sponsors for annual Design/Build Competitions. Learning experiences outside the classroom creates awareness of the education needed to be successful in the industry. When done early in a student's career such experiences generate motivation for students to continue in the trades after graduation.
BITA is practical, project-based training program ran by CHF providing the knowledge and skills needed for high school students to get a job and career in the building industry. California's housing industry generates more than $320.9 billion of the state's annual output and supports over 909,000 jobs per year, but the Great Recession and steady exit of retirees have left a void in California's construction labor pool, a void which BITA is designed to fill with a new generation of educated and driven young professionals.

"CHF is committed to working with all students, including those in financial need, by empowering lives and building futures. The education of tomorrow's homebuilding workforce is our primary focus. The bright minds and capable hands of these high school and college students--the future of our industry--will further the progress, support the success, and maintain the legacies of today's homebuilders."

Terri Brunson
Executive Director
California Homebuilding Foundation
-- The California Homebuilding Foundation and staff is committed to providing students in homebuilding the opportunity to explore their potential. Terri Brunson, Executive Director