Burrowing Owl Preservation Society

Burrowing Owl Preservation Society's mission is to increase Burrowing Owl populations through research, education, advocacy and the protection, preservation and enhancement of Burrowing Owl's grassland habitat.

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Address: 14841 CR 91 B
Woodland, CA 95695
County or Parish: Yolo County
Primary NTEE: Animal Related 
Sub NTEE: Wildlife Preservation & Protection 
Executive Director: Catherine Portman
Contact Email: cportman@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 530-666-0882
Website: http://burrowingowlpreservation.org
Burrowing Owl Preservation Society (BOPS) was founded to increase public awareness of this adorable little owl. Burrowing Owl conservation and legal protections are sorely lacking. Through education, advocacy and hands on conservation efforts we strive for owl-people compatibility. BOPS has provided Burrowing Owl education in K-12 class rooms, eco-fairs and libraries. We facilitate installation of burrows on private and public land by students, citizens and Boy Scouts. We coach citizens on California Environmental Quality Act participation to advocate for Burrowing Owl mitigation. BOPS advocates for mitigation of habitat lost by giving public comment to Lead Agencies and submitting EIR comment letters. We have banded owls and monitored banded owls. We have facilitated releases of rehabilitated burrowing owls from the California Raptor Center in Yolo County and the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Contra Costa County. BOPS has been an active participant in the California Burrowing Owl Consortium since 2005. BOPS has planned and organized Consortium meetings including the October 2015 Consortium Conference at San Jose State University. BOPS was a local area coordinator for the Institute for Bird Populations 2006-2007 state wide census. We also donated to the publication of the Proceedings of the Burrowing Owl Symposium in 2003. The Burrowing Owl is a very adaptable little bird. When their natural habitats are altered, they can survive in places compatible with human uses. Burrowing Owls have done well on golf courses, some types of agriculture and air ports. Human land uses can accommodate Burrowing Owls if we will give a little thought and planning. We work toward owl-people compatibility.
We need financial support for conservation projects and to build an endowment. Our long range goal for the endowment is to acquire burrowing owl habitat.We would like to provide a $3,000 stipend for an intern to work on a petition to list the burrowing owl as threatened under the California Endangered Species Act
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Unrestricted - administrative costs such as libibikity insurance
  2. Funding: Program - We have multiple advocacy and conservation programs
  3. Board Members - We would like to recruit more board members
  4. Volunteers - We would like to recruit volunteers and develop a volunteer corps
  5. Technology - We would like to upgrade our web site
We have been working for burrowing owl conservation policy change. We have met with Assembly Member Bill Dodd requesting action, such as, requesting the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee conduct an over sight hearing on evictions - one way doors placed on all available burrow entrances so that when the owl leaves its shelter, it cannot get back in and no other burrows are available near by. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife permits this practice even though in its own 2012 Staff Report: Burrowing Owl Guidelines, CDFW acknowledges that eviction likely results in death of the owls. Also, we have met with Davis City Council members asking that they adopt a Burrowing Owl Recovery Plan.
- Catherine Portman, President