Agape Villages Foster Family Agency

Agape Villages mobilizes community resources to provide high-quality homes, innovative solutions, and the highest of professional services to disadvantaged youth and their families. We strive to meet their needs and maximize their potential to lead better, brighter, more productive, and independent lives.

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Address: 1331 Garden Highway
Sacramento, CA 95833
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Janet Kleyn
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 925-866-3020 x104
Fax: 925-866-0305
Agape has been serving children since 1958 and has served over 6000 children. Agape means 'unconditional love'; this is the love that has been demonstrated over the many years of serving children. Every child who is welcomed into a home at Agape is encouraged and touched in some way, whether they are with us for a short time or find a home for life. Agape trains people to become foster parents. This training is intensive and helps the foster parent with various issues that may arise. Our own Social Workers visit the child every week to ensure the well-being and progress of the child in care. We have many programs to help the child to heal and prosper.
We need people who love kids and want to help them, especially children and youth who are in foster care through no fault of their own. This includes those who will be foster parents, volunteers and donors. Thank you! We love you! Our top needs: 1. Other - Please Describe - We need loving foster parents who are able to care for children displaced from their parents sometimes due to neglect or abuse. Donations for the children such as blankets, pillows, toiletries, clothing items, shoes, school supplies, gifts cards are always welcome. 2. Volunteers - To assist with events, outreach efforts, administrative needs such as phone calling, data entry, and volunteer coordination 3. In-Kind Donations - To assist with foster kid activities such as the Annual Foster Families picnic and the Annual Holiday party. 4. Funding: Other - Annual Christmas parties and gifts for foster families (Manteca, Sacramento, Pleasanton) costing approximately $15,000 total. 5. Funding: Program - Child treatment program
"Agape Villages Foster Family Agency is a light-filled place with compassionate staff and volunteers, who provide care, help and education to people facing hardship. Our number one goal is to provide a safe place for our children to live, learn, to be heard, and to make decisions. We serve every person with care specific to their needs and decisions, always respecting their choices. We love our children, who teach us every day about perseverance and determination. They, in turn, leave each visit knowing that they have been heard, affirmed, and supported. Our community responds to our work by financially supporting us. Serving the children is a privilege and blessing. As President/CEO, I am thankful to be a part of Agape Villages. The rewards for this work are tremendous as we see children and families grow with the gifts of support and hope."

-- Janet Kleyn President/CEO, Agape Villages, Inc.