Assistance League of Greater Placer

Assistance League volunteers transforming the lives of children and adults through community programs.

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Address: P O Box 4693
Auburn, CA 95604
County or Parish: Placer County
Executive Director: Charmaine Medkeff
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 530-885-4397
Established in 1987 as Assistance Guild of Auburn Foothills, Assistance League of Auburn Foothills was chartered as the 83rd chapter of National Assistance League in 1993. The chapter changed its name to Assistance League of Greater Placer in May 2004 to better reflect its service area. Beginning in 1987 with one program, serving children in the local woman's center, the chapter has grown to encompass 13 programs that touch the lives of more than 12,125 people in Placer County communities, serving diverse needs in our community for youth, teens, adults, and seniors. Membership has grown from 36 to 242. An all-volunteer-run thrift shop provides approximately 70% of Assistance League of Greater Placer's funding, with the rest coming from fundraisers such as our Bingo Round-up and Fall Tea and Fashion Show, individual donations, and grants. Its dedicated volunteers have donated more than 43,295 service hours last year and made a difference in the lives of under-served children and adults throughout Placer County.
With additional monetary support: - We would increase the number and allowance for each child needing school clothes, backpacks, and school supplies through Operation School Bell. Last year, we provided new school clothes and shoes to 1,398 kids in 106 schools in Placer County and delivered dictionaries and backpacks filled with school supplies to 2,342 children. - We would serve more individuals requesting help for unforeseen emergency needs through our Community Assistance Program. Last year, we assisted 58 families referred through multiple agencies with requests such as a refrigerator, electric bill, hospital bed, rental assistance, and car repair. - We would increase the number of hospitals and public services that offer our teddy bears to comfort children in traumatic situations. Last year, we provided 2,165 teddy bears to hospitals, fire departments, and California Highway Patrol. - We would increase the amount of Community College Scholarships. Last year, we awarded $13,023 in scholarships. Our top needs: 1. Funding: Program - Operation School Bell: $100 provides school clothes for an elementary school student; $125 clothes a middle school student; $150 clothes a high school student. Every donation helps us provide more school age children the opportunity to succeed in their school environment. 2. Funding: Program - Community Assistance: With additional financial resources, Assistance League of Greater Placer plans that more community members who experience an immediate crisis receive one-time help to move their lives forward in a positive direction. 3. Funding: Program - Dressing for Success: $50 provides an adult community member with appropriate clothing to re-enter the workforce. With additional financial resources, Assistance League of Greater Placer will be able to serve more adult community members and help them to move toward financial independence. 4. Funding: Program - Sierra Bears: $20 provides three traumatized children or adults with a teddy bear to provide comfort and consolation during a difficult time. Additional funding will allow us to provide more hospitals and public agencies with the teddy bears to be given to children who are in a traumatic situation. 5. Funding: Program - Scholarships: $1,000 provides an opportunity for a continuation high school graduate to attend Community College or trade school, opening the door for success later in life.
"Assistance League of Greater Placer is a nonprofit organization, with the mission of transforming lives and strengthening community.

We care. We see a need. We act. We are an all-volunteer organization, working year-round, with no paid staff. Our unique base of 242 members possesses a wealth of talents, skills, and backgrounds. We work tirelessly in conjunction with other public, private, and philanthropic organizations to help mitigate the identified needs of our community's most disadvantaged. We identify critical gaps in the safety nets that support our county's most vulnerable residents. Our overarching goals are to minimize those gaps through philanthropic programs and measurements to track our progress. We have earned a reputation for consistent high-quality programs that serve thousands of our most vulnerable residents. Each of our philanthropic programs focuses on meeting the essential needs of children through seniors so that all our community members have the opportunity to succeed and flourish.

We are passionate about kids. We want to give them a better chance to learn and to feel like their classmates, by boosting their self-esteem, and increasing attendance. We provide shopping trips for new school clothes, school supplies, tutoring, and perform puppet shows focused on bullying. We teach teenagers the skills for independent living. Our Competencies program covers personal appearance, communications, job skills, budgeting, housing, and nutrition. We partner with local agencies, hospitals, and police officers to fill special needs of community members experiencing trying times. We clothe men and women requiring appropriate wardrobes to enter the work force. We visit senior care residents who have no one else. Nurses thank us for the clothing and toiletries we provide to assault survivors. Our teddy bears help alleviate the trauma children feel at an accident. We make a difference, but the needs continue to grow. We contribute our time in service and work hard to raise funds. Our thrift shop profits go directly to our philanthropic programs.

It is gratifying to know that we are helping our neighbors, but heart-breaking to know that we cannot meet everyone's needs. You can help us make a difference!"

Charmaine Medkeff
Assistance League of Greater Placer
-- Charmaine Medkeff, President