916 Ink

916 Ink empowers youth to become authors of their own lives, one published story at a time. We teach youth to seize life's opportunities as they grow confident in understanding their unique voice and the stories of others.

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Address: 3301 37th Avenue Room 12
Sacramento, CA 95824
County or Parish: Sacramento
Primary NTEE: Arts,Culture & Humanities 
Sub NTEE: Arts Education 
Executive Director: Katie McCleary
Contact Email: Julia@916ink.org
Primary Phone: 916-826-7323
Website: http://www.916ink.org
Essentially, we transform students, ages 4-18, into published authors and confident writers. Our innovative and fun techniques are strategies to creating critical thinkers, inspired readers, and strong communicators. Young people walk away with a professional publication to show their family, teachers, and potential employers.

A 916 Ink experience:
Improves writing and reading proficiencies at every grade level
Builds academic confidence
Promotes healthy youth development
Provides positive interactions with adults and professionals
Empowers youth through the increased literacy skills
Teaches empathy and listening to all points of view

Three important highlights of our program are:
Small groups to focus individualized attention.
Utilization of a variety of exciting writing prompts that harness the imagination to kids of all sizes and backgrounds. Reading samples are provided at every session to expose kids to new fiction and poetry.
The teaching of literacy and craft is embedded in the feedback given during the share portion of each session. No lectures or worksheets.

In a typical twelve-week writing workshop, thirty youth:
Write for eighteen hours with three adult volunteers
Read twenty-four new pieces of literature
Engage in the revision process and excel their grammar skills
Polish five pieces of writing for publication
Collaborate with peers to create a theme and title for their book
Learn public speaking skills for the book release celebration
We are in demand, but need funds to offer free writing workshops to low-income children and teens, as well as youth who are experiencing homelessness, in the foster care system, and/or on probation or incarcerated. Funds raised through The Big Day of Giving and this site are earmarked to ensure that we can provide life-changing writing workshops for those children who would not be able to afford theses opportunities. Your donation will impact more than 3000 children and teens in the next 18 months!

Funds raised will seed the Luminary Legion-- a group of dedicated teachers who spend their days delivering our curriculum to classrooms, at nonprofits, and in juvenile detention facilities. Funds will also be used to open free after-school and weekend writing workshops to low-income youth at the whimsical Imaginarium. Funds will be used to pay for field trips for low-income classrooms throughout the region to bolster the writing skills of youth.

Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - After-School and Weekend Writing Workshops
  2. Funding: Program - Creative Writing Clubs at Low-income, Public Schools
  3. Funding: Program - Field Trips for Low-Income classrooms at the Imaginarium
  4. Funding: Unrestricted - Operational Support for Rent, Utilities, and Administration Costs
  5. Volunteers - Support Recruit, Train, Screen, and Place High-Quality Volunteers
916 Ink is Sacramento at its best-- we are home-grown, having tailored a one-of-a-kind program for Sacramentan children and youth. Nobody does what 916 Ink does in the region and that is why more than 25 schools, 18 nonprofits, and many others have partnered with us to help Sacramento youth achieve success.

Since 2011, 916 Ink has published over 3000 young authors in more than 75 publications which are sold online and in book stores. The value of strong written communication skills can never be under-estimated because everyone has to write!

916 Ink was founded by a group of concerned teachers, librarians, and writers in 2010 because of the dismal illiteracy rates in our region, which at the time indicated that nearly 2/3rds of 4th graders in the region didn't read at grade level according the Ca. Dept. of Education (CDP). Currently, CDP uses the "California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) to assess a student's ability to read and write at grade level. The 2016 English Language Arts/Literacy state test score results from CAASPP, for economically-challenged students from grades three-eleven in Sacramento County, showed the following:
• 41% of low-income students are NOT reading or writing at grade level.
• 27% of low-income students nearly met the standard for reading and writing at grade level.
• 24% of low-income students met the standard for reading and writing at grade level.
• 9% of low-income students exceeded the standard for reading and writing at grade level.

Those scores are not good enough. Nearly half of our low-income youth are not even meeting the standards set forth by educational experts. Students who are not proficient in reading and writing for their grade level are more likely to drop out of school, interface with the juvenile justice system, become a teen parent, and participate in the welfare system as an adult. Luckily, we are changing the trajectory of Sacramento's children's futures by making them viable and ready candidates for future and current opportunities because they have stellar communication skills and confidence in their ability to participate in all that life has to offer.

We hope you will join us as a dedicated partner and invest in the future of Sacramento's young people.