4 Directions Farm

For many teens and young adults with disabilities, repetitive, and unrewarding tasks within traditional teaching settings can be counterproductive - many individuals find themselves without purpose. Through our agricultural vocational program, these individuals are able to participate in meaningful work that instills them with a sense of value and prepares them to enter the workforce.

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Address: 4900 Windplay Drive
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
County or Parish: El Dorado County
Primary NTEE: Education 
Sub NTEE: Special Education 
Contact Email: qmeyers@4directionsfarm.org
Primary Phone: 916-337-9993
Website: http://4directionsfarm.org
4 Directions Farm is a nonprofit vocational training program certified by the California State Department of Education. Our program is a fully inclusive agricultural academy designed with individuals with disabilities in mind. We blend vocational training with a specific curriculum to provide students an applied, meaningful experience. Day programs and modified work programs often leave many individuals with disabilities finding themselves without purpose. 4 Directions Farm was founded under the principle that everyone deserves the chance to find direction in life!
4 Directions Farm has been fortunate to receive donations of time and resources from our community that have helped the program get off the ground floor. Our students have begun to learn the basics of product development and agricultural/horticultural practices. However, we have reached a point where further funding is required to create a more expansive program for a larger number of participants.
Our top needs:
  1. Space: Office or Other - Our largest expense and greatest return will be the construction of our barn facility on the farm. All of the blueprints have been completed and approved, we simply do not have the funds to complete construction. The barn will serve as the hub for 4 Directions Farm. It will be a 2,000 square foot workspace that includes a commercial kitchen, bathroom facilities, and vocational work area for produce management. It will also feature storefront marketplace where students can practice selling their goods to the public. All plans are ADA compliant.
  2. Space: Office or Other - Our second facility in need of funding our commercial green house. We currently use a small-scale green house with our students, but we have reached capacity. The new green house will include an enclosed workshop area for our students to learn more about planting, irrigation, and mass production. All plans are ADA compliant.
  3. Funding: Unrestricted - Our general program expenses help to facilitate product development and agricultural/horticultural vocational skills for our students. Participants currently create products and gifts including organic soaps, lip balms, sachets, and greeting cards. We would like to expand on the opportunities we provide for our students, and would use additional funding to provide equipment and materials for this expansion.
  4. Volunteers - We are always in search of motivated groups and individuals who want to make a difference and are willing to work with our special needs population. Volunteers can help our students farm work, product creation, and event support.
  5. Volunteers - We are also in search of Master Gardeners who can visit our farm and provide expert knowledge about best practices. Every farm is different, and we want to both utilize our farm to its potential and care for it in a way that doesn't deplete it of resources.
"We are proud to give young individuals with disabilities a different way to learn through meaningful application as well as transferable vocational skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives."

Starranne Meyers
4 Directions Farm