4-H California Youth Development Program

The 4-H Youth Development Program ignites the joy of learning while developing citizenship, leadership, and life skills in young people.

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Address: 4145 Branch Center Road
Sacramento, CA 95827
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Marianne Bird
Contact Email: sacramento4H@ucanr.edu
Primary Phone: 916-875-6530
Website: http://ucanr.edu/sites/4hfoundation/
The California 4-H Foundation raises funds from private sources to support the mission of the 4-H Youth Development Program: to engage youth in reaching their fullest potential while advancing the field of youth development. Established in 1913, the California 4-H Youth Development Program has impacted the lives of millions of Californians who have participated in club programs, served as volunteer leaders, or supported their efforts through local, regional, and statewide partnerships.

A public and private partnership comprised of the USDA, University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, county governments, the California 4-H Foundation, and local clubs, the California 4-H Youth Development Program reflects the mission of the National 4-H organization, empowering youth through hands-on learning, research-based programs, adult mentorship, and civic engagement, preparing them to apply these skills to their educational and professional pursuits, and their role as citizens in a dynamic and complex world.
Since 1902, the 4-H Youth Development Program (YDP) has been engaging youth in hands-on, experiential learning activities focusing on science, technology, health, natural resources, citizenship, and leadership. Initially introduced in rural communities across the United States and one of the oldest youth development organizations in the country the 4-H YDP now spans globally to urban, suburban, and rural settings. The University of California, a land grant university, supports local 4-H programming across California. From the center of the city to the acreage of Wilton, Sacramento County 4-H brings learning alive to over 1,800 youth in 4-H club, camp, and after school science education programs. 4-H nurtures leadership, and young people are seen as resources capable of contributing not in just in the future, but now. Over 200 adult volunteers help youth develop confidence, build important life skills and empower youth to make a difference in their lives and the communities in which they live.
Diverse 4-H programming in Sacramento County supports science education in after school programs, youth leadership experiences, community service projects, and volunteer development.

Your gift to Sacramento County 4-H YDP will support and expand opportunities such as:
- $50 pays the 4-H enrollment fee for a youth needing financial assistance or secures new curriculum for our 4-H lending library to assist 4-H project leaders;
- $100 covers a scholarship for a young person to attend a 4-H leadership conference or 4-H summer camp;
- $200 provides a science kit for our 4-H YES or Water Wizards project;
- $300 funds a classroom to attend the On The Wild Side Environmental Science Camp;
- $500 provides a youth leadership development day for up to 30 4-H members and;
- $1,000 funds the cost of a bus to take youth on a science field trip to the Bay Area.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - Member Fee Scholarship ($50)
  2. Funding: Program - Science Kits for Youth Experiences in Science or Water Wizards Program ($200)
  3. Funding: Program - On The Wild Side Science Camp Class Fee ($300)
  4. Funding: Program - Volunteer Development Day ($500)
  5. Funding: Program - Bus Cost for Science Field Trip ($1,000)
"What if I told you there was a path for kids to achieve their dreams? That dream might be to graduate from high school and go to college. Maybe it is to identify a passion and pursue a career in a science, engineering, or a technology-related field. Or perhaps it is to identify and solve problems in their own communities right now. 4-H is that path and these are all documented outcomes of 4-H. For over 20 years, I have been on that path - planning and overseeing 4-H activities in Sacramento County. During this time, I have witnessed our impact increase due to the growth in the number of youth we serve and the breadth of what we do. 4-H began over 100 years ago as a way to educate rural youth about new farming practices. While we continue to have a very large traditional agricultural component to our program, our educational programs include a wide array of subjects delivered in all parts of the county. You will find 4-H youth leading science activities to first graders after school in Del Paso Heights, exploring vet medicine in Elk Grove, planning environmental education camp for kids from the city, or raising a hog in Herald to show at the fair. 4-H nurtures something critical that all of us as parents, educators, and community members hope to witness in young people: a sense of personal responsibility for their own actions and their own future, a larger sense of responsibility for their families and friends, and a sense of social responsibility for the betterment of their community and world. We invite you to become our partners in providing all young people in Sacramento with the opportunity to achieve their dreams through participation in 4-H. Through our partnership, our 4-H program will reach more children and influence the deep, lasting change we know we make in young lives." Sincerely, Marianne Bird Sacramento Program Director 4-H Youth Development Program - Sacramento County
-- Marianne Bird, Sacramento Program Director