350 Sacramento

350 Sacramento is a local grassroots organization committed to equitable solutions that accelerate the transition to a sustainable carbon-neutral future.

We believe in a world with a safe climate, where nature is respected and protected, and our social, political, and economic systems work for all people and the planet.

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Address: PO Box 161677
Sacramento, CA 95816
County or Parish: Sacramento
Primary NTEE: Environment 
Sub NTEE: Alliances & Advocacy  
Executive Director: Laurie Litman
Contact Email: info@350sacramento.org
Primary Phone: 916-284-1627
Website: http://www.350sacramento.org
350 Sacramento is a local all-volunteer grassroots nonprofit organization working to address the climate crisis. Founded in 2010, we were inspired by 350.org and chose to put the number "350" in our name because that is the UPPER LIMIT of carbon dioxide (CO2, in parts per million (ppm)) in the atmosphere before the climate becomes unstable. The earth is now at about 406 ppm and climbing.

Climate change is simply a matter of physics: increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere create a greenhouse-like effect that traps heat. The excess greenhouse gases come largely from burning fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, oil). Our planet is currently overheating, as evidenced by dying coral reefs; melting glaciers; sea level rise; increased wildfires, drought, flooding, and extreme weather; species extinctions and ecosystem collapse; and other unprecedented changes in the earth. We must immediately reduce carbon emissions to sustain a livable planet.

350 Sacramento works locally to accelerate the transition to carbon zero (where carbon emitted is balanced by carbon taken out of the atmosphere) and help grow a powerful global climate movement. We do this through multiple solutions-oriented projects, including: working with decisionmakers, businesses, and residents to make Sacramento carbon zero; improving and expanding transit so people have alternatives to cars; keeping fossil fuels in the ground (stopping oil trains, pipelines, fracking); supporting strong climate legislation; helping individuals reduce their personal carbon footprints; and involving young people in Plant for the Planet.
Since our founding in 2010, 350 Sacramento has grown tremendously, from 10 people to about 1500 today. Our board and volunteers are incredibly committed, caring, kind, creative, and talented. We have participants of all ages and all work well together. Our campaigns are thriving. However, we have reached the limits of our capacity as an all-volunteer group. Due to our growth and success, we are finding it very difficult to keep up with the administrative and volunteer needs of our organization.

Over the past year we have begun moving to the next level. We began fundraising and were able to rent an office. The next step is to hire staff to help with administrative tasks and volunteer coordination. Without staff, we risk burning out current volunteers and underutilizing people who wish to get involved.
Our top needs:
  1. Volunteers - Volunteers are the basis of 350 Sacramento. We are currently an all-volunteer organization of highly dedicated people working to create a livable future. As we grow and branch out with new projects, we need more volunteers to be part of this exciting effort.
  2. Space: Office or Other - Until recently, all 350 Sacramento business was done at private homes and coffeeshops. With our new office we have office hours, space for meetings, and workspace for volunteers. This was a big commitment and we need continued funding to keep the office open.
  3. Other - Please Describe - Staff-We have come to the point in our organization's growth where we need to hire staff. Specifically, we need a part-time administrator and a part-time volunteer coordinator. The administrator will respond to the myriad details necessary to keep the organization and office going, and the volunteer coordinator will help recruit and retain volunteers for our many projects and activities. Without this support, we risk burning out volunteers and losing people who wish to get involved. In order to hire staff, we will need to raise at least $50,000.
  4. Funding: Unrestricted - We have basic organizational expenses, like insurance and utilities, plus several programs that require funds to optimize their impact. • "Leading the Way to Carbon Zero" is a town hall that will bring together residents, businesses, and decisionmakers to explore ways to make Sacramento carbon zero. This is an expensive event. • Transit 101 is exploring how to increase funding for an improved and expanded regional transit system. We would like to hire a consultant to do research for this project. • Plant for the Planet is an international organization of young people who plant trees for a better world. Funds will go to help young people become Climate Justice Ambassadors.
  5. Technology - We need a computer for the office, and possible two when we have staff.
350 Sacramento is a group of passionate, committed volunteers who are working locally to address the global climate crisis. Although the issue is dire, we approach this effort in a spirit of love and caring, with fun events and solutions-oriented projects. As Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." If we are successful in our mission, there will be a sustainable future for our children and succeeding generations.

Laurie Litman
Chair, 350 Sacramento