Welcome to the nonprofit toolkit! Here you will find all the resources you need for a successful May 3rd! 

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Please note:  materials provided in the Big Day of Giving Toolkit, including the Big Day of Giving and
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8 Week Workplan

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Contingency Planning 




Team Captain - Webinar Registration & Recordings

To view a past recording, click a date below. The system will prompt you to enter your information. Once you submit, you will be taken to a copy of the recording. Please note that if you were previously registered for a webinar, the system will not allow you to re-register. To bypass, simply use a different (or fictitious email) to access.  

January Team Captain Webinar.  To view the recording, click here.

February Team Captain Webinar: Feb 27 2pm- 3pm.  To view the recording, click here.

March Team Captain Webinar: March 20  2pm - 3pm. To view the recording, click here.

April Team Captain Webinar: April 20  10am - 11am.  To view the recording, click here.

Website Training Webinar: April 5  2pm - 3pm. To view the recording, click here.


Bootcamp Training Series



In hour one, we will discuss the basics of running a BDOG campaign, including an overview of the 8-week workplan, timing, social media basics, matching funds, and more.  In hour two, we will be joined by Big Day of Giving veterans and mentors for round robin group discussions  on all manner of topics!

Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2018  
CLICK HERE to download a copy of the presentation slides



Fundraising should be an extension of your overall organizational strategy. This session, led by Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies, will help you contextualize your organization's role in driving change and set the foundation for you to articulate and message your impact and theory of change to prospective funders and partners. You'll have the opportunity to connect with your peer nonprofits, explore how your network of nonprofits is collectively working towards systems change, and identify your organization's unique value proposition. 

No presentation slides were used at this boot camp. 


In hour one of this two hour session, we will tackle the subject of board engagement.  A presentation by Kim Tucker of Impact Foundry, followed by an interactive exercise led by Jim Tabuchi, Jedi Master and Executive Director of the Sacramento Mandarins. In hour two, a panel of board members will provide insights into how to successfully engage your board not only with fundraising and Big Day of Giving, but in all your organization's efforts. 

Download a copy of the presentation slides by clicking here.


How do you articulate your nonprofit's story in a resonate way that inspires individuals and the masses to pay attention? Can you quickly speak to why your nonprofit matters and offer a call to action in a succinct way? In hour one, Katie McCleary, Founder of 916 Ink and Principal at Paper Wings Creative, will lead a session where you'll write your nonprofit story in a fun and supportive environment.  In hour two, Logan Mayville, Digital Marketing Consultant will take you on a digital marketing journey where you will translate your nonprofit story to the digital world.

Storytelling Slides

Facebook Ad Presentation


Mentorship Program

One of the greatest benefits of participating in Big Day of Giving is the connections created with other nonprofits in our region. With that connection comes a lot of resources and knowledge for you to draw upon that can not only help you craft an excellent BDOG campaign, but to help your organization grow stronger.  If you are interested in being paired with a mentor for the duration of the BDOG season, please read through the information below and click the link to apply.  

Mentorship application are now closed! Thanks!

Meet Our Mentors!

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