The Wish List Project

Providing access to youth development opportunities, educational resources and extracurricular activities for underserved youth and low income families in the Sacramento region, which fosters student and family success in school and beyond.
"We believe all people can be successful in school and in life when they have opportunities to pursue their interests, and the proper tools needed to achieve their goals."

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Address: 5299 Auburn Blvd., Suite 2000E
Sacramento, CA 95841
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Sheila Hull-Summers
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-505-3610
The Wish List Project provides disadvantaged students, ages 5-22, funding for extracurricular activities, educational resources and leadership development through our Student Enrichment Grants program. Research shows that youth with access to these kinds of opportunities can:

• Expand skills and gain confidence leading to improved academics and school attendance
• Develop positive social interactions with peers and adults
• Become empowered to take on leadership roles
• Explore career opportunities which improve graduation rates and may lead to higher education

Since 2013, The Wish List Project has supported 155 students by funding access to programs or resources such as:

• Music and dance lessons
• Team and individual sports programs and equipment
• Leadership workshops and conferences
• Tutoring
• Visual arts classes
• Technology, textbooks, and lab fees for college
• Summer camp programs
• Prom costs
• Dorm room bedding
• Cultural travel programs

Funding is needed to: double the number of student grants awarded, and to pay one part-time employee. Skilled volunteers are needed to serve on our board of directors. Our top needs: 1. Funding: Unrestricted - Funding for student grants. We have funded 170 students thus far and would like to increase this number over the next two years. 2. Board Members - Experienced board members with a passion for helping children, a desire to make a difference in their community and the ability to role up their sleeves and get things done to help our organization move forward. 3. Funding: Other - Funding for one part-time staff member position. 4. Volunteers - Video Production assistance 5. In-Kind Donations - Chromebooks, prom dresses, and gift cards.
'The Wish List Project is about education, equity, access and opportunity. We believe all people can be successful in school and in life when they have opportunities to pursue their interests, and the proper tools needed to achieve their goals. Studies show that kids who are involved in extracurricular activities and who have access to supplemental resources like books and technology, do better academically and have improved school attendance. This can lead to lower dropout rates, less crime, more under-served kids going to college and a better prepared workforce for our community. With the help of professionals in the community who nominate students, The Wish List Project is dedicated to helping families pay for the important "extras" that can make a huge difference in the life of a child.

We are a 100% volunteer organization and we have done an admirable job of reaching out to professionals who work with disadvantaged kids (school districts, school sites, social workers and other advocates) to solicit nominations for our grants program. Additional financial support will allow us to expand our outreach, which in turn allows us to provide many more grants to students in need. In 2017, we funded 18 grants. Our goal for 2018 is to double that number.

I am very proud of what we have accomplished in just five short years and grateful for all the TWLP Volunteers, Board Members, Student Ambassadors, and supporters. Together we work toward a common goal, helping children succeed in achieving their dreams. Please join us as we continue to level the playing field for those kids who are most vulnerable in our communities. Become a volunteer or supporter; "because every child is one caring adult away from being a success story".'

Sheila Hull-Summers, Executive Director