Sacramento Synchronized Swim Team

Sacramento Synchronized Swim Team (SSST) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that aims to support the physical and psychological development of athletes through the fundamental elements of synchronized swimming: discipline, commitment, creativity, teamwork, and mindfulness.

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Address: 1220 Arden Hills Lane
Sacramento, CA 95864
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Sheri Rutan
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-512-9889
Sacramento Synchronized Swim Team just celebrated it's 30th anniversary! Since 1985, it has remained a year-round, synchronized swimming program, coached by nationally ranked trainers for competitions across the United States. Our team ranges in size from 10-45 swimmers, ages 6-18, who contribute an abundance of ethnic diversity, talent, enthusiasm, and commitment to building the sport of synchronized swimming. SSST encourages collaboration of the athlete's families as vital to helping athletes excel and to maximizing our resources. This unique teamwork between swimmers, coaches, and parents will insure that your donations will lead us into our future vision of empowering swimmers to become individuals of excellence, who use their sport to impact the community.
Sacramento Synchronized Swim Team is nationally ranked, registered with USA Synchro, and the only competitive team serving the Sacramento Area. Donations by clubs/organizations, as well as local and regional businesses and corporations, are the most significant and direct way to help SSST perpetuate its 30+ year history of excellence in synchro. Funds raised help support our swimmers in innumerable ways. A few of the most valuable are maintaining a high caliber coaching staff that would otherwise be unaffordable, renting a pool space that enables training for competition on par with the nation's top ranked teams, making this empowering sport financially accessible to a wider demographic of potential swimmers, and allowing our team to host events that give back to underserved members of our community.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - Participation and Training Accessibility
  2. Funding: Other - Pool fees
  3. Funding: Other - Coaching fees
  4. Funding: Other - Costs incurred for community outreach to underserved populations.
"The Sacramento Synchronized Swim Team promotes the artistic sport of synchro to aspiring athletes of all ages by creating a new, comprehensive program that takes a holistic approach to train and empower athletes. Preparation for SSST performances and competitions requires not only rigorous physical training, but also the development of mental, intellectual, and relational disciplines. Under the direction of 2016 Olympian and USA National Team Coach Consultant Alison Williams, athletes are encouraged to be models and reproducers of these attributes both individually and in the community." Sheri Rutan Executive Director Sacramento Synchronized Swim Team