The Peregrine Project

The mission of The Peregrine Project is to create lifelong learners who reach their full potential as contributors to the global community.

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Address: 2650 Lillard Drive
Davis, CA 95618
County or Parish: Yolo County
Primary NTEE: Education 
Sub NTEE: Preschools 
Executive Director: Lorie Hammond
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 530-753-5500
The Peregrine Project was founded in 2007 by Lorie Hammond, a professor of education who spent thirty years in public schools doing innovative projects, and Elena Whitcombe, a family physician interested in health education and environmental stewardship. The Peregrine Project is an umbrella organization comprised of three programs: Peregrine School, Peregrine International, and Peregrine Center. Peregrine School is a non-profit independent school in the progressive tradition of education, serving children from eighteen months to sixth grade. Peregrine International focuses on local and international service learning. Peregrine Center serves as a community hub for the integration of education and wellness (e.g. cultural events, citizen science). Lorie and Elena dream of a future populated by citizens who are intellectually nimble, in touch with their own passions, and with a deep desire to contribute to their own and the global community. The Peregrine Project's three branches work in concert to bring this vision to life.

The Peregrine School Early Childhood Center opened its doors with twenty-four children and grew rapidly to the limit of its early childhood center's capacity, with seventy children aged two through six enrolled. Peregrine Elementary School opened in 2012 and also quickly outgrew its site. In June 2014, Peregrine preschool and Peregrine Elementary School expanded into a 1.5 acre parcel to accommodate the community's need for more preschool spaces, allow the elementary school to continue to grow, and Peregrine Center to finally take flight. We now have over two hundred students.
Peregrine School is seeking funds over and above its tuition income which is used to support the day-to-day operations of the school. Peregrine School provides children from 18 months through sixth grade with an education that builds upon their natural curiosity, teaches creative, and critical thinking, and develops the whole child as an intellectual, physical, creative, and social being. As a progressive school, Peregrine School centers on the unique potential of each child. Our Reggio-inspired teaching approach integrates hands-on child centered experience with rigorous academics, making both meaningful. We encourage children to think independently, to work collaboratively, and to learn competencies for resilient citizenship in a changing world.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - Play Space and Teaching Tools Fund: Learning play space is a vital aspect of Peregrine's unique approach to teaching. Within our school environment, abundant teaching and learning tools complement the indoor and outdoor play spaces, making the children's environment a co-teacher. We are looking to update both our outdoor and indoor teaching environments. Needs estimated at $21,000.
  2. Space: Office or Other - Maintenance and Repairs Fund: Peregrine's spaces and infrastructure are in need of updating. Upcoming projects will maintain the quality of our facilities and ensure the longevity of our teaching environment. Estimated Cost: $10,000.
  3. Funding: Program - Professional Development Fund: Teachers are the lifeblood of Peregrine School. This fund will enable Peregrine staff to attend and present at conferences and workshops and to collaborate with other schools. A collaborative learning process is an integral part of The Peregrine Project. Needs estimated at $8,000/year.
  4. Technology - Enhanced building security fund: We would like to improve the security at both campuses through the installation of security cameras in the lobbies. Needs estimated at $10,000.
  5. Space: Office or Other - Urban Forest: We would like to transform our concrete patio dining area into a living, breathing "Urban Forest" through a combination of trellises and shade trees dug into the concrete. Needs estimated at $20,000.
"Our underlying academic philosophy is that of the classical liberal arts education in which every person learns first and foremost how to learn, and beyond that, how to question what they are learning. Unlike traditional approaches to teaching, our teachers take the children's interests and work in partnership with them to expand, broaden and deepen those interests into learning projects. This takes the children on an educational journey traditionally thought impossible for the developmental stages. This type of collaborative learning process, which is inspired by Reggio Emilia style, is what we envision for programs across The Peregrine Project. We believe that this type of learning process can inspire people of all ages to be intentional lifelong learners and in turn, reach their full potential as global community contributors."

Lorie Hammond
Peregrine School Director