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The Auburn Placer Performing Arts Center, located in the historic State Theatre, enhances the quality of life and cultural awareness of our community by providing performing arts, film, and educational experiences.

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This is the eighth year of APPAC's Cinema at the State Theatre film series, which runs first and third Thursdays. The expanded 340 seat theater has developed and enriched the variety of films shown very successfully. Cinema program organizers strive to make it a center for films that focus on outdoor life, agriculture, the world around us, and community spirit. Vintage films continue to be screened and in early 2017 the first Science-Fiction Film Festival was launched. Organizers are optimistic for a repeat of science fiction. In late 2016-2018 APPAC partnered with the craft brewers in the foothill area to create the Cine-Brew Film series that emphasized the co-promotion that the theater and the breweries had in common. The breweries helped pick the films and the key sponsors were local brewery and a local distributor. The results were beneficial to all involved. This leads to the new film series for 2017, a Cine-Vine series with local wineries. In 2018-19 APPAC is working with an increased range of partners in film selection and audience building; this is expected to bring more enthusiasm for cinema patrons. APPAC is also developing a series of "Filmmaker Films" that will focus on one filmmaker per year. Documentaries and Bio-pics continue to be strong sellers, and APPAC is considering a Sunday matinee series aimed toward an audience that does not wish to go out at night.
Program Successes
- In early 2017, APPAC screened a film that was in limited release called, Harry and Snowman.
- The film was recommended by several local patrons who knew the film would do well in the area.
- It was a smash success.
- Film successes have been consistent through 2017 - 2018. Selection of film has and increased visibility through marketing has made the difference. Average attendance has increased from 60-80 attendees per screening to 80-125 attendees per screening.
-Cine-Brew films can bring over 150 fans of these fun cult classics such as the Blues Brothers, This is Spinal Tap, etc.
APPAC's On Stage at the State Theatre series included an increase in the very popular landscape of Celtic music, the Scottish band known as the Gaelic Super Group, DAIMH is due to thrill their audience in the second week of February. Returning in late 2017 is Irish Christmas in America, and early 2018 signals the return of favorite duo of Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Hass. All of this entertainment was enabled specifically because of the larger theater, thus allowing for the larger audience draw and the ability to take more chances with headline entertainment. Last year's musical presented by State Theatre Acting Company was "Sister Act", a newly released musical for community theaters. This year, STAC is presenting Mel Brooks, Young Frankenstein.

For the first time since the theater has been expanded APPAC and the Auburn Symphony are joining forces to hold the Young Artists Competition at the State Theatre. The recital of the award winners will follow one week later. Ongoing are the very successful programs presented by community organizations who utilize the State Theatre for professionally run concerts, plays, and civic engagement.

APPAC has increased the number of "On Stage Events" that is is presenting for the winter-spring, 2018. Again, the wide variety of entertainment is bringing good attendance to the beautiful theater setting.
Program Successes
- Blues became very popular this year on Stage at the State Theatre.
- Legends such as Matt Schofield and Elvin Bishop played to sold our houses. The Brilliant slide guitarist Roy Rogers played to a very enthusiastic audience, Blues Legend, John Hammond sent the audience home amazed at his talent, story-telling and brilliant career.
- Stellar Comedian, Elayne Boosler brought a nearly sold out house
-Scotland's Award - winning Old Blind Dogs brought the house down.
-APPAC's historic State Theatre was selected to be the location of world renowned Paragon Ragtime Orchestra, for a full concert of early music and accompaniment of a Buster Keaton silent film.
-Annie the musical brought in the largest number of Senior Citizens with Children that the State Theatre Acting Company has seen so far.
This year APPAC has been operating the expanded theater for three and one-half years. The State Theatre is growing and continues to build audience from the region. Growth in operations and programming results in a need for more fundraising. In 2018-2019, APPAC has raised the bar on selection of attractions and headline entertainers that have greater audience potential, higher costs, and financial guarantees to performers. APPAC is balancing the higher costs with number of seats in the theater (350), and in range of ticket pricing. This earned income (ticket sales) covers the contractual costs of presenting, not always the house overhead expenses. In the APPAC Presents On Stage at the State as well as Cinema at the State, business sponsorship closes the gap. The benefit of the Cinema and Stage at the State events and programming is evident in the increased number of people in local restaurants and shops. The theater's operation is an important driver in economic stability in downtown Auburn. Marketing and publicity expenses increase to insure consistent awareness in the region about the programs at the theatre and should result in ticket sales. With growth in clientele and larger shows, there is a need for expansion of the technical equipment to support the shows and reduce the amount of equipment rented. Rented equipment is often inferior to what we should own. What follows is a list of current technical equipment needs:

APPAC Technical Equipment Needs
1. House Truss Extensions have been installed, electricity has been added to support additional lighting.
Description: Truss sections to widen the lighting truss that is hung over the audience seating.
Usage: Widening the truss by approximately 10 feet on each side allows for better angled lighting positions.
Related Tech Needs: Stage lights will be needed sufficient to cover four zones from each side of the truss. Six Source Four ellipsoidal spots will cost approximately $1,800.
Approximate cost: $1,800 for stage lights.

2. Projector upgrade
Note: This project requires long term planning. Industry trends in the area of movie distribution will influence this project. In addition, the project will also be influenced by APPAC's long term movie strategy.
Description: The APPAC projector is a 5,000 lumen LCD-based projector, with a contrast rating of 2000:
1. An upgraded projector, such as a DLP projector, would provide better color contrast and a brighter image, potentially with better resolution. In addition, digital cinema projection is guided by a new technology standard, the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI). This standard specifies methods for digital download, content protection through encryption, and display standards. APPAC may want to upgrade to support these state-of-the-art cinema standards. As the cost of DCI support is very high, we will need to investigate whether a mainstream projector upgrade will be sufficient to meet future needs, or whether a DCI-compliant projector and server is necessary.
Approximate Cost: Between $35K (Increased lumens digital projector) and $50K (DCI projector and server)

3. Additional Leg Curtain
Description: Add one more section of black curtain to mask the cyclorama.
Usage: APPAC uses four sections of black curtain when hiding the cyclorama at the back of the stage. These curtains are not quite wide enough to cover the full width of the cyclorama. An additional curtain section would improve sight lines so that no section of the audience would be able to see the light colored cyclorama.
Approximate Cost: $500

4. Rotatable Leg Curtains
Description: Add rigging to allow the leg curtains to rotate
Usage: APPAC's leg curtains can be positioned from side-to-side to either present a narrower stage or a wider stage. They cannot, however, be rotated. A rotated leg curtain allows the curtains to be positioned to block the sight lines so that the audience cannot see into the stage wings. The non-rotating legs leave some portion of the audience with a view into the wings. Rotating legs also allow better utilization of the wing space, as the curtains can be positioned to mask more wing space.
Approximate Cost: $1,200

9. Haze Machine
Description: Haze machine to provide foggy environment in the theater
Usage: A haze machine generates a low density fog similar to cigarette smoke hanging in the air. Contrast this to a fog machine, which generates a thick cloud of fog. The haze fog enhances lighting effects, as the lighting will illuminate the haze fog. Haze fog is what made the lasers used in The Floyd performance visible. We would use a haze machine with some rock-and-roll bands to enhance the atmosphere in the theater.
Approximate cost: $1,000 (Chauvet Amhaze II water-based hazer)

10. Replacement Sennheiser 609 microphone
Description: Sennheiser 609 microphone for amplifiers
Usage: APPAC uses Sennheiser 609 microphones in front of guitar and bass stage amplifiers, to pick up the sound from these instruments.
Approximate cost: $100

11. Equipment Rack
Description: Equipment rack for backstage sound equipment
Usage: Some sound equipment, including monitor amplifiers, signal processor, and a stage box, are installed in a rack backstage. It would free up wing space if we could mount that equipment in a wall-mounted rack rather than a floor based rack.
Approximate cost: $500

12. Moving Front Wash Lights
Description: Moving wash lights to provide front light that can be adjusted to aim at any spot on the stage
Usage: Moving lights can be controlled to point to any location on the stage, and can be used to provide moving lighting effects. These lights would be installed on the "house" truss, hanging over the audience. From this position, they could be directed to provide front light for any lighting zone on the stage. In addition, they could be used for moving lighting effects. The Chauvet R2 Wash light is an LED fixture and will use less power than a traditional stage light.
Approximate cost: $1,500 each; six fixtures $9,000

13. Moving Spotlights with Truss Stands
Description: Special effect lighting to use in band performances.
Usage: These lighting instruments would be installed on the top of eight foot truss stands to provide a platform for moving light effects. This effect was used in The Floyd concert.
Approximate cost: $5,000

16. Prism Lighting Effects
Description: Special lighting effects that move small spots of light through the theater.
Usage: These lighting fixtures could be hung at the back of the stage to provide a moving light effect aimed at the audience. Their effect would be accentuated with haze fog.
Approximate cost: $500 for two Chauvet Swarm effect lights

17. Upgraded Stage Camera
Description: Video camera used to view the stage.
Usage: During performances, we use a video camera to display a stage view on the Marquee Room lobby and Green Room televisions. Our video camera is an older consumer model, with limited low-light capability.
Approximate cost: $800 - $1,200

More funding is required to build operational capacity and staffing. The need this request addresses is the need to increase financial support and operational capacity to increase the types of entertainment being presented through APPAC Presents On Stage and Cinema at the State programs as well as needs of rental clients. The successes bring the need for better ability to support the entertainment and sustain excellence and professionalism. This will enhance the experience of the patrons as well as the entertainers.

State Theatre rentals mutually benefit APPAC and the rental client; one challenge is balancing the rental rate to non-profits for State Theatre rental, and APPAC's need for the revenue, as a non-profit organization operating the theatre building. The ongoing support of community through annual giving and unrestricted donations closes the earned revenue gaps.With expenses increasing as we strive in bring bigger and a more relevant variety of entertainment to the area, the need being met is additional funds to bolster earned revenue from shows. This is how the theater will grow in popularity and audience. As this occurs APPAC also is building capacity through equipment expansion more marketing through advertising and radio underwriting to widen audience and increase ticket sales; one aspect required by the other. Radio in particular has the ability to reach the highest number of people for the dollars spent.
Program Successes
APPAC raised $25,000 last year through community donations targeted for State of the Art sound and lighting equipment and is in the process of making excellent improvement. Equipment has been purchased in 2017-2018 and installation is taking place. The funding that has gone into expansion of acoustical balance and equipment has made a noticeable difference to the audiences and the entertainers immediately. Staffing expansion to continue and maintain a fully operational box office with day-time hours, as well as better staffing during events has made the Auburn State Theatre much more vibrant and successful. In 2017-2018, there was an increase in audience and community fundraising. Because of demands on the 88 year-old vintage building, APPAC will look toward 2019-2020 implementation of design concepts for building expansion that will bring better flow of audience and improved patron experience in lobby areas with improved restrooms.

Thanks to your generous financial support through donations and ticket purchases, Auburn State Theatre continues to grow, experiencing a year of measurable success in increased patronage, increased variety in entertainment as well as needed capital improvements to the 88-year-old State Theatre Building. In 2017, over 21,300 patrons attended 123 events; thus far 2018 is on target to repeat similar statistics with 6,752 patrons attending 35 events as of April 12, 2018.

Volunteers are essential to theater operations including concessions and front of house operations. Technical and capital improvement volunteers execute major projects such as installing acoustic materials in the theater to improve sound and expanding light trussing across the entire theater and hanging new instruments. The concessions counter continues to serve organic popcorn, local wines, craft beers, local bakery items, coffee and must-have treats like Swedish Fish and Junior Mints.

There are many ways to provide needed financial support to APPAC, the nonprofit organization that operates and preserves the State Theatre. Consider a Marquee Membership and receive discounts on tickets to events, make a donation at time of ticket purchase through the "tip-jar", or attend the annual Cocktails & Cinema Event on October 20, 2018. This year we will celebrate the films, fun, cocktails and food from the 1950's!

Proceeds from Cocktails & Cinema 2016 and 2017 sealed and re-painted the theatre building and purchased technical equipment that makes all events better, leading to higher quality entertainment which increases audience. That is measurable! Donors, community volunteers, board members and patrons lead the way forward in creating economic prosperity through the arts in Auburn's gem, the historic State Theatre.