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Women's Empowerment's nine-week program meets the needs of women who are homeless and prepares them to be work-ready and find housing. We provide onsite childcare, transportation assistance, counseling, and career mentoring. Because many women in our program have experienced domestic violence, we focus on family violence prevention, self-worth, parenting enrichment, and anger management. Each woman works with a social worker to move from homelessness to self-reliance. Most have unmet health needs, so we help them access health care and education on women's health, vision and dental care, and relapse prevention. With physical and mental health improving, women can focus on financial independence and job readiness: resumes, computer training, mock interviews, communication skills, etc. Our advanced program for graduates includes unpaid and paid training programs, certifications, one-on-one work with employment specialists, and financial literacy classes.
Program Successes
Since 2001:
- Over 1,600 women have graduated Women's Empowerment, with over 3,700 children cared for in our Child Development Center
- Our employment rate among graduates has continued to rise
- On average, 82% of graduates regained a safe home with their children, and an average of 80% of graduates have secured jobs or enrolled in school or training

Robin's Story:
Robin is an amazing example of the women your gift will support. She and her husband were pursuing degrees at Sacramento State University, working steady jobs, and growing their own business when the unexpected happened. Her husband began having a series of epileptic seizures that left him incapacitated. Robin had to give up college her job in order to to be his primary caregiver. She watched her family's hard-earned money disappear as they struggled to survive and as medical bills piled higher. They eventually lost their car and home. Robin was in her second trimester of pregnancy. Not only did she have herself and her recuperating husband to care for, she had her son to think about.

Then, a good friend mentioned Women's Empowerment and Robin enrolled in the program. The support and encouragement Robin found was exactly what she needed. Women's Empowerment provided transportation assistance and onsite childcare for her infant son so Robin could focus on honing her job readiness skills. "It was the first time in over a year that I could even imagine finding some hope to live a life that I felt was good again," Robin said.

After graduating from Women's Empowerment in December 2016, Robin continued to work with her Women's Empowerment employment specialist to secure a part-time paid internship at a California Assembly member's office. In just four short months, Robin was promoted from her internship to a full-time position as a District Field Representative. "Because Sacramento is my hometown, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to make a difference in my community. This is where I grew up, and I want it to be a good place for my child to grow up," she said.

A year after graduating from Women's Empowerment, Robin has a full-time job with full benefits, a car, and her own apartment. She and her husband even created a college savings account for their son. Robin explains, "Through the skills, support, and love that I received during this program, I came out a warrior. It changed my life in ways I couldn't even imagine."