Wildlife Care Association
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Wildlife Care Association is an independent, volunteer-operated, non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable association serving Sacramento and surrounding areas. Trained volunteers examine the animals, give them emergency care, and determine further needs. Local veterinarians provide expert care in diagnosis, x-rays, surgery, and drug therapy for major medical problems of injured wildlife. Once the animals have recovered from their injuries or if orphaned, have grown and learned to hunt and fend for themselves, they are released back in the wild, giving them a second chance at life.
Program Successes
- We provide medical services and extended care for up to 6,000 sick, injured, and orphaned animals each year.
- WCA successfully rehabilitated sick, orphaned, and/or injured wild animals and released then back into the wild; in 2017, we had one of our highest release rates.
- WCA is available to help wildlife in need on a year-round basis.
WCA has educational animals and a team of volunteers that are required to perform at least 12 presentations per year. Most of the presentations are at local schools, free of charge. Bringing live wildlife into classrooms elevates their learning and interest in the importance of wildlife and wildlife preservation, as well as the particular species.
Program Successes
- Although only required to perform 12 presentations, our team completed 34 presentations at local schools and community gatherings in 2017. Our team completed 42 presentations in 2018 and 31 presentations in 2019.
- Most schools have held paper towel drives for WCA in appreciation for the presentations.
- The drives have eliminated our paper towels costs, which ran in the thousands.
- Community groups have also raised donations in both monetary and supplies needed in appreciation for the presentations.