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Community service hours are offered to junior high and high school students' age 16+. Students socialize and help care for animals at our sanctuary/adoption center. Through this program, the students experience how caring for these animals will teach them attributes and qualities that allow them to be better human beings and enrich their lives forever. They may also assist at fundraising events, such as car washes, bowling tournaments, bake sales plus more.

Through our Outreach program, ARL gives presentations to civic and community groups and participates in community events to increase public awareness about the needs and care of domestic and feral animals. We often bring animals with us to our outreach programs - especially if we are going to schools (grades K-12).

Program Successes
More than 500 students have participated in our community service program. Students learn responsible pet ownership, gain hands-on experience socializing and caring for animals, learn new skills, and become aware of ways they can participate in their community. They also have fun.

We attend or conduct over 15 community events each year.

One time or monthly sponsorship donations are needed for medical care, food, and shelter. Many of our animals arrive at our sanctuary sick, injured, or with special needs. They may have been physically abused, feral or abandoned. Many are older.

You can sponsor a single animal or contribute to the welfare of many. Every dollar goes solely toward the health and well-being of our animals. We have no paid staff. The animals at our cage-free sanctuary have a safe, clean place to live with sofas to lounge on, windows to look out, toys to play with, and kind people to look after them. If they do not get adopted, we take care of them for the rest of their natural life.

Program Successes
Animals receive initial and on-going care from licensed veterinarians. Sick animals are nursed back to health, abused and feral animals learn to trust, and all animals are treated with love and respect so when the right person comes along they will be ready for adoption. Those that are adopted bring joy to new families; those not adopted can still lead a healthy and happy long life.
ARL is run by volunteers. We have no paid staff.

Volunteers are needed to assist at our sanctuary/adoption center. This is a hands-on opportunity to care for, feed and socialize animals. Volunteers also help maintain our facility, assist at community events or help with adoptions. We provide training to volunteers.

We also need assistance in the following areas:

Handy Person
Fundraising Events
Grant Writer
Marketing and Social Media
Website Design/Maintenance

If you would like to volunteer call (916) 714-2894 or email

Program Successes
Through their dedication and kindness, volunteers enrich the lives of animals. Abused animals learn to trust; sick or injured animals heal; and friendly, well-groomed animals get adopted.

Volunteers are rewarded because they can see they are making a difference in the lives of our animals and to the community. Our volunteers range from school children to senior citizens.
A sanctuary is not the best environment for all animals - some need extra medical care, some need socialization or extra human interaction, some just don't get along with other animals. A variety of housing is needed. We offer both short term and long term fostering in private homes.

Short Term: These animals are fostered on a temporary basis ranging from weeks to months.

Long Term: Some of the cats we have rescued are 10+ years old and therefore considered senior. This leaves many wonderful, older healthy cats in the position of being overlooked by potential adopters even though they still have lots of life and love to give.

Our Senior-"Fur"-Senior program matches senior people with senior pets. This program allows older citizens to foster a senior cat and provides both with the opportunity to experience the very important and often life-changing human-animal bond. It has proven to be critical in furnishing what is often a person's only companionship - that of a person with his or her pet(s).

ARL provides all veterinary care for fostered animals and retains ownership of the animal. We provide support, remain in contact with foster parent(s), and take the animal back if or when the need arises.

Program Successes
Fostering provides pets for people who may not otherwise be able to adopt a pet. The animal receives more personal attention, and, in return, provides companionship to the foster parent(s) - a win-win. This program has 20% of our animals in foster homes which frees up space at our sanctuary for additional animals.