Woodland TV (Formerly known as WAVE TV Channel 21)

Woodland TV provides the opportunity for our community to speak and share freely through public access media.

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Trained volunteers are vital to the success of Woodland TV's continued local programming expansion. To be successful, Woodland TV needs to recruit and train volunteers to film, create and produce video shows of local interest. Funding to this program will be used to reach out and train interested community members in contributing to on air programming. Items required for this programs success include community outreach, purchasing training materials for video production, holding group or individual training sessions, and providing guidance through hands-on video creation. Training will be in the proper use of video cameras and auxiliary equipment, video editing and other software. Volunteers may work alone or as a group to plan and create a show from start to finish.
Program Successes
Woodland TV Channel 21 and the community will benefit by having additional trained volunteers to film local events, create local and diverse interest shows and provide expanded coverage of local events. The volunteers benefit by learning new skills while contributing to their community. Plus, some volunteers may discover a future career in the video and communication field.
Community programming: One of Woodland TV Channel 21's primary goals is to provide quality local community programming. Programming categories and examples include:

• Community public events like Commit 2Fit Wellness programs, Fourth of July, Veteran's Day, Community Band concerts, Arbor Day tree planting, Holiday Tree lighting &
Sing-a-long and Parade, First Friday Artwalk, local author book readings, Yolo Idol, Yolo County Fair Demolition Derby, local school graduation ceremonies and more.
• Local events such as Scottish Games, Murder in the Library, Crawdad Festival, Stroll Through History, and other local ticketed events.
• Bulletin board & Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for local nonprofit, community service organizations, and City Government for upcoming events.
• Community submissions including travel shows, church services, scouting & other.
• Local governmental items of interest such as "Coffee with a Cop", "State of the City", League of Women Voter's political forums, Candidate interviews just to name a few.

Program Successes
Our number of community volunteers providing programming is increasing gradually. We now are able to offer a wider variety of programming due to a sustained board effort to provide the resources needed to cover, film and edit local events.

Woodland TV is working to expand coverage provided to our community through alternative delivery channels available to non-cable subscribers, including social media, website, YouTube, Vimeo and others.

To supplement the local programming, we are currently expanding our programming to include surrounding areas of interest. We are working to partner with other public access stations to encourage program sharing to benefit the entire region.
Program Successes
We have been successful so far in that the public access stations we have contacted are willing to work with us in sharing programming, as it is mutually beneficial for helping to promote our local communities. Woodland TV actively promotes all of the new programming being received, either from local public access stations or other media sources.
Partnerships and collaborations with local government, local schools, local businesses, local non-profits, community organizations, and local volunteers are key to the success of Woodland TV Channel 21.
• Local government community partnerships: These include covering the Commit2Fit series sponsored in part by the City of Woodland, Community Service and other special awards presentations, Recycled Water Plant and other grand opening ceremonies of local interest.
• Local schools: Woodland TV partners with the WJUSD and WCC to cover special events such as graduations, homecomings and other events.
• Local businesses: Woodland TV partners with the Chamber of Commerce and the Historic Downtown Association covering local business and downtown events such as First Friday Artwalk, ribbon cuttings of new businesses and more.
• Local non-profits: We seek to support fundraising efforts sponsored by nonprofits. As a non-profit, we know how tight money (and time) can be. To support other local nonprofits, Woodland TV Channel 21 will be scheduling a Public Service Announcement day open to non-profits in Woodland to help them create a video PSA. We will provide the studio and videographer; they will provide the message and contact information. These will air on Channel 21.
• Community organizations: Woodland TV has several on-going collaborative efforts supporting community organizations.
- Woodland TV is again collaborating with the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) at the Woodland Public Library to generate local programming for teens, about teens and created by teens. Some of the projects currently under consideration are:
 Program about our local government including interviews
 Coverage of Woodland Public Library events
 Review of Parks and Recs activities and programs
 Teens Helping Seniors, boxing, sports activities, after school activities, and outdoor adventures
 "Teens Around Town" - Local news and on the street interviewing at community events
 Videos of problems encountered by teens and items of interest from the teen perspective
- Woodland TV has a year-round partnership with Woodland Reike Circle, which meets the second Monday of each month to provide a free reike healing experience to any community members that wish to participate.
• Local volunteers: Woodland TV Channel 21 is always looking for reliable volunteers to help with expanding our local program coverage.

Program Successes
We are working to improve and expand upon those programs which have been popular in the past. Topical and timely are the keys when we are filming and we have received numerous positive comments about our local political interviews, candidate statements, coverage of local events and the TAB anti-bullying video produced last year.
The program is being organized with the purpose being to help preserve our local community history digitally. There are several projects within this program that Woodland TV Is currently working on. They include:
• Preserving older video formats digitally: This program will be on-going and focus will be to gather old video programming and work with community partners to preserve it in a
central location in a viable digital format. Potential partners include: City of Woodland, Woodland Public Library, Yolo County Archives, Gibson House, Historic Preservation
Board and others to be determined. Basic program needs are to collect, organize and transfer media to digital format, then archive in a central location.
• Historic home and business walking tour: This will be a new project and will seek to capture short histories of local homes and businesses in digital format. Focus will initially
be on homes and businesses included on the annual "Stroll Through History."
• Historic ads from local businesses
• Holy Rosary Catholic School's (HRCS) 130th Anniversary year: Collaborative effort with HRCS to capture this historic event, featuring multi-generation perspectives throughout
the schools many decades of existence.
• 100th Anniversary of WWI Armistice day coming up in 2018

Program Successes
This will be an expanded program for us in working with multiple partners and making sure that critically historically significant moments are preserved and maintained in a digital format.