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Camp Nia is a culturally based, low-cost, two-week summer performing arts camp. Classes in voice, dance, drama, and set design are offered and taught by experienced high school and college students alongside professional artists, singers, and educators. Girls who attend the camp choose two classes to focus on and work to prepare a culminating performance for family and the community.

The daily agenda includes two 90 minute classes, arts & crafts; open mic, health and fitness lessons & activities; and cooperative games. Through performing arts, the camp addresses culture & history, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-control, health & exercise, and proper diet all while allowing the girls to express their natural performing arts abilities. Camp capacity is 50 girls. The cost per girl to attend Camp Nia is $100, which includes a t-shirt and a daily nutritious home-cooked lunch and snack. We also offer scholarships to girls whose families are not able to afford the registration fee.

Through Camp Nia, we aim to increase the self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills of each girl involved in the camp; provide educational opportunities related to culture, history, health, diet, and exercise; provide ample opportunities for self-expression through voice, drama, dance, and set design; increase the level of respect for peers.

By the end of the camp, each girl will: gain valuable experience on stage through choir, theater, dance, or set-design; have an increase in self-esteem and confidence; have an increase in knowledge and pride for her culture and the culture of others; become more conscious of the importance of health, diet, and exercise in one's life; have an increased level of respect for her peers; and participate in an end-of-camp performance showcasing performing arts skills gained from the camp.
Program Successes
By the end of the camp, each girl will:
-gain valuable experience on stage through choir, theater, dance, or set-design
-have an increase in self-esteem and confidence
-have an increase in knowledge and pride for her culture and the culture of other
- become more conscious of the importance of health, diet, and exercise in one's life
-have an increased level of respect for her peers
-participate in an end-of-camp performance showcasing performing arts skills gained from the camp

The girls attend two-hour sessions once each month in Oak Park, an inner-city neighborhood of Sacramento. We implement innovative curriculum, focusing on building self-esteem and self-respect, peer relationships, conflict management, leadership skills, and academic achievement. Other areas of emphasis are: individual and community responsibility; strengthening family communication between mothers/fathers and daughters; sex education and early pregnancy prevention; drug and alcohol awareness; health and fitness awareness; cultural and historical knowledge; and entrepreneurial skills.

Curriculum Themes:
6th grade - Awakening; Focus on developing the self, creating a sense of sisterhood, and an introduction of African history.
7th grade - Learning; Focus on individuality, leadership, developing a sense of unity, and an in-depth study of African history.
8th grade - Knowing; Focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, Atlanta College and History tour, and rites of passage preparation.
Program Successes
- Sisters of Nia is in its 12th year of functioning.
- We currently have 36 girls enrolled the program.
- 100% of the girls who have graduated from Sisters of Nia AND graduated from High School are attending college.
- 100% of the girls who have graduated the program would recommend the program to other girls.
- Many of our alumni girls stay connected to Sisters of Nia as volunteers for our weekly meetings, fundraisers, performances, and other events.
- Girls graduate from program with an increase in self-esteem and a strong sense of sisterhood, positively impacting many other aspects of their lives.
Sisters of Nia, Inc. scholarships are open to Nia alumni and all girls graduating from high school in the Sacramento area.
Program Successes
For the last five years, we have awarded a total of $6,500 scholarships. In 2020, we awarded $2,500 to five deserving young ladies. We want to increase the number of and amount of scholarships we award this year; our goal is to award 10 scholarships for a total of $10,000.

As part of their culminating rites of passage, the 8th grade Nia girls attend a Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU)/Black History Tour to visit various HBCU's and locations focused on African and African-American history: Spelman College, Clark-Atlanta University, and Georgia Tech University; the King Center and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s childhood home; the APEX Museum (an African history museum); the Center for Civil and Human Rights; the CNN Center; the World of Coca Cola, the Atlanta Zoo and Aquarium, and other locations as well.

The purpose of this trip is to bring the African history lessons from our weekly sessions full circle, and to reinforce each of the Sisters of Nia principles. During the trip, the girls are able to make visual connections from many of the weekly lessons. Upon returning home, each girl will prepare a presentation to be given to the 6th and 7th grade Nia girls, and will share highlights about her experience on the trip.
Program Successes
- The trip has successfully been made six times, once with each 8th grade group.
- Every year, we have taken 12 girls and several chaperones on this life changing trip.
Sisters of Nia hosts a free yearly youth leadership conference for both males and females ages 11-14. Several workshops are offered on a variety of topics aimed to help young people develop into strong community leaders. These workshops are facilitated by professionals (educators, attorneys, counselors, medical workers, teachers, motivational speakers, etc.), college students, and our Sisters of Nia alumni. Many of our alumni, as well as other high school students, are invited to work for community service. This conference is held in the spring each year and includes a lunch and snacks.
Program Successes
The Leadership Conference has been held for eight years annually with consistent attendance of 40-50 youth. The conference has been supported and partially funded by Elk Grove Community Services Parks & Recreation District, Sierra Health Foundation, One Community Health, Walmart, and local grocery stores. The youth who have attended rated the conference very high: see conference ratings below.

99% Agree or Somewhat Agree:
- The workshops were interesting and held my attention.
- I learned something about myself after attending this conference.
- This conference made a positive impact on my life.
- I feel more prepared to take on leadership roles at home, school, or in my community.
- I met some new people at this conference I hope to keep in touch with.
- Overall, I found this conference to be a valuable experience.
In 2014, we began offering a free four-part Parent Outreach Workshops each year. We would like to offer this series to the community. The workshops focus on creating and strengthening the bond between parents and their daughters.

Using curriculum produced by ETR Associates (Education, Training, Research Associates), our workshops focus on four main topics:
Workshop #1: Parent-Child Connectedness
Workshop #2: Understanding My Adolescent Daughter
Workshop #3: Increasing the Connection with My Adolescent Daughter
Workshop #4: Listening to My Adolescent Daughter

The purpose of these workshops is to provide intervention resources to increase parent-child connectedness among the girls and parents with which we work. The workshop is free and includes a nutritional dinner for the entire family.
Program Successes
- 100% of the parents who have attended found the workshops beneficial.
- 100% of the parents who attended felt it helpful to talk to other parents about issues with their daughters.
- 90% of parents who attended felt the workshop increased their knowledge and/or understanding of common adolescent behaviors.
- 96% of parents who attended stated that the information learned in the workshops will have a positive affect on how they respond to their daughter.
- 96% of parents who attended felt their interaction with their daughter will improve after attending the workshops.
- 96% of parents who attended felt like they were given good tips on how to respond more positively to their daughters.
Annual Mother/Daughter and Father/Daughter Brunches are held to promote strong relationships between daughters and parents throughout adolescence and beyond. An Annual Mother/Daughter Spa Party and Father/Daughter Bowling Competition are also offered. The focus of these events are to open and build healthy communication, to build trust, and to recognize strengths in one another.
Program Successes
- Mother/daughter and Father/daughter events have been held each year of the program.
- These events are at capacity and highly anticipated each year.
- Mothers and fathers who have attended these events with their daughters have reported that they have learned new things about each other, strengthened their relationships, and committed to spending more quality time with their daughters.