Sisters Animal Sanctuary

Our mission is to assist animals by providing a safe and healthy place of refuge and protection, and to arrange for permanent loving homes when possible. Through trap/neuter/relocate to our sanctuary or adoption, we are committed to helping those animals that have been abused, abandoned, and generally treated as disposable. Our mission and passion is to help stop the animal overpopulation while working toward our goal of having no more homeless animals in our community.

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We co-sponsor a low cost and/or donation based spay/neuter clinic the first Sunday of every month in Roseville, CA. What is unique about our clinic is that we treat all medical issues and vaccinate as appropriate. We are not an assembly line type of clinic. We do a few dental procedures a month which is not offered at other clinics.
Program Successes
- Our clinics spay/neuter and treat approximately 25-30 cats in one day.
- This clinic helps towards stopping the overpopulation of cats in our community and meeting one of our primary missions.
On a monthly basis we respond to between 25-30 emails and phone calls regarding animal welfare issues. We provide information on how to maintain a feral colony in a way that is as safe as possible for the cats from the initial trapping, spay/neuter, recovery, the appropriate way to feed and how to keep them warm when the weather puts the kitties at risk. They are picking our brains and keeping in touch with both what they consider their successes and failures during the course of their project. Once the last cat is trapped and recovered they let us know and our equipment is returned we know the project is done and successful. They spread the word letting others know that this is so important and can be done by anyone with just a little effort and our support. They are our best ambassadors to the community. We also provide information and resources for companion kitties when changes in behavior present themselves and/or when re-homing is necessary.
Program Successes
- We can only advise and direct on how to handle specific animal welfare issues.
- We do not have a method for tracking our success except with those community members who may use our clinic and the people to whom we loan equipment to assist them with their project.
- The community must agree to follow through with spay/neuter, vaccinations, etc., as well as agree to maintain the colony in the best interest of the cats if they want us to provide them with the tools to accomplish the task.