Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Rescue
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In the Greater Sacramento area, we help about 100-150 dogs. We rescue abused, abandoned and unwanted dogs, and dogs on the euthanasia lists at City, County, or other facilities. We take in abused, abandoned, and critically injured and ill dogs. Your help is an answer to our prayer and it's because of your generosity that every dog that passes through these doors will be restored and will come to rest comfortably in the arms of love, care, and peace. You've helped us feed the underfed, find the lost and deserted, rest the overworked, calm the frightened, comfort the abandoned and hold tenderly the ones that pass on. With your help you have made a world of difference in the life of a 'rescued dog.' Thank you.
Program Successes
- We re-home approximately 100-50 dogs annually.
- We've had a dog that was shot point blank with a 38 caliber gun. Bullets and shrapnel penetrated his spine, hip, and fatty portion of one of his hind legs. Both orthopedic and neurosurgeon said surgery was not an option and we would have to wait to see if nerves would mend. For eight months he underwent physical therapy, massage therapy, and medical treatments used to help him urinate and have bowel movements. The dog recovered to 90% and was re-homed and lived like a king until the age of 10 years old.
- We took in nine puppies and their emaciated mother from a hoarding situation. One of the puppies had a broken leg and another needed hip surgery. All puppies were restored to health, including surgeries for those who needed help to heal. All were spayed/neutered and placed in loving homes.
- The heart-worm positive dog was treated, and after four months was placed with his new owner.