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Destination Family recruits families for children who are living in long-term foster care and nurtures and supports these families to ensure healthy, effective relationships. Without specialized services and a permanent connection to a family, many of these youth will age out of the system. Specifically, the team wraps supports around children to prepare them for a family. The team provides family finding services, child-focused recruitment and on-going family support services. Over one-hundred youth annually receive these services in Sacramento, Placer, and Nevada Counties.
Program Successes
During 2017-2018, we have consistently found permanent connections for 75% of the youth served. At the end of the fiscal year, there were:

50 youth placed in adoptive families awaiting finalization.

The need is still great. In Sacramento County, there are nearly 3,000 children and youth in out-of-home care with half of them in long-term foster care. Many of these kids have more than one barrier to adoption. They may be medically fragile, ethnically diverse, teenagers, or part of a sibling set that should not be separated. All have suffered neglect, abandonment, or abuse and may need mental health services.
The Wonder Mentoring program matches children living in foster care (the Explorer), one-to-one, with caring, consistent adults (their Guide) who commit to spending 8-10 hours per month with them. The adult mentors are trained to listen, support, and guide their match through a year-long journey of fun, age-appropriate experiences in music, the arts, sports, and nature. These activities, while being a normal part of growing up for most children, are often sadly missing from the life of a foster child. These excursions not only serve to spark a passion in the child for the world around them, but they also result in a sense of wonder that may have been missing from their lives. The stability of a caring relationship and new found interest can ultimately lead to an increased number of Wonder youth finding permanent loving families.
Program Successes
With the mission to strengthen the emotional and social well-being of children and youth in foster care by building relationships with caring, consistent adults so they can thrive, Wonder is a positive intervention to break the cycle of abuse and neglect by helping children relate to others, handle stress, and make good decisions. The Wonder Mentoring Program gives children in foster care a sense of hope for their future. Wonder helps stabilize children in out-of-home care and shows them there are adults who care about them.

During the past fiscal year, 97 children benefited from Wonder.
Trained therapists offer individual, family and group therapy through Sierra's Therapeutic Support Services (TSS) program. These therapists provide comprehensive mental health services with a specialty focus on trauma, grief and loss, attachment and permanency issues with the goal of creating a stronger family unit. Mental health services are provided to Sierra families in Sacramento, Placer and Nevada counties.
Program Successes
During 2017-2018, 218 youth and families were served with Therapeutic Support Services (TSS) which also includes Family Preservation. At the end of the fiscal year, there were:
- 218 served in Sacramento, Placer and Nevada counties
- 78 served through Family Preservation
- 50 families stabilized