Short Term Emergency Aid Committee (STEAC)
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STEAC lends a helping hand by providing everyday needs for the most vulnerable residents with these services:
- Feeding the Hungry: STEAC provides enough free food to Davis residents for five days' worth of meals per month from STEAC's food closet that is located in Davis.
- Food Packs for Kids: A bag of food (two meals) is provided on Friday afternoons to elementary school students in Davis who are on the free lunch program. This service helps them stave off hunger over the weekend so that they can arrive Monday mornings ready and able to focus in the classroom.
- Holiday Adopt-A-Family: STEAC adopts 400 plus low-income families each year by matching adopter families in the community who provide gifts and food to those who would otherwise go without during the holidays. Some 100 volunteers help to make this happen each year.
Program Successes
For the 2018-2019 fiscal year, STEAC's Feeding the Hungry program provided:
- 79,455 meals to families from the food closet.
- 5,356 meals to students in the Food Packs for Kids Program.
- 405 families food and gifts through the Holiday Program with the help of the Davis community.

Food Closet Success Stories:
- A single mother who grew up on a farm and appreciated fresh produce called to say she was so thankful for the farmers market vegetables provided by the food closet. It was the first time her refrigerator had been full in weeks and she was able to feed her children a healthy meal.
- A single mother whose husband abandoned her and her four children told the volunteer that the food made all the difference in their lives. She was sincerely grateful. Her smile was a great "thank you" for the volunteer.
- An elderly man in his 80's came to the closet. After a few minutes he began to share World War II stories with the volunteer who guessed she might have been the only person he had spoken to that day. He was a sweet man and the volunteer was moved by his stories, knowing that he was proud to be a veteran and that it was probably hard for him to ask for food.
- One volunteer was told it was the birthday of the 6-year old boy of the family she was helping. Rather than offer them a cake mix, she took it upon herself to pick up a freshly baked cake on her way to the food closet. The family - and especially the little boy - were very touched by her kind gesture.
- Several volunteers commented that the best part of working at the STEAC food closet is how sincerely thankful the families are, the smiles they receive, and the gratitude expressed for the sincere kindness shown to each person that is helped.
STEAC helps Yolo County's low-income residents through a temporary housing emergency with these services:
- Eviction Prevention: Emergency rental assistance so that low-income residents can pay rent and not be evicted from their homes
- First Month's Rent: Cash assistance to help residents get into permanent housing by paying for first month's rent
- Utility Assistance: Cash assistance is given to residents in order to restore utilities or prevent utilities from being turned off
Program Successes
For the fiscal year 2018-2019, STEAC provided:
- $700 in eviction prevention and/or first month's rent, and/or up to $250 in utility assistance to 239 families.
- This helped the struggling families and individuals (656 people) remain in housing so that they could remain independent.
Through this program, STEAC helps residents overcome the barriers to becoming employed with these services:
- Education: Funding for low-income students taking career technical courses to purchase books at Woodland Community College and Sacramento State Davis students.
- Suit Up for Success: Free interview outfits for low-income job seekers.
- Employment: Help individuals become self-sufficient by paying for forklift training courses and food safety certificates so they can find a job.
- Family Expenses: Assistance is provided to pay for living expenses such as legal documents, drivers licenses, bus passes, and more.
Program Successes
During the 2018-2019 fiscal year, Road to Independence services were provided 779 times to individuals and/or families.

- Success Story: Being homeless and living out a car with her three children was something Michelle never dreamed would happen to her - but it did. Michelle moved recently from North Carolina back to California to escape domestic violence and receive aid from social service programs. The help provided Michelle and her family temporary support but Michelle wanted more than that - she wanted a job. That is when STEAC's Suit Up for Success program came to her rescue, providing outfits for her job interviews. With her self esteem boosted by her new work attire, Michelle ended up landing a job with a Yolo County career center, coming full circle and helping others find employment. Michelle was profoundly grateful for STEAC's assistance, describing the Suit Up program as being "really great!"