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PALS 4 Life seeks to holistically support those affected by ALS by providing direct financial-aid through a responsive grant program intended to address (1) in-home care needs, (2) transportation needs, and (3) subsidizing medical mobility equipment and augmentative speech device loan closet endeavors. The average cost of care for an ALS patient is $200,000 (annually), a heavy burden for many families. PALS 4 Life is funded by champions like you who seek to drive change and improve outcomes for ALS patients and their families. Your contribution to The ALS Association in support of PALS 4 Life will help us provide vital assistance programs and provide care services to as many PALS as we can reach.
Program Successes
- This life changing program has benefited 36 individuals across the Greater Sacramento region who have received grants in support of in-home caregiving, emergency transportation and durable medical equipment.
- Since inception of the program over $60,0000 has been granted to families in need.
- With grants to support in-home health and caregiving assistance, caregivers are reporting a reduction in stress and improved overall health.
- With grants to support loaned durable medical equipment patients and caregivers are reporting less injuries, more independence and overall improved quality of life.
- With transportation grants patients and caregivers are able to access multidisciplinary care, the only known way to extend the life of an ALS patient.

The Greater Sacramento Chapter manages an on-site loaned durable medical equipment program, available to anyone registered with the chapter and living with ALS. The Chapters' loan program is designed to provide equipment to patients when insurance does not cover, when patients are unable to pay their co-payment, or when there is a lag between need, insurance coverage approval and delivery of equipment. Items such as wheelchairs, transfer devices, shower chairs, lift chairs, oscillating beds and augmentative communication devices provide independence, comfort, and the ability for pALS (persons with ALS) to communicate with their loved ones.

The ALS Association Greater Sacramento Chapter also provides loaned augmentative speech communication devices to patients who have lost the ability to communicate verbally with their family, friends and caregivers.

Program Successes
- Since its inception in 2010, the Durable Medical Equipment Loan Program has provided over 1,800 pieces of equipment.
- In 2018, over 250 items went out to more than 80 people diagnosed with ALS in the Greater Sacramento region.
- Last year, our loan program provided over $500,000 worth of durable medical equipment to the ALS community, at no charge.

Support Group Meeting's provide an opportunity for patients and caregivers, and their families, to give and receive emotional support, and to share information and practical experience. All Support Group Meetings are professionally facilitated by the Greater Sacramento Chapter care services team, offering a safe and welcoming environment for the community to network, foster and build relationships with peers and professional service providers.

Program's objectives:
• To provide monthly support groups that meet the needs of both patients and caregivers.
• To provide access directly or indirectly (web access) to any patient or caregiver.
• To offer helpful and relevant support and information to the ALS community.
• To build and foster a peer to peer support system within the ALS community.
• To offer skills to cope with challenges.
• To improve understanding of the disease and one's journey with it.
• To increase quality of life for families affected by ALS.
• Ensure consistent access to care throughout our communities served.

Program Successes
- In 2018, the Greater Sacramento Chapter provided 27 monthly Support Group Meetings in Sacramento, Placer, and Chico, California.
- In 2018, the Greater Sacramento Chapter served patients and caregivers, and their family members, 470 times.
- 95% of patients report Support Group Meetings as one of the most important programs offered by the Greater Sacramento Chapter, drastically improving quality of life.
- 95% of patients reported a reduction in isolation, distress, depression and anxiety and an increase in hope.

The multidisciplinary care model brings together a team of health care professionals specially trained to address the needs of people living with ALS, allowing them to receive care from each discipline during a single visit. The care team typically includes a neurologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, nurse, dietitian, speech language pathologist, social worker, mental health professional and ALS Association Chapter Liaison. The ALS Association Greater Sacramento Chapter collaborates with two Certified Centers of Excellence in the Greater Sacramento region 1) UC Davis Health 2) Forbes Norris ALS/MDA. Both UC Davis and Forbes Norris have a care services representative from the Greater Sacramento Chapter in attendance at every clinic, who ensure a seamless service delivery of care and support to those living with ALS, and their families.

Program Objectives:
1) Ensuring awareness of all programs and services available to them through their local chapter.
2) Confirming all assessed needs are documented, communicated and coordinated in conjunction with the correct clinician.
3) Coordinating all assessed durable medical equipment and speech communications prescriptions with appropriate vendors, while ensuring the safety of the patients and caregivers is adequately met through the loaned durable medical equipment program offered by the The ALS Association Greater Sacramento Chapter.
4) Provide emotional support to patients and caregivers, and their families.
5) Improve the quality of life for the person experiencing ALS.

Program Successes
- In 2018, 91% of the patients served, attended an ALS Multi-Disciplinary Clinic.
- In 2018, the Greater Sacramento Chapter funded over $125,000 to our Multidisciplinary Clinics.
- Multidisciplinary Care is the only known method to extend the life of a patient battling ALS.